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12.11.2008 @ 11:35 PM in Buffalo

BUY DORMONOCT NO PRESCRIPTION, The first leg of my DC-A-Go-Go trip entailed a visit to the National Gallery of Art with John. There, DORMONOCT alternatives, Cheap DORMONOCT no rx, we met up with his good friend Magda, who works in the most awesome place ever: the East building designed by I, low dose DORMONOCT. Comprar en línea DORMONOCT, comprar DORMONOCT baratos, M. Pei, DORMONOCT overnight. What is DORMONOCT, A little note about the East Building, besides the fact that it houses the contemporary and modern works for the NGA, DORMONOCT pictures, DORMONOCT for sale, the building itself is designed so that there are no right angles. Like, none, BUY DORMONOCT NO PRESCRIPTION. Walking around inside the staff area, DORMONOCT pics, DORMONOCT long term, you can't help but effect a sense of vertigo.

[Found out after this picture, DORMONOCT use, DORMONOCT samples, not allowed to have camera's in the staff area. whoops!]

Its all really pleasing really; even the elevators are random heptagons.  Magda took us to lunch in the staff "refectory" (parallelogram tables FTW!) and then for a trip to the pedestrian walkway that bridged the east and west buildings of the NGA, DORMONOCT schedule. Discount DORMONOCT, click after the jump to see the Villareal.

Via the NGA - Multiverse BUY DORMONOCT NO PRESCRIPTION, , the largest and most complex light sculpture created by American artist Leo Villareal, may be seen and experienced by visitors as they pass through the Concourse walkway between the East and West Buildings of the National Gallery of Art. Commissioned by the Gallery and on view until November 2009, DORMONOCT interactions, DORMONOCT coupon, the work features approximately 41,000 computer-programmed LED (light-emitting diode) nodes that run through channels along the entire 200-foot-long space, australia, uk, us, usa. Order DORMONOCT no prescription, The development of this LED project began in 2005, and the installation created by Villareal specifically for this location began in September 2008.

I first heard about Leo Villareal when he installed his lights into a section of the Albright Knox in 2005, DORMONOCT steet value. DORMONOCT from canada, Originally, it was meant to be there for the Extreme Abstraction collection, get DORMONOCT, Cheap DORMONOCT, but it was such a perfect fit that it is now part of the permanent collection.


When John first came to Buffalo, online buying DORMONOCT hcl, DORMONOCT forum, we went to the Knox for Gusto... and I showed him my favorite piece, purchase DORMONOCT for sale, the Villareal.... cue the Vimeo flashback:



Circuit City to Close 155 Stores, no plugs pulled in WNY

11.03.2008 @ 1:35 PM in Buffalo, Technology
Going the way of Comp USA (though not a total fold), Cicuit City announced today that they are closing 155 stores and pulling out of 12 market areas. Terminations in departments like Installations and Firedog should begin within 48 hours. A quick look at the list shows that the Western New York locations are safe for now; don't expect any fire sales just yet. Circuit City also plans on reducing the number of "future store openings and aggressively renegotiating certain leases." Maybe this means we won't be seeing as many Best Buys popping up next to every Circuit City. Or will we? Store Closings - Circuit City

MashBash 2008

06.05.2008 @ 12:12 PM in Buffalo
Last year at the Bash
  • I drank 17 Keg Beers in 2 hours,
  • Smoked a cigar with a drag queen.
  • Peed behind a bush
  • Went to Club Marcellas to work, drunk out of my mind
  • Picked up Eli, our barback, swung him around my waist, then fell and cracked my head on a piano.
  • Passed out in the DJ booth for two hours...
The Buffalo Red Cross's Annual Bash is the kickstart to the summer festival weekend. If you survive the Bash, a fundraiser cleverly disguised as an all out drunk fest, then you are primed to enjoy the rest of the weekend activities, like Pride and the Hellenic Festival. Tickets are $50, or $100 with a raffle, and include free beer, food, and live music from Lance Diamond and other Buffalo party bands. Call 878-2373 for tickets and info, or visit the website here. Not a lot of time left to get your liver ready, but its a party to remember.

