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i Haz An Addiction, Let Me showz You It.

12.26.2007 @ 12:45 PM in Lifestream
fullview.jpg I finally ran out of room on my desk to display the vinyl. One could say that that would be a great time to stop buying, but no. That just means you have to bring them out to the main office, knock off the corporate leaflets, and spread em all out on our faux mantle. WNYMedia has never looked so trendy. It all started Friday when Kirk from work was grinding into me (not that kinda grinding... I wish) about how he found out that I already owned the secret santa gift that he had bought for me. he tosses the bag at me and inside is a Christmas Labbit. I explain to him I can never have enough Labbits, and later that day I spend 30 minutes talking with my department trying to defend why I collect vinyl to begin with... I guess a actual crack addiction would make more sense to them. Anyhoo, I'm twittering all this madness to Beth at Hero, and she tells me they have something for me at the store.... I show up and she hands me a box all wrapped in brown paper and ribbon. I doubletake when I notice the name on the card says "Nae Nae." Wait a minute, no one knows that name 'cept my mother. Whaddaya know, said "Mom" on the card too. First off, my mom is a lunatic, completely out of her mind at times, and I love her for it. The free and open disclosure of my baby name to anyone I could do without, but it's too late for that. As I Open the box, Mark explains how she called Hero and explained how she was "Buffawhat's mom," and that she wanted the Cactus Pups set for her son and if they could arrange it. They agreed and inside was the whole set from Tokidoki and StrangeCo, albeit blind boxed. Fortuned smiled and I opened a complete set;  they are so cute, and so tiny. tokidoki1.jpg tokidoki3.jpg tokidoki2.jpg tokidoki4.jpg Well, those 7 filled up my punch card, so I scored a free blind box, and picked up another Pets and Owners Monsterisms.  These guys are heavy and a bit awkward, but they really are fun to look at. monsterism1.jpg Just as I figured I could get out of hero without dropping a dime, Mark plays his trump card. He walks over to the Heatherette toys, and starts talking about how they ordered them on a request and wasn't sure if they'd sell. He points to the cowboy with the gold hat and unicorn stick horse.
  • "Hey look, its like a little Buffawhat action figure, these are right up your alley!"
I try to give him my most indignant look and flailed to defend whatever shreds of heterosexuality I pretend to possess, and I couldn't. The Heatherette's are little club kid figures, modeled after designers Traver Rains, Richie Rich, the fabulous trannystar Amanda Lepore, and others.  I started opening boxes till I filled my next card, and grabbed another Monsterism. The extras I sent to Angel, who kee'd over Lepore. heatherette2.jpg heatherette1.jpg

15 Below: Stuff it yourself winter jacket for the Homeless

12.21.2007 @ 2:04 PM in Buffalo


Winter sucks up here in Buffalo, and Toronto gets even chillier. While we bundle up in layers or furry coats, the homeless are left to huddle in alleyways with absolutely nothing. Whatever they have, they stuff with newspaper to keep as warm as they can. You can only stuff so many tabloids into a ratty sweater, though.


Enter 15 Below, an innovative marketing ploy charity operation created by Toronto ad firm Taxi. They've developed a lightweight jacket that is waterproof, windproof, and has multiple bubble pockets all over that can be stuffed with newspaper to provide an effective shield against the cold. 3000 of these jackets will be distributed around Toronto. I wonder if Buffalo can get a few for Sly and the other unfortunates that will end up sleeping in my apartment foyer this winter. Big Question: does it work? see for yourself: [flv width="600" height="338"][/flv]
  • The Fabric The 15 Below jacket is constructed of black Aquamax, laminated with a non-porous hydrophilic membrane. The fabric is waterproof, windproof, lightweight yet strong and durable, as well as breathable.
  • The Construction The lining is constructed of multiple pockets – two in the hood, four in the chest, one large pocket in the back, and one down each sleeve. Newspaper, long used to retain body heat by athletes, can be scrunched into balls and stuffed into the pockets for adjustable temperature protection. The coat is an anorak style, with adjustable cuffs, and drawstrings in the hood and hem help block out wind. The foldaway hood can conveniently be stored in the collar when not in use. Waterproof zippers and taped seams prevent leakage and help keep both the wearer and the paper dry. Underarm eyelets provide ventilation.
  • The Versatility Stuffed, the 15 Below jacket can be worn as a winter coat. Stuffing removed, it can be worn as a raincoat. When not being worn, the jacket can be folded into a backpack for easy transportation, or used as a pillow.
“It’s a lifeline for people without homes. They’re a pretty low-cost, immediate way to address a huge issue,” said Paul Lavoie, co-founder, chairman, and chief creative officer of TAXI. “Our approach to solving problems – of any sort – has always been to question convention. This won’t eliminate homelessness, but it can make a lot of people more comfortable.” On behalf of clients and staff, 3,000 15 Below jackets will be donated to people living on the streets throughout Canada and the U.S. this winter.

