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Porn for the blind, seriously.

04.24.2008 @ 1:30 PM in Lifestream
Porn is great, but just not very accessable. Thats why was started, "a not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing audio descriptions of sample movie clips from adult web sites. This service is provided free of charge." Thats it folks, head over to the (questionably) accessable website, and listen so some of your favorite porn websites, narrated for you. The site needs your help, and you can record your own narrations of your favorite porns and websites to help pump up the library a bit.


04.22.2008 @ 3:45 PM in Lifestream
  • Shoutout to Mister Lorenzo Derasemowse, Best New Teacher of the Year in Las
    Vegas! Look bitch, I snapped back so shut your face and get a ticket out
    here to see your family. Then we'll see about coming over there :P.

    As for the snap, more office toys, the ones in front are Kozik Chumps, a new
    blind box series produced by Kidrobot. They feature 13 "jail bait" models,
    intent on jackin the accesories of your other vinyl, then 12 "jail bird"
    editions, the locked up flipsides, complete with stripes and ball and chain.
    Of course, I got these at Hero on Allen.>

Snap! Watching revenge via youtube

04.21.2008 @ 8:38 PM in Lifestream
Snap! Watching revenge via youtube
  • Sitting in Angels house (soon to be mine too, moving in with him next month) watching playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith get back on her husband Phil Smith by spilling his T on youtube. Check it out, to "blue" for the snap>

Do Joo know what time it is?

04.21.2008 @ 12:53 PM in Lifestream
CHISME Time! Latina Queen of all media, La Coacha, Finally has her own site, This started after "la phasebook" deleted her account due to "some yealous beesh" saying her account was "sexually esplicit" Bout time la coacha! We love Joo!

Productive Morning

04.19.2008 @ 12:45 PM in Lifestream
Productive Morning
  • I feel a little accomplished this morning. Normally Im up no earlier than 4pm, hung over, sweating out the Jack Daniels from the night before. Today however, I was up an at em by noon, still a little hung over, but feeling a lot more alive than I should be.Beginning my stroll down Elmwood, I bumped into some folks from the New Bank of America Elmwood Branch, and started the accounts that I was planning on moving. Im used to BofA from the South and im tired of how dodgy HSBC gets with authorizing cards at kiosks like the ones for the metro. The Elmwood BofA branch should be open next week, and the inside is simply amazing and very spacious. Im excited to bank there. I also stopped by Firebrand on to pick up some relief for my feet. Found nice pair of white with brown Converse sneakers that you can see from the pic above. I'm going to my first Lacrosse game with the Buffalo Bandits tonight. I have a media pass, so ill be in the press box with my friend and co WNYMedia rascal, Andy Kulyk. Ill post a few pics tonight.>

DJ Major Dad

04.18.2008 @ 11:00 PM in Lifestream
DJ Major Dad
  • He's gonna kill me for this, but since Lil Joe has been filling in on Friday at Bayou down on Chippewa, we get the pleasure of Richard, our club manager, spinning the night at Club Marcella. Not that Richard is a bad DJ, its that he is the manager and and can't dedicate the whole night to the music. This makes three fridays in a row with out lil joe. Im hoping the dj he's filling in for recovers from her surgery so he can come play some electro beats.>

Scranto’s desk

04.18.2008 @ 5:13 PM in Lifestream
Scranto's desk
  • John was feeling the office meme and sent me his workspace. its obvious who has the better setup (and the better cameraphone!).>

Snap! – Trapped here

04.18.2008 @ 4:46 PM in Lifestream
Snap! - Trapped here
  • I've been working real hard this week, this new schedule really eats my day up but it can't be helped. Since a new project is to rebuild the agency website, I decided to brush up on a little bit of code and refresh my blog. Upgraded to 2.5, enjoy it alot. Fixed my theme and took out the flash text headlines, they were affecting flash video playback.I also put the snap form back on the sidebar, like it was originally. Try it out!>

Meet Coot

04.14.2008 @ 11:10 AM in Lifestream
Wilfred_Wood_Coot.jpg Larger Pictures of front and back on Flickr I first mentioned coot when he showed up in my radar in January, and I begged and prodded for Beth (of Hero Design Studio in Allentown) to get him. She happily obliged, knowing my affinity for tall, beefy, nekkid lummocks, and even held him for me while I whored up for the scratch to pick him up. Reason number #573 that Hero Design is the best toy shop evar. Since Flickr launched video capabilities for pro members, I've been taking advantage of it to show you a little more than a just a picture when I feature my new vinyl. Here is Coot in 90 seconds (flickr limits video to 90 secs and 15MB, to keep video at the raw clip level.)

It’s like Like Stealing Candy With a Baby

04.11.2008 @ 3:01 PM in Lifestream
A 19 year old Cincinnati mother was arrested along with three other when police say she broke into a candy store, stole $400 worth of sweets, all with her infant baby in tow. Police say around 1:00 am Thursday night, Christine Ruther, along with her three accomplices (don't forget little baby Ruther!) broke a window to get into Minges Candy Store. Police also say she removed her baby from the stroller to carry all the sticky loot. Police responded and simply followed a trail of wrappers which led them to Ruther and her friends. Ruther is charged with B/E and child endangerment. Now why would anyone want to rob a candy store? Click on to find out. candycrooks1.jpg candycrooks2.jpg