Bandits Take a Championship, I take pictures.

05.21.2008 @ 11:12 AM in Buffalo
I'll leave the sports coverage to Andy, but I wanna thank him giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing affair. Running out on the field, bumping into very sweaty, adrenaline filled lacrosse players... dodging ESPN crews... pretty awesome.  I was a little hesitant to go and get my shots; I'm not used to press photography, or for that matter, much photography at all. I basically followed the pack and focused on the few players I knew were important. The Bandits 2008 MVP (which I got to cast a vote for) Steenhuis was pretty easy to spot, he sports bright orange Reeboks. I took some video too for WNYMedia, but I have absolutely no idea what Marc is doing with it. Hopefully he'll put the mess of cloverfield-esque footage into something awesome.. like he always does. I also decided to take advantage of the new Animoto service to make a little video below. Animoto is a web based photo montage service that uses a pretty sophisticated AI to arrange your photos into a music video, complete with beat matching and top of the line special effects. the service is free for 30 second clips; full length videos that you can dl are $3 a pop, or $30 for a year. Use this referral link and you can get a year membership for only $25.

click above to visit the flickrset

MMM Tacos

04.26.2008 @ 11:45 AM in Buffalo
DSC02495 Ever since before ETS moved from the corner of delavan and elmwood to the remodeled Burger King Location down the block, tacos have become a Friday special, much to the chagrin of Angel's diet, and my slightly emerging belly. Angel says I eat like a beast, and i guess its true. here's a video documenting the destruction... Elmwood Tacos and Subs

Buffalo Lunch Randomizer: Let BRO choose where you eat

04.25.2008 @ 9:13 AM in Buffalo
  • BRO - A new site - - has just launched. The site, which is still in beta, contains 108 WNY lunch options, which are ranked by the site creators based on overall dining experience. The site includes all kinds of restaurants, from the Malamute to Mythos, from Wasabi to Chuck E. Cheese.
Saw this originally on Pundit's site, gave it a whirl, and as expected:  it pulls a random lunch option based on your criteria, weighted by the developers dining experience. Sounds great, but just who are these food loving developers? The site and BRO say Egghead Interactive, but the web is pretty silent about who they are. WHOIS states that is owned by "Barry Heneghan," who is CEO of HyperLocalMedia, which owns BuffaloRising, making this a shameless plug without the professional balls to admit its their own project. Whatever, the lunch randomizer is pretty cool, but to be fair it should be noted that the "ranking" of places to eat is biased on the part of BRO staff, no doubt. Thus I redub the lunch randomizer as BROiLR, for Buffalo Risings interactive Lunch Randomizer

Weekend Happenings

04.21.2008 @ 12:30 PM in Buffalo
I made my debut as a media professional this weekend with my first ever photo credential at a Buffalo Bandits Lacrosse game. Andy Kulyk, a good friend and fellow WNYM blogger has been doing the sports reporting for a while. Thanks to his connections with AV and overall journalistic experience, he's credentialed all over and routinely enjoys seasonal press access to Sabres, Bandits, and Bison games. I'm not really a sports guy, but Andy keeps trying to get me to go to a game or two, whether hockey or baseball, and to take advantage of my press abilities (I'm credentialable? who knew?). I agreed to a Buffalo Bandits (National Lacrosse League) game, and sent off the request for a day photo pass for the 4-19 game against the Chicago Shamrox. I'm no photographer, and I certainly dont own a fancy DSLR (let alone use one), but I can snap a few commanding shots when needed. One thing I have never done is shot sports photography, let me tell you, its hard. I have to give a lot of credit to the pros for being able to watch the whole field for perfect moments through a little viewfinder while manhandling a giant telephoto lense. So here I go, all shy and completely green about all of this, as Andy gives me a rundown and tells me I'll have nearly unfettered acccess to the HSBC arena, minus the catwalk (damn!). I borrowed Angels Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 for the occasion, determined not to look like a silly blogger peeking his point-and-shoot through a tiny hole in the lexan. in addition to being a first for press credentials, this was a first for a watching lacrosse game. Andy gave me some details as I sat in the press box with him; I took note of the body favoring attire of lacross players. I decided I like this game, somewhat like soccer with a bit of hockey brutality. After watching a bit of the game from the box, I made my way down to the boards, and started to do my thing. Two things I learned immediately:
  • Don't use the boards for support. Bandits fans are crazy, and enjoy pounding on the lexan boards, resulting in a rattled photog who isn't paying attention to the crowd behind him,
  • A press pass does make you look cool. Might not get you laid, but let an energetic fan spot you with a camera and a press pass and you are immediately subjected to a display that can only be matched by a wild pheasant's mating rituals.
The most incredible thing to me was walking out onto the field, seconds after the game, to shoot a clip of the players making a victory lap (13-9 bandits BTW). The view from the field was amazing, seeing the view as a player would, peering out at the raving crowd, decked in the team colors of orange and black, totally awesome. The locker room was the final stop. I watched Andy and the other media guys shove recorders in players faces and hang on every word, I relaxed and took it all in. Leaving the stadium, Andy said I did everything right; I didn't tell him I almost got lost trying to find the press elevator. I suppose I'll do the press pass more often, its the best way to watch any game. Check out the photoset on flickr. There are also a few video clips of the Bandettes performing in between periods.