Flickr: Scientific Ink

12.21.2007 @ 12:30 PM in Technology
This brought my attention as I have most recently locked in an appointment with Randall at Divine Machine to get a tattoo for my birthday (Jan 16). I'm shying away from the normal tribal fare, and my goals are to get a design that matches what I am and what I do.  Possible choices are a copy of my Buffawhat logo, with a copyright tag, or perhaps the rooster from my favorite clothing line, Whiteboy. Whatever it will be, I completely identify with these science and Math geeks whose ink only further labels them into geekdom: flickrset.jpg This flickr set stemmed from a old post by Carl Zimmer, as he was wondering "how scientists tattoo themselves with their science." He got a great number of responses and a few months later dropped this set. I think I favor the DNA tattoos myself.

Dosugus: A Pillow with no fluff(aero) all stuff(dir)

12.21.2007 @ 10:34 AM in Technology
tlodpyhv.jpg Now here's an item from Art.Lebedev that you can actually get the day they launch it.   The DOSUGUS pillow, nothing much too it, just a loverly dos screen spilling out the content of teh "C:\" on a plush black pillow.  Pick this up and you can cuddle with in in anticipation of the delivery of that Optimus Maximus Keyboard you re-mortgaged your house to buy. I'm sure most people will puzzle at the beauty of this, as DOS has been phased out of the common functions these days, reserved only for those who truly appreciate it. A bit of nostalgia eh?

What the Hell happened?

12.21.2007 @ 9:15 AM in Lifestream
 fuck.jpg I fell off the map for a few days. It happens, I had it coming. I say "fell" because it wasn't intentional. First, the weekend blundered, Monday and Tuesday were consumed with social events that did no good but waste time and lower my immune system. Wednesday and Thursday were spent in bed with a fever, body fatigue and chills. But today is Friday. A good day, cause its the start of Christmas vacation! At work, nothing really gets done, i get lots of gaudy gifts and a popcorn tin, hopefully I won't be forced into wearing the elf suit again:

I hate getting sick, more so now because I've turned into a workaholic. I've managed to ignore every bit of christmas cheer up till now, and gifting has been nothing more than a nonchalant with-recipient after-purchase hand-off. Doesn't mean I don't care, I just don't care for the pomp this year. I don't have time. It's totally my fault and I'm sick because I forgot to relax this holiday season, and I should make the time. I'm not even going down to see my folks, we are postponing everything till February.

M.I.A: Paper Planes

12.19.2007 @ 12:29 AM in Culture
New M.I.A, gotta love it. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Weekend Update in Photos

12.18.2007 @ 2:10 PM in Lifestream
Blogging was impossible last weekend. I don't get out much, but when I do, it seems to be a weekend of it. Gotta get it out of my system I suppose, so I can go back to the stodgy hermitesque lifestyle that so fits me currently. And by hermit, I mean denning up in the office, chained to my desk, watching xtube, working on projects, and blogging.Since I know homo's and blog readers alike enjoy shiny things, I've added a bunch of pictures to tell the story... bethmarkdunny.jpg
  • Ok, so Angel and I delivered the Ginger Dunny's Wednesday, but I wanted to post these anyways. Notice the uncanny likeness of Mark to a Dunny.
bethnate.jpg Beth snuck a little bite and she loved it. Too bad they weren't the gluten free, but oh wells. Angel did his gay part and made little bags for the cookies. Fucking fabuloso we are at times, Angel and I.


