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I Found My Christmas Tree

12.06.2007 @ 9:12 PM in Culture
christmas.jpg I stopped into Positively Main St, on Elmwood (makes no sense, I know) and picked up this year's christmas tree. It's a little small, but I needed something to top last year's snowbot purchase. Whadaya think? the homos on Elmwood have deemed this a red Christmas (Studio 806, Stuyvesant Gallery, Just Pizza, Room... all red and white lights) so the lights are in style and they chase up and down.

R2D2 Translator: Uselessly Cool.

12.06.2007 @ 12:25 PM in Culture
r2d2.jpg I had to wait for the initial Digg-fuck to be over with, and now here's the latest thing to gather my fancy: The R2-D2 Translator. Just type in your phrase (30 characters max) and get a bells and whistles playback in Artoo, with the ability to download as an mp3.
The possibilities are finite: ringtones.
Currently. I'm rocking the yoshi sounds from Super Mario World for texts, and the Diplo "stronger" remix for calls. However, I can think of no better new annoyance than the replace everything with droid speak:
  • from tweet notifications [audio:]
  • to plain texts [audio:]
  • to grumpybear calling [audio:]
I'm sure grumpybear will get a kick out of this.

New Robyn Video: Be Mine

11.28.2007 @ 12:44 PM in Culture
newpresspic4.jpg If you live in the US, there is a good chance you haven't heard of Robyn. If you listen to XM BPM (#81), then there's a glimmer of hope for you yet. Remixes of "With Every Heartbeat" and "Handle Me" are currently playing a few times throughout the day. And Why? Cause this girl is the shit.
“You cannot stop this. You cannot escape it and you cannot turn it off. So, I’d appreciate your kind consideration in this matter, Sir or Mam, would you please turn it the FUCK UP. I present to you: the queen of queen bees, phoenix from the ashes risen. World record holder with a score of 2 GAZILLION in Tetris, two time recipient of the Nobel prize for Super-Foxiest female EVER, and wartime consigliore to the Costa Nostra. She’s the founder and CEO of Konichiwa Records. The most decorated professional on the streets, with a perfect track record since kindergarten when she used to whup schoolboy ass. In this world of tension, pressure and pain, she’s known for her wisdom, compassion and relentless determination in the quest to GET PAID. - audio communiqué from Konichiwa Records Headquarters.
Anyhoo, here's "Be Mine,"her latest single and video; the perfect follow up to "Handle Me." [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

New iTunes ad: Queen (Work That Mary)

11.28.2007 @ 9:03 AM in Culture
maryitunes.jpg It's been a little while since we've seen a new iTunes ad, but Apple is back and featuring Mary J. Blige. Backlit with her backup iPod silhouettodancers, the ad perfectly shows the new bright side to Mary; no more tears, no more, pain, she's just fine. One thing to note is everytime the iPod gets an update, the white silhouettes in the commercials reflect the subtle changes to design. TUAW notes the absence of an iPhone; I kinda enjoy that only the classic iPod gets featured, it's still iconic.

Podawhaffacast #2

11.16.2007 @ 2:38 PM in Culture
Offishally called the Podawhaffacast, I'm back and mumbley as ever, but now I have a co-host cohort, Angel. There were a lot of technical difficulties with this one, mainly audio tracking and the camera popped a bit out of frame, and its a huge file because I couldn't edit it with the camera we used... regardless, Its a pretty tight show. [vimeo width="600" height="450"][/vimeo] I think we covered too much information, the next episodes will be about 5-10 minutes long. Below you can check out the links and information we mentioned from the show. Thanks for watching! and give us some feedback as what to put in the next one... coming in the next couple weeks.

From the Show

A Short from the Vancouver Film School tries to make you “Happy”

11.15.2007 @ 12:43 PM in Culture
ironically, a video I was watching of some guy getting shot to death on youtube brought me to this much livlier video, a digital short produced by the Vancouver Film School's Digital Character Animation program. "Happy" is a great short, flowing animation, and a simple fun plot. Check it. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]
  • Created by: Michael Lewicki
  • Release: October 2006 (youtube)
  • Running Time: 3:19

Dj Xotec – Freak Dancer Resurrection

11.15.2007 @ 12:28 AM in Culture
Grumpybear calls him the godfather, I call him a homewrecker (long story, but I still love him). Either way, Xotec is the man (Pronownce it Ex-o-tech). Once of the forefather Dj's from Buffalo, Xotec spends his time spinning in Rochester with monthly jaunts down to Marcella's (he was here last week). It's really hard to say what he does, some days its house, sometimes its trance, sometimes its rock-trip-commercial-hardcore. X does what he likes and its always freakin gold... see for yourself: freak_dancer.jpg

[Click on the Image or here to Download (127MB)]