Elmwood Market: What It Is And What It Isn’t

03.19.2008 @ 1:26 PM in Buffalo
Elmwood_Market_32.jpg The grande opening (March 17th) for the Elmwood Market & Grill was a success; everything (mostly, save for the beer and some organics, the credit/EBT system was yet to be activated) in place and ready for the steady stream of customers wishing them success and of course, buying things. I was there Monday morning, and seeing as I live accross the street, I'll be there every day no doubt. The atmosphere is a whole lot more inviting than Wilson farms, and less of a chore than Walgreens. I also had a chance to chat a bit with the owners: Dale, Alex, and Tony. The guys are very excited to be on Elmwood and are eager to fit in with the community, asking for suggestions to stock (organics and conventional) and basically trying to get a feel for the area. Elmwood_Market_26.jpg Since Latina's closed last spring, the community has been longing for a new place to shop. Unfulfilled talks of Dash's, Tops, and Whole Food's filling the void that Latina's left put despair in the area. No one wants to be let with a crummy Wilson Farms; the added burden has had a negative effect on the store, overcrowding at times and leaving the store more haggard than it has been in years. Thus, the Elmwood Market has many shoes to fill... have they picked the right ones to tackle? We'll see. Read on for my initial assessment of the store and its role for the community.

The Elmwood market is...

  • Your Morning Stop - the Breakast Combo (any breakfast sandwich, coffee and two hashbrowns for $3.99) is sure to be a winner in the morning. pick up some cold cuts, cheese, a few Costanza rolls, and you have lunch fixin's for a week. I'll have my good buddy Kirk report back on how that works out for him. He was a big fan of X-cel. I'll start getting the breakfast special as soon as I use up my Wilson's Coffee Bucks.
  • A Cheap (and good) Grill and Deli - In the wake of X-cel, getting something to eat left you with Jim's or Just Pizza. While both are amazing places to eat and definite Buffalonian mainstays, I doubt anyone's gut will survive a sustained diet of either. You can and will get full for under $10 bucks, most sandwiches won't take you past 6 bucks; all 12' subs are only $6.49ea. as for the deli meats? I'll do a little research, but I hear the meats are cheaper than Tops. As of right now, the grilled chicken sandwich is my favorite, and nothing is better than a sammy on a Costanza roll.
Elmwood_Market_18.jpg Elmwood_Market_9.jpg Elmwood_Market_14.jpg
  • A Essentials Market - Obvious, but the shelves are stocked with enough goods that you will only need to head to Tops for produce or that giant stock-up I hear you people that buy food do once a month. I haven't had groceries in my house for a year, partly due to laziness and partly due to my pride of not wanting to be loaded down on the bus. I still may not. Why, with a pantry next door, I'll just dash down and get what I need. In the next week or so, I'll have a price comparison between Wilson farms, Walgreen's, and Elmwood Market on the essentials like milk eggs, tp, etc.
Elmwood_Market_7.jpg Elmwood_Market_2.jpg Elmwood_Market_4.jpg
  • A Safe Place to Shop - I have never seen so many security cameras in one place before. There is even a cam pointed on the street by the store, and everything is hooked into the video system. This was a common fear of impending trouble but i can assure you these guys have it covered. In addition to the cameras, there is a no single beer can/bottle policy, aiming to keep the riff-raff from hanging around panhandling for change to get a 40oz. I'm sure someone will make a try to knock this place over, but the deterrent factor is huge.