  • I'm a grandmother now, sorta. Brent (trying on the infamous Pink WhiteBoy Hoody) is my gay son. He just got his first puppy, a little Jack Russel bitch named Aubry. And since dogs are like kids to gays, this makes her my granddaughter. Oh, Brent is single, too. his email is here....
  • I had a new experience this week: a Santos Party. See, Angel is a Witch Doctor Santero, (ya know "I don't practice Santaria, I don't have a crystal ball....") and his friends' had their saints' birthday and we were invited to attend. All the food you see behind me was placed before the throne for blessing and later eatings by us followed by diabeetus.
  • This is a better shot of the throne, minus the Buffawhat. The urns you see are for the spirits that Angel's friends have received. Since they are are married and are doing this together, you see two of each spirit pot. It was an awesome party, you could really feel the presence of something there. I got my blessings, talked to a few of the spirits, and ate a lot of yummy food.
  • Angel on the left, his my mammi on the right.
  • Angel thinks I'm trying to steal his mom. He's right.
  • I've never worn a fitted cap before.. I think I look like K-fed.
  • My new Mammi is not to be messed with... she is Gangsta yo!
  • Later that evening... at the club.....
  • we ran into a mess.
  • And if you wonder why I rarely have pics of Grumpybear? It's because he makes stupid immature faces like this and hates to have his picture taken. I never get the happy couple shots, maybe because it just isn't so.


  • This commemorative Redskins authentic Zubaz pants belong to Grumpybear. This is the reason why we went shopping at the Niagara Falls Outlets with him. I took Angel along as a buffer to keep me from killing him. It turned out to be a good idea, as the beginning was really rough, but we managed to give him a few new looks. Don't expect pictures, he refused.
  •  The Nor'Easter? what nor'easter? Sure it snowed, but we had a jeep and the winds were manageable.

30 years of LucasFilm Christmas Cards

12.14.2007 @ 10:35 PM in Culture
  • /Film: I live down the street from LucasFilm, and I’ve even been in the facilities in The Presidio, but I’m not on the LucasFilm Holiday Card List. For the last 30 years, Lucasfilm has created special holiday greeting cards for its employees and business partners.
And what did ya know that almost all of them were Star Wars themed? I've posted the 2007 version, featuring a choral group of storm troopers. Now if each one is a a clone, doesn't that mean they will all sound the same? hmm... Check out the rest over at /film.

COMPUSA: Going out of Business Discount Sheets

12.14.2007 @ 12:11 PM in Technology


compUSA5.jpg Like last time, the discounts are paltry, but should improve as CompUSA nears its deathdate. Look through the list, pretty much everything is either 10% or 20%, a few 30% or 5%. Don't expect to get a deal on zune's or iPods, they know that the top items are still gonna sell through the holidays. snagged via the Consumerist, click on the sheets to embiggen and wowz at the deals.


The gunman could have been me.

