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Lego: 50 Years with the Brick

01.28.2008 @ 10:01 AM in Technology

[ Timeline of Lego courtesy of Gizmodo, click to embiggen ]

The iconic studded Lego brick turns 50 today. Originally called the "automatic binding blocks," they came into existence when a humble Danish toy company called Lego bought their first injection molding machine in 1947 and in 1948 established and produced the "stud-and-tube" brick format. For 50 years, the multi colored plastic bricks have unlocked the imaginations and creativity of billions of children (and adults, too) all over the world. Legos were the literal building blocks of my childhood. From the oversized DUPLO blocks as a tot, I grew up with them, moving up a level till I settled on the Technics line (the ones with extra holes and rots and slots and motors). I was the kid that bought a set, put it together, and three days later disassembled it all for my own re-purposing. Then the first Mindstorms set came out in 1998, and I got my first taste of robotics when I replaced the RCX's firmware was able to create more complex programs for my models. I think the most complex thing I ever made was a photometer. It would track the amount of light in my room during the day and graph it on a rotating paper drum. Legos made anything possible, and really encouraged me to keep being creative.
  • What were your fondest memories with the Lego? And I'm sorry your parents didn't love you enough that you got Tyco or Mega Bloks, they don't count.

SaiOne: My Narcissistic Daily Dose

01.25.2008 @ 2:23 PM in Culture

 sai_one_1.jpg [Brooklyn Industries, left. and Jib Hunt, lower right]  Angel is my left nut. Kinda sweet and endearing of me eh?  We hang out every day, either at my office or his store, Sai One. Since he moved shop to the 800 block on Elmwood, it's never been so much fun. The amount of hot guys (bears too!) walking in and out have tripled, and with more merch moving, there's more stuff getting shipped in from NYC. That being said, I get the loverly privelage of trying on all the smedium fitting items. yea, it's smedium. Higher end lines have been whittling down the standard sizes a lot more lately: small is extra small, medium is a smedium or regular small, and large is a medium allovasudden.  When I try everything on, Angel tells me I'm growing a belly (LIES!!!) and that I'm getting huge, because the mediums are fitting nicely now. He's just yealous of mah sexiness. All things aside, the stuff at Sai One you won't find anywhere but NYC, and only if you know how to get places. And you can also rest assured that Angel and his biz partner try to only stock one of each, no copy cats around herr. sai_one_2.jpg You can click below for a flickr set with a lot more photos of yours truly looking dapper and smug in some new arrivals... I'll warn you that if you like something you saw on me, you should come get it before I get paid. Game on Bitches.

  • P.S. - Angel has a website coming soon for the store, so we took a whole lot of merchandise pictures, like the pillows, and purses, shoes, and candles. He stocks a lot more than skinny boy clothes, but I can't wear a cocktail dress or a candlestick now can I?

Bat For Lashes video has Furries and Glitter FTW

01.23.2008 @ 2:30 PM in Culture
batforlashes_banner.jpg If you have never heard of Bat for Lashes before, don't feel bad, I didn't until 30 minutes ago. Bat for Lashes is Natasha Kahn, a Brighton born English songwriter who gives us an idea of what would happen if Tori Amos, the old (really early) Goldfrapp, and björk had a mutant baby who sang. A contender for the Mercury Prize (lost to the Klaxons), her debut album is Fur and Gold, and she has already finished writing her second album, which is soon to hit the recording studio. BfL's video single, "What's a Girl To Do" was also named Best Video of the Year by Antville. It features Natasha riding very Darko-like with some synchronized bikers in fur suits. In a stunning match to the ethereal tune, check it out below and buy this little lady's album. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Phelps to Picket Heath Ledger’s Funeral

01.23.2008 @ 1:40 PM in Lifestream
ledger.jpg Since the untimely death of Heath Ledger, people have banded together to mourn and contemplate the loss of a moving and talented actor. His drug use and depression was known, but his autopsy has yet to reveal the exact source of his passing. Could be the pills, could be the pneumonia. Regardless of that his death is simply tragic. In an effort to be ridiculous and just plain mean, Fred Phelps and his fag hating friends at Westboro Baptist Church have decided to picket the Ledger Funeral.
  • Yes. WBC will picket this pervert's funeral, in religious protest and warning: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked." Gal. 6:7. Heath Ledger thought it was great fun defying God Almighty and his plain word; to wit: God Hates Fags! & Fag Enablers! Ergo, God hates the sordid tacky, bucket of slime seasoned with vomit known as 'Brokeback Mountain' - and He hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it. Heath Ledger is now in Hell, and has begun serving his eternal sentence there - beside which, nothing else about Heath Ledger is relevant or consequential.
Its hard to pay attention to Phelps and the WBC, but when they gloat over the death of someone who was never so involved but to portray a natural human relationship, I get disgusted. Folk like this make me shudder and despise the doctrine I was raised on.
  • wikipedia - On January 22, 2008, Ledger was found dead in his fourth-floor apartment at 421 Broome Street in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. He was found at 3:26 p.m. EST by a housekeeper and a massage therapist, who entered the bedroom to find him face down, nude, and unconscious at the foot of his bed with sleeping pills on a nearby night table. Police said that they also found prescription medication in the bathroom and that there were "no obvious signs" of suicide, nor did they suspect foul play.