The Elmwood Market is not...

  • A Wilson Farms Killer - Wilson Farms serves a valuable purpose and always had. Once people get used to the Market, the Farms will go back to what it was.... a late night beer/smoke/munchie stop. A little healthy competition is good for everyone, and when the Market closes at 11pm, Wilson's is and will still be the place to go for the afterhour goods.
  • One of "those" places - As with all good things, people want to fail the market before it has a chance to mess up. Supposedly, the guys who own the market own a few stores on the east side that are in sorry condition. I haven't been to these places but this is the "dirt" that I've heard the most. I really hope that this won't happen to their Elmwood location, and I don't think it will. The place is just too nice to let it go to shit, and the spacious location will prevent the overclutter that leads to dumpy grocers. However, this is all relative to the amount of support given to it by the community. Hold them accountable for a great store and support them and the Elmwood Market should be here for years to come.
Overall, I'm very pleased with the Market. I've talked with Dale and Alex and they really seem to want what's best for the community. Everyone at the Market is very friendly, inviting questions and even letting a blogger like me get all nosy. Elmwood_Market_25.jpg

[Ironman tought us that gang signs are "totally cool." ]

That means that you need to go in there and say hi, tell them a bit about what you want to see stocked at the Market. You can also head to their website and send them a note, and read their welcome to the community. The owners will be in the store for the first month before leaving the store in the hands of the managers; don't wait to say hello. This is your Market, get involved. Elmwood_Market_28.jpg

[Good luck you guys! Thanks for the T-shirts - Buffawhat & Sai One ]

You can check out the rest of the pictures of the Elmwood Market in my flickr set, just click below.., thumbs.jpg

Elmwood Market: Customer #2

03.17.2008 @ 3:08 AM in Buffalo
The staff at the new Elmwood Market deli & Grill could be seen scurrying around last night till the wee hours of the morning, preparing to unleash a much needed asset to the Allentown end of the Elmwood Village. The weekend pushback of their open date proved just enough time; they were ready like they said, 7am Monday morning. I walked in behind a fellow bus commuter and quickly scanned the shelves as I headed to the back to gather my morning caffeinated goods. the clusterfuck that seems to plague most mini grocers was not to be seen. the shelves were heavily stocked but the gap between the aisles rivaled Wegman's. They had no deli sandwiches ready yet, but they assured me that once things got into a groove, I would be able to grab a fresh sub even as early as I come in (7-7:30). For a quick stop in the morning, I am very pleased. This will be the first of many reviews as well, taken from a general customer with a focus on the community needs and concerns. The Elmwood Market can be found on the corner of Elmwood and North, in the old DVDdot location. There is (blessed) adjacent parking as well.

Buffalo Homecoming: How I ended up here.

