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A Special Christmas Box

12.21.2006 @ 2:40 PM in Culture
Last week, NBC's Saturday Night Live aired a parody music video of two boy-band singers (one played by Justin Timberlake!) singing about giving their girlfriends a very special Christmas present... their "dick in a box. Censors bleeped out over twenty references to the gifted member... but viewers soon had no trouble finding the uncensored version online right after the broadcast. How so? Because NBC put it on YouTube themselves! This is something new for SNL, and for a lot of shows that end up bleeped. Expect a lot more officicial "directors-cut" video to pop up now, due to the overwhelming success of the "Special Box" aire. as SNL's Producer says "My sense is that, as always, now that the door has been opened, some things will go through it." Check after the break to watch the video (NSFW... unless you have headphones.) [youtube]1dmVU08zVpA[/youtube] via- NYTimes

Krudmart for my to-me-from-me gift

12.19.2006 @ 1:16 AM in Culture
Krudmart for my to-me-from-me gift Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 18 Dec '06, 9.16pm AST PST.
Just picked up the hottest shirt from Krudmart... A killer NYC style skate thug gangsta boutique in Buffalo... They definitely know what they are doing there. Walk in on them on elmwood near Allen, or click on at

Good morning jack frost

12.06.2006 @ 12:56 PM in Culture

Good morning jack frost
Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

Im so goddamn cold.... My cat is freezing too. They never returned my call yesterday. They also didnt get my rent yesterday.


10.17.2006 @ 12:14 AM in Culture

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

Im so sick... Cant wait to get better... Btw... Set up flickr blogging for my phone... So i can photo blog ugly poor quality pics of myself... Like this one


10.16.2006 @ 8:32 PM in Culture

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

View from work... On monday

It’s Friday!

10.06.2006 @ 4:45 PM in Culture
[Clickr to Flickr]
You're Goddamn right Spooker, I love Fridays too.

Speaking of YouTube, my current favorite music video

10.06.2006 @ 2:50 PM in Culture
This is such a well choreographed video... I love it. Check it out. OK Go - "Here It Goes Again" (on treadmills). [youtube]pv5zWaTEVkI[/youtube]

Meet Spooker

10.05.2006 @ 8:12 PM in Culture


[click here to go to hi-res via Flickr]

Super Arty Saturday

09.12.2006 @ 2:35 AM in Culture
Saturday was probably the arty-est day I have ever had in my entire life. I went to the ArtSpace groundbreaking; pretty much all "new buffalo" people and a few local artists came to see what was up. I went for the food, and stayed for the tour.

Pictures of my Mansion

08.18.2006 @ 3:17 PM in Culture
I had the digital camera from work last night, snapped a few pics. I really, really don't like Kodak EasyShare cameras. I need at least a few options. But anyways...
This is one of the best studio setups that I have seen. Everything has a door; I can close off little bits that I don't want. The bathroom is a little cramped, but since I don't have sex often in there, it's ok. My cat decided that he wanted some face time. He was sorely upset at me for being gone all day. I feel bad, so tomorrow I'm buying him this organic cat food and another 8 dollar catnip toy. I'm such a deadbeat dad.
Don't let his face fool you, he's a total wimp. I love my pussy. Oh, and here's me writing down the score to a very successful game of rummy on my part.
Yes, I'm a lefty. Thats what makes me sexy. Flickr Photoset (for you size queens)