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Urban Treeson

05.16.2008 @ 12:22 PM in Lifestream
Treeson is a kind creature, brought up by trees in the forest. When foresters came to cut down his home, he tried to protect the trees, and a forester shoved a stick through his chest. He was found by a boy named Ren who walks with a little red wagon. Ren is sad because everybody ignores him. One day Ren stumbles across his grave and realizes that both he and Treeson are dead. Twisted no? Urban Treeson, well his story is a little different. Basically, when Treeson finds himself in the city... all the filth and pollution blacken him and make him very sad. Sometimes I collect Toys because I love the designer, and sometimes I collect toys because I love the background behind them.. Treeson is definitely the latter.

Double Snap! – Rolling on the bus

05.15.2008 @ 7:12 PM in Lifestream
Wow Griff, you get two for the price of one, just cause this bus ride is just so damn interesting.

I had caught a whiff of something familiar, and looking back, I noticed this fellow dumping out a philly and rolling his afterwork entertainment, or at least I think its afterwork...

I can haz Friday? No?

05.15.2008 @ 6:49 PM in Lifestream
Hey Griff! Thanks for the Snap! What kind of rich people plants do you sell? Or is it just clever wording for and upscale medical grade pot dealer?

Anyways, im on the bus per usual, and about to check in @ walden and bailey (read: the ghetto) so I can hopefully catch another bus to go home, where beer and Battlestar Gallactica await. I hope I was entertaining for at least a few minutes griff...

Daily Drag Queen Affirmations

05.15.2008 @ 11:28 AM in Lifestream

I think I inadvertently became a Nikol fanboy... which is cool, cause Nikol is like the Molly Wood of sex ed. Anyways Nikol, I'll do you one better. For twice the price of a sexual favor (that would be $20), you can get access to 365 quips and quotes of affirmation, performed by various drag queens. Simply visit and sign up.
Daily Drag Queen Affirmations is a great way to start your day. Each morning you receive an email that links you to that day’s video. The video contains a man, dressed up like a woman, giving you praise or an uplifting thought that will hopefully brighten your day. (It’s like those little page-a-day calendars except fiercer and we don’t kill trees.)

IKEA+Vinyl=Party Hutch

05.15.2008 @ 11:00 AM in Lifestream
IKEA can make some total crap. Sometimes you wonder what exactly goes through the heads of designers when they produce something like the HATTEN, which looks like an acrylic cake carrier flipped on end.  Despite the seemingly drug induced design choices IKEA spews out en masse, you can always be assured they'll have some wicked lighting to make up for it. I saw the DIODER (featured in the video above) series last year, when I went with Angel and his biz partner to shop for new store furnishings. We had picked up the disc lighting, hoping for a multicolored cosmic front display, only to realized upon getting home, that we had picked the plain lights instead. Norman took back and we forgot all about them. Fast forward to last weekend with John down in Maryland, when we took the mandatory sweep through IKEA looking for an ottoman suitable for John's new space. We saw the DIODER series again, this time in the form of adjustable light bars, brighter than the discs and a tad more expensive, but we thought the perfect solution for a faux ambient effect behind John's Hi-Def. He snagged the bars and I grabbed the discs, I wanted lighting for the vinyl hutch and these were perfect. However, as I never seem to learn from the past, the light bars turned out to be the plain boring white strips, though I managed to get the colored discs this time. John's still trying to find a solution for the overly bright bars of doom... Good luck trying to get these online, unless you want to pay nearly double from the .ca store and then extra on top to get it shipped from Canadia. Yes, Canadia... [gallery]
ps. IKEA is the only company I know that gives you too much cord with your lights... not that thats a bad thing...

View From the Buff – Washington and S Division St

05.14.2008 @ 9:29 AM in Lifestream
The best part about getting to head to work a little later everyday (10) is that my commute takes me downtown and I get to be a part of the morning hustle and bustle. Its good to feel a part of your city.

Owl it all happened.

05.13.2008 @ 6:14 PM in Lifestream
Going to see John this time was one of the more important steps in our crazy long distance relationship....

  • I met his mom and brother, even got to see the awesome baby pictures! I can totally see where john gets some of his mannerisms, and I now know for a fact, he has been smiling since birth.