12.14.2007 @ 10:20 AM in Lifestream
New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The gunman believed to have killed four people in a pair of shooting sprees at a megachurch in Colorado Springs and a missionary training school near Denver had been thrown out of the missionary school a few years ago and had been sending it hate mail, police said in court papers Monday.
Matthew Murray, the 24 year old gunman who was killed when a security guard overtook him and shot him, grew up just like me. Now, before I get into this, I'm not condoning his actions. People are dead, yet there is something to take form all this. Matthew grew up homeschooled and lived in a a very religious conservative household, just like me. Growing up, he was probably made to go to church, as I was, until it just a cycle. As Matthew matured, I'm sure he began to realize his sexuality and noticed that how he felt was different from the rest. Just like me. In a religious household like Matt's and Mine, you are told to seek the church for help in everything. You get counseling, you have prayer meetings, you do 12 step programs, you go to youth group. We are taught to trust our clergy, trust The Word, and work to remove sinful things from our life. But what if something that is so "sinful" is actually part of your makeup? Its so ingrained in you, that it doesn't feel like everything else that is "sinful." You string along a lie, you feel it and you know God knows you are lying. You confess and get forgiveness. You feel better, whole again. But this, this is so different. It doesn't feel wrong; sure, sexual promiscuity before marriage is a touchy immoral subject to begin with, but when you open up to your church and family, they tell you that you are sinning and living a "sin lifestyle." You believe them. They tell you that you don't want to be queer, that its a choice, and you want to believe because you want to be whole in God's eyes and the Church's. However, at night you still masturbate to the thoughts of the boy you saw on the street. Afterward, you pray for forgivenes, pleading to God to change you, and that you don't want to be like that, even though that orgasm felt so real and powerful. The church sees that you are a harder case than what simple prayer and will can "cure." You need to be re-conditioned. But its not called that, its called Bible Study, its called Documentaries, its called retreats, its called turning it over to God. They begin the process of tearing down any shred of happiness you have about yourself left. You can't be happy living in sin, and you are destroying the lives of your loved ones. In fact, your actions are so hurtful to the church that you should probably only open up to a few people, no one else needs or should have to deal with your issues. So you trust this group of people in the church: the pastor, the youth minister, and a few others. You may even get to see a "real" ex-gay. Wow, look at him, so happy with his beautiful girlfriend, crisp clothes, and bright smile. But something's off with him, and you are the only one to see. You can smell a fag a mile away, seriously. Your genetic makeup makes you sensitive to male pheromones, and his smell queer. Even his moves and mannerisms are conflicted. Its like a possession of heterosexuality, and every now and then you see a crack in the facade. But he says he's happy, no longer fighting a feeling that feels right, he knows its sinful and he got rid of it, and is now a hetero man. It doesn't make any sense to you because the feelings you get are natural, how can they be bad. Your youth pastor tells you that you don't know its bad because you are living a sinful lifestyle. Until you give it up you will never know true happiness. Your folks, if they are like mine and Matt's, will back all this up at home. You have no other coice but accept the brainwashing as you slowly begin to hate yourself. You really are miserable now, you know you live in sin and you hate the very core of your being. Its a poison to your happiness and the happiness of others. A few more propaganda videos and boycotts and you are now a shell of a man. Drained of feeling, a robot, you feel free for the first time. You are hetero. However, like a dried out sponge that sucks in a drop of water, you slip and slide. All of a sudden the feelings are back, stronger than ever... a sexual rage repressed by pain and self loathing will not be ignored for long. This happens a few times, until the church begins to realize that you are not as programmable as they would like. They discard you. Not officially, but they grow "fatigued" with trying to help you when you are so unwilling to change. You are still a product of the church, and now without a master, you feel betrayed and alone. How could something you were raised to trust for everything just turn away? This is the point where my experiences break off from Matt's. I got out of the church at 17. My father was so supportive even though I never officially said I was gay till years later. He took me in as whoever I was, and I moved away from it all. However,Matt had to experience a stronger device of hypocrisy than I: Ted haggard. He saw the scandal, he almost felt like he could relate. But one thing was different. When all was exposed and settled, Haggard was forgiven and taken back into the church. Matt? he was shunned, and kicked out of his youth group. He couldn't handle the rejection, the hypocrisy or the pain.  He was rageful, fueled by confusion. The life he trusted was nothing more than a gag, a hierarchal community that severs the weak when they aren't easy to mold. He sent letters -- granted hatemail--, tried to get understanding, but it was all lost. He was never going to trust the church again and he acted. It took a long time to break a lot of the programming, to be proud of who I was. I'm sensitive to the anti-gay propaganda now. I see it now and shake my head, not because it exist, but because I know i used to believe it all. I went to a fucking group home once just so I could turn straight. what would have happened if things continued as planned? What if I spent a little longer with the church, fighting who I was and ripping my soul apart to live the lie of heterosexuality? Would I, Could I have done what Matthew did?