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Warmer Nights on the Horizon?

12.14.2006 @ 4:03 PM in Buffalo
It's still cold, consistently 58 degrees and making harder and harder each morning to get out of bed and get dressed. The boiler hasn't ran in about 5 days; I was getting close to buying a space heater and billing Horizon Realty (my leasing company). Then I received two pieces of paper taped to my door last night. One was a notice of entry for maintenance and repairs, the other was a Letter from Laura Lomanto, the new Maintenance Supervisor for the buildings. The letter read:
Dear Resident, Horizon Realty is further investing in the building you live in by replacing the boiler system with a brand new system. We are concerned that the system that is in place currently may not make it through this winter season, and we want to be sure that there is adequate heat when you need it most. Therefore, we are delivering temporary space heaters to your apartment to be used while we are installing the new system. We expect the installation of this system to take about a week and will begin this weekend. Therefore, please turn on these space heaters as needed during the next week. Once the new system is installed and running, we will come around and pick up all these space heaters from your apartment. We thank you for your cooperation while we are making improvements to the building you reside in. Laura Lomanto Maintenance Supervisor Horizon Realty
This is good to hear. Horizon really isn't a bad company, despite all the issues I've had. Its actually the building being in prior disrepair and the utter lack of decent maintenance staff in Buffalo. This is their first year with the previous crackbuilding. Now, 40 evictions, new water heater, new maintenance super, and soon the be new boiler later, I'd say this is a pretty decent track record for upkeep and improvements. Now all thats needed is the hallways recarpeted and painted and the secured entry doors fixed.. and you've got your selves a Kissling interests... almost.
Horizon Realty

Too Cold to Write the Rent Check

12.05.2006 @ 7:24 PM in Buffalo

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

I probably would have been able to enjoy the first official snowfall if it wasn't 58 degrees in my apartment when I went to bed AND woke up the next morning. The boiler in my building is either timed wrong or the thermostat is reversed. Either way, its been getting very cold and combating my already low motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

I'm not paying rent until I know whats wrong with the boiler.

Still Alive, check back after the flu shot

12.04.2006 @ 7:30 PM in Buffalo
I'm really a bad blogger... I promise I'll post more this week. I seem to be posessing a very low amount of motivation lately, and thats being allocated for keeping my job ( getting out of bed, getting dressed, running the lab, making it home, making it into bed). Blogging is left with good intentions, as I had pics of my lab to show, pics of the sabres game I went to, and pics ofmy thanksgiving trip to my folks. But thank God for flickr, because my account has stayed up-to-date thanks to the beauty of drag and drop. Oh, and when are you supposed to have your Christmas cards out? I've never done the snail mail good cheer thing before, and I don't wanna muck it up. Finally, I'm getting my flu shot for work. I've never had a flu shot, so this may turn out ugly. Lets hope for the best.

I voted

11.08.2006 @ 2:34 PM in Buffalo

I voted
Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

Did you vote? My polling place was right next door, so I had little excuse. Thanks to Brent for giving me the heads up on the polling location and the Affidavit info.

If you didn't vote, shut the fuck up when you don't like whats going on with the city; you obviously didn't care too much.

Buffalo Pwnd

10.16.2006 @ 7:34 PM in Buffalo

Friends house on Friday
Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

Nice... I never lost power, but the boiler isn't on in my building. So, I am freezing to death; and sick because of it. I'm not really complaining, I've been though enough hurricanes and floods down south that I feel like I could take a break form one natural disaster at least.

It's too cold to type... I'm at work, and we don't know what to do... I guess tomorrow will be a free for all

First Sheisty Snowy Day of The Year

10.12.2006 @ 9:56 PM in Buffalo
First Snow

[taken at work]

Hmmph... Just fantastic.