Cloverfield: An American Kaiju

01.23.2008 @ 10:49 AM in Technology
  • Disclaimer: This post contains a few plot details regarding "Cloverfield," the monster, and a few conspiracies about it. Continue on at your own risk. If you have already seen the movie, hit the jump.
Cloverfield is an awesome movie, granted a bit gimmicky and filled with blatant 9/11 backlashes and iconic disaster shots (read: Statue of Liberty decapitated. Empire State building destroyed), but essentially a success in what it was trying to achieve. kaiju.jpg Cloverfield is a American Kaiju film. Kaiju is Japanese for "strange beast," and can best describe the Godzilla movies and even the baddies from the original Power Rangers series. However, Godzilla is Japanese, and plays on their culture; it feels cheesy to us. When Godzilla was remade in 2001, it was a mess. I remember going to the theater for it and thinking it was cute and easy to grasp, not what would expect to feel after such a film. The film bombed, and the sequel was canned(you see an egg hatch at the end, supposedly paving way for a Son of Zilla that thank god never happened). We learned that another giant Japanese destructo monster movie just won't cut it in the US. JJ Abrams, producer of that "Lost" series you probably never heard of, knew this and spent years planning the next attack. With the help of viral sites and ambigious trailers, Cloverfield immediately gained a mysterious appeal. What was it? A monster? Aliens? Voltron? Nobody knew, and the details were magnificently leaked to build up a anticipation that gave the movie the best January open ever in 11 years. The weekend over, some blogs are shouting conspiracy and the inappropriate use of 9/11 and "why Manhattan?" After taking Angel and Eli and his partner Mike to the show, they spent the whole car ride home picking it apart and calling it the worst movie ever, and a waste of money and a giant 9/11 scare flick. I think I need new friends, but whatever. Cloverfield, as much as unofficially was never meant to bring back the past, did mean to stir up the stir up enough feeling to set the mood. Why Manhattan? Why not? I've never been to NYC, but the area is so well known, I doubt watching a building in Chicago pummel to the ground would catch you as much as watching the Empire fall. Its the perfect mini setting for a Kaiju, In Japan its always Tokyo. Where best can a monster stir up shit than the busiest city? 9/11 Conspiracy - Absolutely. Sort of. When the firsts shakes are heard the party flocks to the roof, you hear chatter of "is it terrorists?," and "its happening all over again!" Of course! Set off an explosion in the city and listen for comments. September 11th was so tragic and impounding on so many lives that it's natural to think it again. The audience was stirred, and that was the point. When the first building fell, Angel whispered to me, "this looks just like how it happened." He was there, and the movie brought it back for him. Is that wrong? I dunno, but if you watch the movie, its not about terrorists bombing us, its about a freakishly large beast that you never get a good look at that is destroying everything around you. It is terrorism, just on a different level. Statue of Liberty, come on! - That was fucking awesome and a just accept-it gimmick part of the movie. Its never explained why or how the monster decided to knock her coppertop off, but it was symbolism for "we are in crisis." The brooklyn bridge? Same thing, when the landmarks that we hold dear are cut away from us you start to realize the fragility of your surroundings. Why in every monster movie do they have to knock everything down? - Cloverfield was never meant to be original in idea. JJ Abrams wanted to make "our Godzilla," a monster for the US. Like I said, Cloverfield is an American Kaiju. Total destruction is a must, and it gives the Special FX guys woodies. Total Blair-Witch Knockoff - The big gimmick of the whole movie is that you are watching the events that were retrieved from an SD card found in Central Park. The film was made to look like it was filmed on a handy cam operated by the character "Hud." In reality, the camera was a Sony CineAlta HD F23 camera, a top of the line 1080p camera that was creatively controlled by master cinematographer and "Lost" vet Michael Bonvillian. One flaw that only those in the nerd will know is that an SD card would never allow the flip-back to previous recorded video (a tape would), so flashbacks of Rob's date with Beth on Coney island were inconsistent with the gimmick. Of course, the battery life and clever filming outages made little sense, but do you really wanna watch the whole walk down the subway line in the dark? I don't think Hud could be that amusing to carry the movie that long. cinaltaf23.jpg Not all of Cloverfield needs to be defended for those quick to cry foul. Abrams made the right decision to employ the "killer lice." The creatures that fell from the beast were frightening and "equally terrible," however easily killable so as not to dominate the threat. Another point I liked was how we never got the best look at the monster, there was no super FX orgasm money shot. In the end, when our much loved and quite handsome "Hud" was killed you see the monster's face close up, however the shot was so tight that you never see it all, just the billowing of its airsacs/gills/noclue and its black eyes on a head that looks nothing like any monster we've ever encountered in a movie. Not everyone is going to like Cloverfield because not everyone likes Kaiju. Just remember what you are watching and how it was tailored for your dismerriment before you freak out and call it a wash.