  • I went to the Rock (what they call the apt), and in one night I met almost every currently influential friend of John's. I dashed a bit of charm and I don't think I'm the stranger danger boyfriend anymore.

  • We finally had a joyous hiccup. I finally felt like the scary honeymoon period was over,,, that part of a relationship where you are blinded by love and good feelings that he can do no wrong. Thats a great feeling but so much can be hid under the bliss. It wasn't a fight, wasn't a misunderstanding... It just felt like something normal happened, and it was handled so well; I think it stregthened us.

Yea, and this stupid owl... stupid lame owl, just hanging out in the pouring rain by John's old place. His mum must have given up on him and left him to the elements... must have been pretty FAIl to get ditched by mum....

Pillow Queen

05.08.2008 @ 6:05 PM in Lifestream
I've got to mention, that Skylar is very well adjusted into his new surroundings.... Maybe even too well. Angel has a lot of pillows everywhere, and Skylar has to sleep on every single one. He's kind of a diva, he won't sleep with his head on the floor, must be a pillow or something soft. The only problem right now is my bed, which went from a full to a single. that means little room for pilloww on the bed; just mine. Skylar, however, thinks its his, and i've been waking up with my head against the wall with cat ass in my face...

Something Affordable: Blood Rage S7 Squirm

05.08.2008 @ 5:37 PM in Lifestream
After the simply unattainable Kozik clockwork orange Ludwig, I have to post something a little bit more in my price range. Hows about the new colorway for Brian Flynn's Super7 (Snakes of Infinity) Kaiju, (Blood Rage) Squirm? This time, he's a clear rotocast with red accents on his eyes and tentacles with brown painted boots, drops this Saturday online and at the San Fran store for an oh-so-do-able $50. And while I'm on a kaiju fix, Hero Design Studio got a few new awesome Kaiju For Grownups in: I'm snatching up the Green Usagi-gon, which would go well with Kozik's newest Kaiju, the Salary Ika I've talked about, finally on sale from wonderwall for ~$80

Midwest Teen Sex Show: I can haz sex ed?

05.08.2008 @ 5:07 PM in Lifestream

Ok, so i'm not a teen, and sex ed for me in HS consisted of me filling out a worksheet, then being excused so I could run around the campus fixing computers. That was my out for gym class too, worked like a charm. It wasn't so much that I wasn't fit, or didn't want to work out, I just hated my health/gym teachers and didn't like the hassle in the locker room. The Midwest Teen Sex Show was created to help teens get a little more out of sex ed then whats spit out in state sanctioned curriculum. And unlike more conservative methods, MTSS realizes teens are gonna screw no matter what if they put their heads and labias together, so why not give em the truth. Hosted by the ever beautiful (and fellow bear lover, for a girl at least) Nikol, and supplemented by a cast of nutballs (read: geniuses), the MTSS is as entertaining as it is informative. If you have a kid, or know a kid, or even know a few parents, send them the link to the free subscription on iTunes. I sat and watched all the episodes at once, stunned by how amazing and ridiculous the approach was to sex education by MTSS. Slipping in serious facts admist satirical comments about STI's and pedophiles, teens might actually learn something. The videos are mature to a certain level, but hey, its a sex ed podcast, shouldn't it be just a little bit edgy? A bt about the cast (from MTSS)
  • Who the hell is Nikol? Former expert practitioner of teen promiscuity, Nikol lives out her days as a Midwestern mother of three. Her interests range from music, movies, trash television, and naked rodeo clowns with handlebar mustaches to cooking, reading and naked rodeo clowns with handlebar mustaches. When not involved in the usual humdrum of packing lunches and trying not to laugh her way through parent teacher conferences, Nikol spends her free time writing and teaching creative writing workshops to high school students. She hates the phrase “swimsuit area,” and hopes her own life experiences will better inform viewers on the realities of teen sexuality.
  • Who is Britney? “I do all my own stunts.”
  • Who’s that Guy? Director Guy Clark (aka Todd) is the creator of Midwest Teen Sex Show. He has won awards for his online spots for GEICO Car Insurance,, and When he’s not busy editing episodes and duct taping Britney’s nipples, Guy produces new media content for online and broadcast venues. His commercial work and production services can be found at He also loves cheese.