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SYTYCD: Twitch and Katie show a little “Mercy”

07.24.2008 @ 10:26 AM in Culture
It all started with a kiss, and you could tell the number was going to be hot. THe amazingly talented Mia Michael took the best of Twitch's funk and the chemistry between the two dancers to create the perfect routine. While this contemporary piece wasn't very technical and there weren't a lot of lifts, there was a prop: a door which took a lot of abuse from the two dancers.

SYTYCD: Ten become 8, and the winner is apparent.

07.18.2008 @ 10:35 AM in Culture
Alright, so i slacked last week, and haven't been watching So You Think You Can Dance as serious as I could be, but I'm a busy boy. I think its a little odd that buffalogeek is a more faithful subscriber than I, but then again, Mrs. Geek is a choreographer and Chris is very (cough) cultured. I was about to attribute the best number to Twitch and Comfort. Comfort was brought back after Jessica's injury; she proved her second chance when she nailed a Hip-Hop number with Twitch. Then Geek tweets me and says I had better pick the pas de deux ( say: pa de do), which I had not seen yet.  So i watch it on Red Lasso and I agree: Will and Katie performed the most complex, most powerful, most amazing number of the season. I'm not an expert on dance, and especially not modern ballet, but I can appreciate the intense difficulty of the choreography. Perhaps Mrs. Geek could comment on the incredible talent of Desmond Richardson and his partner; from what I read, he's one of the best in the world. And since I had already clipped it, here's the runner up best number: Twitch and Comforts Hip-Hop number to Chris Brown's "Forever." Choreographed by Dave Scott, this piece shows why Twich and Comfort are the best two Hip-Hop dancers of the season and why Twitch is a heavy contender for the win. While Twitch is my personal favorite, Thursday night sealed my vote for the winner: Will. He has the training, he has the love of the audience, and he has the emotion to take the competition. I think the girls are great: Katie is awesome, and I'll miss Kherington, but this season, it's a guy's battle.

Weekend Roundup: 4th of July

07.07.2008 @ 1:49 PM in Culture
I'm so in love with Scranto. Having him come up this weekend has settled everything in my head; all the fears and worries have shot out the window... John is the guy I've been waiting for. [flashvideo filename= image=/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/buffawhat-scranto-flv-sh.png /] We did so much this weekend, in such a lazy fashion; it felt like the weekend was a whole week:
  • Headed to Cathode's for Big Ass Drinks Thursday night, learned that Mama still loves me enough to overpour my (and John's) Margaritas.
  • Rednecks in Bradford know how to cook, and two whole halfs of Chiavetta's chicken equals a whole halved chicken.
  • My dad smokes ribs better than anyone... still.
  • I'm going to look like my Grandpa when I get older.
  • Skylar John, and I can miraculously fit on a single (the size) bed.
  • I love my bear.
Check out the photoset on Scranto's flickr page to see all we that we did.


07.07.2008 @ 1:10 PM in Culture
Muto is a wall painting animation by BLU, a graffiti artist/master/wonder/extraordinaire...  you have to see this, you have to show this to your friends; proof that street art can be an amazing thing. MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo. I've seen clips of his work before, but MUTO is by far the largest and most detailed compilation. Check out some more of his work over at his blog.

WANT: Burning Anger Stomp [Super7]

07.04.2008 @ 2:35 PM in Culture
Brian Flynn has been doing amazing things with the Super 7 line, with Stomp being my all-time favorite, and a new colorway is due to drop Saturday, July 25th, at the Super7 store (and at your favorite vinyl distributor). $50 bucks gets you a clear red vinyl Mammoth Kaiju, pissed to hell and spayed in metallic green, black, and gold. Do it. via Vinyl Pulse

SYTYCD: Jessica and Will perform Heart “Alone”

07.03.2008 @ 4:53 PM in Culture
Jessica and Will took the cake last night with their performance to "Alone," a lyrical Jazz number choreographed by Mandy Moore (no not that Mandy Moore). Almost wanted to give it to Twitch with the bed routine, but Will was made to dance, and it shows with every number. Jessica is great, but I feel like she could be holding Will back a bit.

Pantone + Coffee Mugs = A Solid Morning

07.01.2008 @ 12:33 PM in Culture
There is just something awesome about Pantone®, and when you slap some coated love on a set of espresso cups, you have definite win. W2 products has a nice selection of other Pantone® items for sale, like full size mugs and even laptop bags. A little pricey (the set of 4 esspresso cups is £29.52), but hey, is anything Pantone® cheap? Check it Out! And contact Crema for more options!

Monday, er Tuesday Tuneday: Classixx “Cold Act Ill”

07.01.2008 @ 10:23 AM in Culture
Tubes were fail yesterday so I'm bring you your videyo today. And its totally worth it. Classixx just released a video for one of my favorite party songs "Cold Act Ill,"  but the footage is anything but new. Check out the old school skateboarding and let the summertimes roll. Via IHEARTCOMIX

SYTYCD: Chelsie and Mark – Bleeding Love

06.26.2008 @ 10:59 AM in Culture
I'm watching So You Think You can Dance. I'm not so into it that I'll vote or get into any huge discussion about it,  but I love the choreography. And as far as any blogging goes, I plan to keep it at a weekly post of my favorite routine from Wednesday. So expect it. Yesterday's "couple to beat" was Mark K. and Chelsie H. (found out after I clipped the show that that's how you spell her name, stupid white girls). They danced a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, and damn it moved me. "Bleeding Love" is a safe commercial beat that gets overplayed on the radio without even a thought, however Mark and Chelsie brought it to life as they portrayed the struggle of a workaholic and the pain it causes your loved one. So You Think You Can Dance?

Crazy ATL chick goes Soulja Girl on Marta, gets remixed.

06.17.2008 @ 2:42 PM in Culture
I've been falling in love with Baltimore house lately, having nothing to do with John's proximity to the city. Its the breakbeats, and the hilarious remixes that come from this genre; like this one. So here's this youtube video of this crazy girl, going absolutely nuts and dancing and carrying on like a hoodrat on a MARTA train. She's disrespecting old ladies, singing Soulja Girl, and being a general fool. Now here's the Bmore remix, pure gold. Via IHEARCOMIX