Bill Clinton has a dream

01.22.2008 @ 12:55 PM in Lifestream
While I was busy sleeping away my MLK day, like every good state jobbie should, It's nice to know someone else was catching his zzz's. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Colton Ford and Cazwell: “Thats Me”

01.18.2008 @ 3:05 PM in Lifestream
 [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube] What could be hotter than the new single from handsome daddy porn star Colton Ford? The fact that it features NYC's dirty rapper boy Cazwell. Ford steams it up and Cazwell drops his beats in this kinda-not-so-safe-for -work music video. Directed by Joe Oppedisano and off of the new release "Tug of War."

Feb 9: Albany Bombers Benefit Game

01.18.2008 @ 12:57 PM in Lifestream
  • The Albany Bombers, the straight-friendly Hockey Team of the Capital Region is having a benefit game on Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 1pm on the Ice @ Union College in Schenectady
  • Albany Bear, Jim Larson, will be MC'ng the event.
  • $3 in advance or $5 day of game -- oh hell! just give them the $5!!
  • map

Want: A little bit of Squid Lovin

01.18.2008 @ 11:42 AM in Technology
tentacle_01.jpg For those times when a bitch slap just simply won't do, Gaia has given us the opportunity to stick it to 'em right, literally. The Tentacle Arm is 100% polyester, looks like plush on the backside with the underarm riddled with plenty of suction cups to let everyone know you mean business. Pick it up for $15.00.

Happy Birthday to Me

01.17.2008 @ 1:35 PM in Lifestream

[Click above to visit the flickr set for this post]

I keep telling folk I'm not a cute 21 year old anymore. Last year was one of the biggest growing seasons for me; I learned about the deepest darkest side of the social realm, I learned just how much love will blind you, and how easy it is to manipulate an appearance. I've gained the best friends, lost the fake ones, and broken a few hearts. Twenty-Two is the year to sort all I'll I've learned from Twenty-One and learn even more. wait.jpg I'm not too big of a birthday basher. I'm more happy with a few close friends just hanging out and spending some me time. I do have a massive drinking party Saturday with like 15+ Canadians (3 are also celebrating Birthdays too), but the prime moment was Wednesday when I turned 22 and got my first tattoo. Angel and I set this up over a month ago, that we'd bothed get inked on my Birthday. I was getting the Whiteboy cock on my shoulder, and he was getting Shiva on his back. A tattoo parlor is a serious thing to choose from in Buffalo. You have HOD, MaddGraffixx, RedHouse, Hardcore, Cowpok, and Divine Machine, among the other little shit shacks. We chose Randall from Divine Machine, a fairly new shop right across from my Allen offices. Randall.jpg Randall is a real awesome guy, a family kinda bear, he's in my community so to say. His pieces are quirky and detailed, and he always puts the right energy in with your tattoo. Did I mention he was hot? progress.jpg Tattoo went fairly easy, a little more uncomfortable due to the large surface being filled in solid black, but I'm totally happy with what I have now. I've also learned that I have the perfect pun machine tattoo (its a black cock, think about it). Look at the end of the post for a video of the whole thing. finished.jpg Angels' Shiva was a little more complex, but Randall took his time with the outlining and it came out most awesome. angel.jpg And then... we went to a tittie bar. The Colonie Lounge to be precise. So, it was my idea, but my business partners thought it would be extra cool to get me to hang around some laydees for my birthday. It wasn't too bad and the girls were ok, but what threw me was that they were spitting the same game and words to me (I was pretending to be straight) that I play the boys at Marcellas when I'm working. I felt like a mark, a fish out of water... I loved it. I didn't enjoy the beef curtains in my face so much but I did manage a very sexy body shot off of this well blessed pretty shot girl. No pictures of that but yes, I'm still gay.