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Vote for Best Dressed Man of the Capitol Region: Alan B. Ilagan

12.03.2007 @ 10:10 AM in Lifestream
alan_dressed.jpg I've been meaning to mention something about Alan for a while; he's the only blogger to ever send me snail mail: a custom postcard in fact. It seems, now, that Alan has gotten himself into a bit of a contest with Times Union for Best Dressed Man of the Capitol Region. Capitol Region being Albany, NY, and best dressed man being Alan, of course. I won't tell you to vote for Alan, I'll let you look at the photos of the other contestants (make sure you click on their pictures from the link below to see the rest of their shots), then make the obvious choice. Oh yea, Alan is a photographer and a great writer, so don't forget to check out his site after you vote for him.

Snap! – Sabres vs Hurricanes

12.02.2007 @ 1:26 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Sabres vs Hurricanes

Taken 2 Dec '07, 1.26am EST PST.

Chilling at the Pearl St with a new pal. I think that Carolina is gonna get their asses beat! Thanks To Lorenzo for the Snap! Remember to check the button next time, betch!

Hero Design: 13th Months on Allen

12.01.2007 @ 11:23 PM in Buffalo
hero_nate.jpg Last night was a long night for me, however the best part had to be Hero Design's 13th Months on Allen party. I drug(dragged?) Angel with me, and we headed to 93 Allen around 7:30... A homo has to show up early, but not too early; gotta make that fabulous entrance. Apparently, yuppies feel this is appropriate too, as uninteresteding folk converged into that small storefront around the same time, making for a very multicultured congestion. I guess thats what rubbing elbows with the snobs really is. party_1.jpg Whatever though, it was great that everyone showed up: hipsters, yuppies, homos, these crazy kids from Syracuse that snatched a box of Dunny's before I had a chance to a few months ago (bastards), and all the other friends and family of Beth and Mark's. The boys from that Block Club magazine also made an appearance. I got a kick out of being able to impart some of my love and knowledge of the toys to Patrick, and got them to experience the joy of opening a blind box item. I also imparted the importance of cluttering you desk with toys instead of papers, makes you look creative and less stodgy. Patrick from Bloc Party (right) It felt like turning someone on to crack, but the good kinda crack. Angel gifted me with a few Dunny's and a new toy called a Cloth Head. I traded Beth the Bumblebee Labbit for the plain mustard one on display. Patrick and Angel traded Dunny's as well; granted they were identical, but the deal was made before they opened the boxes. bethsdad.jpg I managed to snag Mark and ask him a couple of questions about his first 13th months on Allen. Click the play button to listen. [audio:] PS. when Beth was bagging up something for Angel, she managed to set another bag on fire with a candle.  It was so funny we had her sign it as a 1/1 edition piece.  That was the ultimate collectable. I'm getting it framed.

Morning Link Load

11.30.2007 @ 9:17 AM in Lifestream
I've got to head off to training this morning. Need to get this damn thing over with so I can be eligible for my 3% performance bonus this December. I think its Safety Practices or whatever... Here's a few links to mull over while I mull over the relativity of this training and my job description.

Snap! – Toyganization and Hero party

11.30.2007 @ 2:09 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Toyganization and Hero party

Taken 30 Nov '07, 2.09am EST PST.

I think I finally have a handle of where and how to display the toys i've collected. Speaking of toys, Hero is having their 13th month anniversary party tomorrow the 30th, from 7-10. I'll be going and you should check it out too! Thanks josh for the snap! I'll reply to that email right now.

Should Office Coffee be a perk or a Convenience?