Freak Dancer resurrection is phenominal... I'm actually listening to it now, and I can't get past the first ten minutes without starting it over. I dunt wanna blow up chris' bandwith so you can click above and download all 127MB of delicous dirty Xotec goodness.
  • Track List: (don't be suprised if you never heard these mixes before, most are custom on the fly cut ups. And that's why he's a god)
  1. Pop Group vs Adam Sky – We are all Prostitutes (x’s re-edit)
  2. AV Helden – Playmates (Jesse Rose remix – x’s re-edit)
  3. Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb it In (x’s Re-Rub)
  4. Gaston vs Green Velvet – La La Land Shuffle (x’s re-rub)
  5. Klaxons – Golden Skans (Switch rmx – x’s re-edit)
  6. David Bowie vs Xotec – Year of Golden Shower
  7. Mario Fabriani – Jumpy Jackin
  8. Greg Thresher – Adrenaline
  9. Miss Kitten – Requiem for Hit (x’s chopped and screwed)
  10. Macca vs Wildchild - – The Big Renegade (x’s re-rub)
  11. Direkt – 2 Fatt Guitars (x’s re-rub)
  12. Dave Spoon vs Stardust – Music Sounds Better at Night (x’s re-rub)
  13. DJ Misjah – What it is
  14. Tiga – Move My Body (Only for Erol rmx)
  15. James Talk / DJ Pierre – Work it DJ (JT’s 303 dub)
  16. Trouble Soup vs. Todd Terry – Can you Party?
  17. Chris Lake – To the Point (BSOD rmx)
  18. Adonis – I’ve Lost Control (x’s re-rub)
  19. Soulwax – NY Excuse (x’s “More Cowbell” edit)
  20. Metal Fusion – Killing in the Name…
  21. DeeJay Punk Roc – My Beat Box (JLC remix – x’s re-rub)
  22. Dusty Kid – The Cat (Crookers rmx)
  23. Larry Tee – Licky (Herve Goes Low rmx – x’s re-edit)
  24. Thomas Schumacher vs David Banner – Heat it Up & Play(Xotec’s KY Warming Massage Gel re-rub)
  25. Benjamin Theves – Texas
  26. Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks (Scumfrog rmx)
  • Bits and Pieces: David Bowie – DJ / Golden Years…Conga Squad – Learn to Phonk…Ying Yang Twins - Wait…Groove Armada – I see You Baby…Rapture – Uh Huh Yeah…Cajmere – Perculator…Kraftwerk – Music Non Stop…Christopher Walken as Bruce Dickenson – he’s got a fever!
  • Ishkur's Review

Water Pistol Umbrella will get you shot for real in Buffalo.

11.09.2007 @ 11:19 AM in Culture
umbrella_white.gif I was all for this umbrella in the beginning. Its super clever and innovative: water collects from a funnel in the top and drains down into a reservoir to provide steady ammo for the water pistol handle. Sounds like a great way to engage in a little sidewalk mischief during an afternoon shower. You stay dry, your victim gets it. One flaw: I don't know anyone in Buffalo who enjoys walking in a rainshower. Here, I swear it pours sideways. Umbrellas are kinda useless, and to top off your mood from being caught in a shower, some playful fellow goes "bang!" "bang!" with his cute little water pistol umbrella. I'll let you guess what happens to Mr. playful with the pistol umbrella. I guess in a more passive city (like Laredo, TX?), it might work. Either way, this is a cool design, and t should be made with the quickness.. just maybe not for sale in Buffalo, eh? A1wet.jpg

Sleevage: coverart is cool, someone should blog about it.

11.09.2007 @ 10:23 AM in Culture
I don't buy Cd's, I've gone all digital as of two years ago (I actually do buy my mp3's, about 80%. The rest are bootleg remixes and undeground stuff).However, once in a while I'll go nostalgic and pick up one of those cd-majiggers based on one thing: the cover art or packaging is cool. I think the last album I physically bought was Beck "The Information." It came with stickers and a blankish coverdesign so you could design your own cover art. Pretty sweet. And look, here's an article about that same album with some pictures and a few interesting tidbits I never knew. sleevage_beck.jpg Enter Sleevage, a blog wholly dedicated to album art from CD's and LPs.  No reviews of the music, no tissy drama or snarky opinions; its about the art.  And they don't just cut and paste from the web, toss together something and submit it to digg, they actually research this stuff and deliver fascinating details and insights on even the simplest of covers. On a nerdier side, this is also a great use of Wordpress as a CMS, utilizing custom fields and a decent amount of loop styling.

Ectype’s End – Enjoy 9 Minutes of Your Life

11.08.2007 @ 12:26 AM in Culture
Sometimes I hit on a digital short that captures the mind in a way that pixar just can't. Right now, the culprit is "Ectype's End," a pleasantly surrealistic look at what happens when your daily drudge is suddenly filled with life. A mix of hand animated characters, 3d graphics, and photo backdrops, "Ectype's End" will make you wonder, make you think, but don't get Zimmerman over it. Enjoy yourself, mmkay? [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]
  • Produced by: Rhubarb Zoo
  • Year released: 2006
  • Running Time: 9:28
  • The Film 3C70 is no more than a number. Forced into a clockwork world where his only purpose is to duplicate and multiply, he sets about his task without question. Within seconds, however, his small world is turned upside down when a strange plant upends the order of his simple life.
  • Ectype’s End is a fast-paced and visually charged ride that combines hand-drawn characters with photographed locations. Featuring a quirky soundtrack that drives and describes the journey of its protaganist, Ectype’s End approaches the age-old issue of conformity with a story that is suitable for all ages.
  • Credits Jeremy Hay - Direction, Script, Backgrounds, Digital Animation, Compositing Dane Jacobs - Direction, Character Design, Backgrounds, Classical Animation, Sound Effects, Music
  • Download - 55MB (Quicktime)