02.28.2008 @ 12:00 PM in Buffalo
4dayslogo700.jpg As Buffalo Old Home Week Homecoming approached, BuffaloGeek is asking around to find out why the hell you'd wanna live in Buffalo, let alone come back. Here is my story. People ask me how I get around, seeing as I don't own a car and still seem to get from point A to point B pretty well. I tell 'em "boys and bus passes." I pride Buffalo for a fairly manageable public transit system, and I guess part of that is why I stay here. As for the boys, that's what landed me in Buffalo. I was raised in Rural North Carolina, injected into the South by my father's Air Force career. The air was fresh and the beach (think ocean not lake, goddammit) was only a couple hours away. However, I soon began to loathe the culture, I felt like a city boy and the cotton fields were like padded walls, keeping me protected from myself and the rest of the world. Turning 18 and a heightened sense of the world thanks to the good ole intertubes made me crave something new. I received my first chance when I began dating a good natured, yet slightly simple boy living in Raleigh. He would travel to see me, and I'd spend weekends in the city with him. The concrete hustle and bustle attracted me, living in a machine of commerce and humanity. I was hooked. The horrible occasion of his dad's stroke led us up to West Virginia and the opportunity for me to move in to help take care of him. Back in NC, I spent 3 months playing wet nurse to the most ornery old man I've ever encountered, who'd just rather piss on himself then try to get off the couch to walk three steps to the loo. Thankfully he recovered and we took him home. I was able to Lysol the couch, but Jimmy and I weren't able to patch our relationship, strained by having to play "straight" for three months around a loopy old man. I learned a lot from Jimmy, though, like how hard it is to keep living with someone you are no longer with romantically while trying to find romance elsewhere. West Virginia boys are conflicted and very jealous I suppose. The need for me to stay in North Carolina had ended. My family had all fled moved on (save my mum, but this was in the early stages of none of us wanting anything to do with her) and another opportunity arose. Dad had just moved back to Bradford, Pa(mid 2004), into his girlfriend's house. All of his family were scattered all around Northwest PA; I had never had a connection with many of them do to the distance and an imposed alienation via my mom. After one too many post relationshipal fights with Jimmy, I moved up in February of 2005 with Dad and Jerrie to spend some much needed family time, and to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Once again, I was in the sticks. Bradford has three main employment options: Zippo, Walmart, or the oil fields. Each one will suck you in, and you will never get out of Bradford if you take the bait of steady employment. I was soon restless, and began to harness the web to escape the reality. Don't get me wrong, Bradford is a beautiful town, but I couldn't bring my self to settle here. I decided to use the method of dating to explore the area. I went all over the Southern Tier trying to find a fit. Marienville, Jamestown, Fredonia, Erie, Oil City, Olean, none really appealed to me. After realizing I had slept with essentially every applicable Bradford gay, I turned my eyes to NY. I admit Buffalo attracted me for one thing: the Buffalo Chicken Wing. Never actually eaten a real chicken wing, the idea of a city who's food tastes influence the whole world intrigued me. I started my quest to find out about this city, and looked around for a guide to show me. I found this gentle and passionate bear named Jamie, who one night out of the blue drove up to show me his world. After rocking his world, natch, the relationship grew and once again the opportunity to start fresh and move to a new place arose. Ahh, Buffalo! I fell in love immediately. I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn what made this city tick. I saw a bit of every town I've ever been to in Buffalo, and the people with their manic attitudes and over busy lifestyle just sucked me in. I started to assimilate, first with the chicken wing, then I gave the Sabres a try. Niaevety soon fell away however, like taking the case off of a swiss cuckoo clock, I saw the inner workings of Buffalo. I noticed that many gears were missing, and even some just ground against each other, going nowhere; yet the clock kept ticking. Turns out a few gears are missing from the gay male population in Buffalo, as well. Jamie turned out to be nuts and after 11 months in a codependent controlling relationship, I broke his ribs in a drunken fight and that was the end of that. I had created a trend: every so often pick up and start fresh. "Learn from your mistakes and get the hell out of there" was the motto.Where was I to go? Rochester? Did I wanna go back to bradford and start the hunt again? I couldn't. Buffalo had me, I felt like belonged after only a year, and I couldn't bear to leave. So I stayed and broke my trend, starting a new life down the street, instead. I actually have a job here, its not the best, but it pays the bills and I have them there benefitos that the old people worry about. I don't own a car and I don't ever want one as long as I'm here. I get around just fine, like I said, boys and bus passes. Sure, the metro rail could do more than run in a straight line, but relying on public transportation has made me a Elmwood Village boy. I love it. I shop "local" because I don't have a choice, I rarely go to the malls despite my love for the commercial. I feel like one of those gears, My impact is small, but I exist here.