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Dem Party @ ellicott square – Obama wins ohio

11.04.2008 @ 10:40 PM in Lifestream
Nuff said..... #snap

Buffaview – ellicott square dem party party – pizza!

11.04.2008 @ 10:32 PM in Lifestream
And the lines start... dems know how to throw a party!

Buffaview Democratic party party at Ellicott commons

11.04.2008 @ 9:49 PM in Lifestream
Two words... FREE BEER #snap

Snap! – Hot Topic

11.04.2008 @ 4:51 PM in Lifestream
I don't remember the last time I was at a Hot Topic for myself... but I'm
here with my rec crew today. Thanks for the #snap Tammy... did you vote?

Buffaview – Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe

11.04.2008 @ 11:20 AM in Lifestream
I felt a little empowered after voting, and so I decided that I would walk
downtown to my bus. I stopped by Starbucks (free coffee if you voted, ya
know), and now I'm sitting at an entirely new spot. At the corner of E.
Huron and Sycamore is a quaint little bookshop with a faded Billy Joel
poster. I'm suprised its still here.

Anyways... GO VOTE!

Top Chef Season 5 is Bellyrific

11.03.2008 @ 12:32 PM in Lifestream
If I ever really needed an excuse to watch Top Chef, I have one now. Season 5 sets in New York and premiers on November 12th @ 10PM. Those who have a hankering for furry Long Island boys who love to cook will not be disappointed....

Meet Daniel "Danny" Gagnon. He's 27, and "currently serves as the Chef de Cuisine at the Babylon Carriage House, one of the most popular restaurants in Long Island, NY." He cooks with an Italian/Asian Fusion and his personal motto is "No Guts, No Glory, No Gold." And boy, does he have guts.

Cute, furry Guts. I think his motto coincides with a gratuitous belly flash, which is fine by me. Top Chef has another furry food fellow contestant this year, though a bit more discreet than Danny. His name is Richard and he's also 27, but likes to keep his cooking "simple and infused with natural harmony versus chaotic noise." He hails from San Diego.

Top Chef Season 5

Sycamore Signage

11.03.2008 @ 10:23 AM in Lifestream
Been meaning to take a picture of this for a while. Take a trip down
Sycamore into Walden Ave and enjoy a cultural tour of various east side
signage styles. #snap

Daylight savings time

11.02.2008 @ 4:46 AM in Lifestream
Spring forward, Fall back, or so the saying goes.... so its 330 right now,
but actually its 430. And we wanna go home but the crazies won't leave #snap

Club Marcella full of freaks

10.31.2008 @ 11:58 PM in Lifestream
Ok then, what's new really. The funny part is that a few of our eccentric
regulars showed up sans costume... and yet they still look scary

Happy Halloween!

10.31.2008 @ 9:42 PM in Lifestream
Like my costume? I'm going as a Baltimore dude.... peace out... this pic is
definitely goin' on my myspace. Check it.