11.29.2007 @ 10:06 AM in Lifestream
mug.jpg Office Coffee comes in many flavors, colors, and smells, but we can all agree - unless you live in Seattle - that its not too particularly good. Whether 3-day old grinds, Dollar store brew, or the tar-like qualities a pot gets when its reheated for the umpteenth time, we still drink it. It's a commodity and a convenience, a welcome blessing when rushing to work so unprepared your cowlicks bear calves by noon. Sometimes the coffe pot was brought from home, if you are lucky, you have a Bunn. And its all managed under the watchful eye of the "coffee clutch" The clutch is that group of up-in-age office management bitties, the ones that order supplies and do your timesheets. They don't actually drink the coffee, though some claim fealty, but by god there is always a full jar of sugar packets and a box of creamers, straws, napkins on the table; everything you need to forget that the coffee still tastes like shit. All they ask is that you pay. Our coffee has the bittiest of crones to oversee the clutch. We have a 2 dollar/week subscription to coffee. There are 4 gallons of water at all times under the table to refill the pots, and if you empty one, yo must immediately go in search of a faucet to replenish it. Another thing, the 50cents refers to "one" serving in an 8oz. cup. I buck the trend, and incur the ice stares when I walk in with my 20oz Starbucks seasonal mug and gingerly fill to the top. I pay when I feel like it; random coins in my pocket making the jingle in drop box just loud enough to satisfy the ears of the clutch. I'm quick and determined in the morning, as i have just five minutes to walk in my lab, grab my mug and run upstairs where the clutch is sanctioned. I slosh out yesterday's stains with hot water, refill it with black death and trot downstairs, spilling a trail of black tears which are symbolic of my disdain for the morning. The other day, this email popped up, note the "Angency Wide" email.gif The clutch has been disbanded, the refrigerator moved. No more the quiet trot upstairs, coffee is now at the opposite end of the building, in the noisiest busiest room in the mornings... the cafeteria. Stealing coffee is impossible, too, you must wait in line like a poor orphan waiting for soup, mug in hand. I tried this today and immediately got into a fight with the cashier over the size of my mug and how I take up a whole pot in one shot. The upside, however, to cafeteria coffee is that Karen (the cafeteria manager) understands portions. The amount coffee you need is determined by the size of the mug you bring; $0.50 per mug. Period. Same grinds, same taste, but now I have to pay. I don't think its fair. The agency buys giant boxes of bulk office grinds from some paper supply company, The 50 cents isn't going to the people managing the clutches either, just back into the agency to "cover" the costs. Bullshit. I don't think its right that I should have to pay for something I need to ensure my happiness in a company designed to make me miserable. Coffee provides insurance against incidents and loss of patience, a very serious thing at my job. Related post: The Glass Knife specialty bakery serving residents in Winter Park. I don't wanna pay anymore, I guess I'll have to sleep with the lunch lady... again.
  • UPDATE: A few co-workers and I have decided to get our own fancy coffee pot or the home espresso machine under 200 and have our own special clutch, course I'm still paying for coffee but the principle of the matter makes us rebels.
<a href="">home espresso machine under 200</a>

Snap! – Christmas Mullet

11.28.2007 @ 5:46 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Christmas Mullet

Taken 28 Nov '07, 5.46pm EST PST.

Somehow my guys weren't too thrilled with my Christmas Mullet. And they laughed at my 4 foot stocking, even though I said I was a very good boy this year. Whatever, I love the Dollar Tree! Remember those gummi mice I got a few months ago? Same place.

Online Nickname Googles better than realname?

11.28.2007 @ 2:43 PM in Technology
buffawhat___Google_Image_Search1.jpg Asked a Slashdotter:
"I was recently laid off, and during several of the interviews looking for a new job as a mid level IT manager, I was asked "So, I can just Google your name and find some of your work?" The answer is "yes", but searching for my name doesn't really bring up many results compared to searching for my online nickname which I have been using for about a decade. I am very tempted just to put that nickname on my resume. Is the professional, albeit technical, world ready for this step? Where should I put it? At the top or somewhere in the body?"
I've thought about this from time to time. I hate to Google my real name because there is another Nathan Strang in the world and I don't like him or his piloting ways. Never met him and I don't care. He's all up in my search results, and he needs to quit. Google "Buffawhat" however and you get pretty much the same information, plus almost every social networking profile I participate in. Of course, minus the other Nathan Strang, because there is only one Buffawhat. Your online identity is becoming more and more unique and important as the web starts to tie up its loose ends and integration is becoming more complex. And as I let myself beknown around buffalo as "Buffawhat," I feel my name will soon become less relevant than my moniker. Any thoughts? how integral is your online identity to your real self?

New Robyn Video: Be Mine

11.28.2007 @ 12:44 PM in Culture
newpresspic4.jpg If you live in the US, there is a good chance you haven't heard of Robyn. If you listen to XM BPM (#81), then there's a glimmer of hope for you yet. Remixes of "With Every Heartbeat" and "Handle Me" are currently playing a few times throughout the day. And Why? Cause this girl is the shit.
“You cannot stop this. You cannot escape it and you cannot turn it off. So, I’d appreciate your kind consideration in this matter, Sir or Mam, would you please turn it the FUCK UP. I present to you: the queen of queen bees, phoenix from the ashes risen. World record holder with a score of 2 GAZILLION in Tetris, two time recipient of the Nobel prize for Super-Foxiest female EVER, and wartime consigliore to the Costa Nostra. She’s the founder and CEO of Konichiwa Records. The most decorated professional on the streets, with a perfect track record since kindergarten when she used to whup schoolboy ass. In this world of tension, pressure and pain, she’s known for her wisdom, compassion and relentless determination in the quest to GET PAID. - audio communiqué from Konichiwa Records Headquarters.
Anyhoo, here's "Be Mine,"her latest single and video; the perfect follow up to "Handle Me." [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Star Wars Mimobots Series 2 Pre-order

11.28.2007 @ 9:59 AM in Technology
mimobots2.jpg It's really all about the Mimobots when it comes to cutesy custom flash drives. Essentially the Dunny of portable storage, The Star Wars collection has been the most popular series ever. What better way to triumph a triumph than to add on to the series? Genius move. mimobots3.jpg $49.95 gets you 1GB of decapitable storage. The only hitch is this is a preorder; shipping is expected "January/February," which means the beginning of February. This would be, like uh, the perfect gift for, like,  your favorite buffalo geeky blogger, who ever that may be (*bats meal ticket eyes). SW2_leia.jpg