Cashing in a Karma Card/Mark Spotting

09.07.2006 @ 1:12 AM in Buffalo
Sometimes, karma is my secret weapon. With school starting, comes new bus schedules, new drivers, and a rampant influx of teenage hormones wearing the latest mannequin from Aero. Supposedly, two blocks is far too long of a walk to City Honors; we might scuff the new Nikes we'll only wear for a week. So... I get off work and walk toward my bus stop. Basically, my bus stop is wherever on Lincoln Ave that me and the bus meet up. Its called a courtesy stop, a driver told me they do it in the suburbs. I like it that way, saves me from the possibility of not gettin picked up on Walden, where the official stop is. Well, the new driver for the 6C wasn't fond of the courtesy stop idea. After stopping 20 feet past my location, he proceeds to insist that I wait for him at the "official" stop on walden from now on. I curse him to a polka-dot and plaid Barry Manilow hell under my breath. Pulling up to a stop near walden and bailey, karma cashes in a favor for me and the driver swipes a parked blazer as he nears the curb. The bus rocks and the blazer loses a few teeth. My act of karma was not totally free, as I had to endure running for my 20H transfer downtown because of the delay. But the icing on the cake was when I got to fill out a card with my information so the NFTA could call me to give details on the happening. I won't have to lie when I tell them the bus driver was an ass that day. On a fuzzy note, I saw Mark again! Me and Brent were walking down Elmwood and I saw him tutoring a guy on Bidwell. Mark is the man-love of Jennifer, a lovely Buffalo blogger gal. I saw him in starbucks a few weeks ago for the first time. I never met any of them, but its good to know that the people I read about in blogs actually exist. And maybe I like stalking cute guys?

Friend of Sly

08.30.2006 @ 2:50 AM in Buffalo
I got home at 12:30 last night to find Sylvestor sleeping in the vestibule of my building. It was raining and chilled; Autumn is getting closer. Sly jumps awake and I ask him whats up. He says he is fine but hungry. Its cold, raining, and I'm tired. But Sly is cold, wet, and hungry.

Shop Elmwood: Animal Outfitters

08.20.2006 @ 12:30 AM in Buffalo
There are so many places to shop on the Elmwood strip. I've decided to post about some of my favorite places.
Animal Outfitters
Shortly after moving to elmwood+north, I got the urge to step into Animal Outfitters, Inc. Located on Bryant St, near Elmwood and next to Solid Grounds. I was immediately greeted by the owner, Omar Zahzouhi. He was one of the friendliest guys I've met in a while. He wanted to know what pets I had, where I lived, and if I went to school. I felt like he wanted to make a connection with a new customer; he was sincere. I told him I had just moved into a small studio, and that Skylar was a little lonely with me not being home. Omar directed me to a brand of cat food called Solid Gold. He said it was all natural, full of nutrients, and would help Skylar to control his weight, seeing as he wasn't going to be as active anymore being in a small space now. He points to the ingredient list. This stuff has blueberries! I sheepishly tell him I'm feeding him Meow Mix. He shakes his head and hands me samples of the organic cat food and gives me a can of special wet food to try out as well. I didn't buy anything that day, but I took that food home and Skylar inhaled it. I went back a month later; he remembered my name and he wanted to know how I was doing. We got into a playful arguement over the World Cup. I bought a catnip toy. Skylar woke me up at 8:30 this morning; he was freaking out. He always does when he can see the bottom of his food dish. I figured I might as well get him the Solid Gold. I arrived at Animal Outfitters early, he opened at 11 and it was 10:30. There's a park bench in front of his store; it must be for owners that get woken up early to get food for their demanding pets. Omar and his wife, Susana, show up around 11, and they let me in immediately. We talk as they get set up and I grab a bag of Solid gold and another toy. I gave them a picture of Skylar for the pet wall. They gushed over him. I was very proud of my 5 dollar rescue kitty. The store is a nice setup. Its not big, but they have just what they think you need for your pet. If you like to spoil your pet, or like me, buy their affections, this is the place to shop. Thanks, Omar & Susana! Skylar loves his food and the new toy.

Fun with Incompetent Landlords

08.17.2006 @ 7:17 PM in Buffalo
I live on Elmwood/North. I have about 250sq feet of pure bachelor pad; a vintage 1917 Murphy-In-a-Dor bed folds out of a closet for entertaining the boys. The landlords told me my apartment was like a penthouse studio. They never mentioned I also had 'round the clock drug service behind my building. I think they just forgot to mention it in the lease. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the landlords I have. They are very helpful and are extremely thorough. The people that they hire to do the work, however: incompetent.