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Monday Tuneday: Justice DVNO

03.03.2008 @ 1:53 PM in Culture
I've watched "DVNO" about 10 times so far since it was "released" this weekend. I can't get enough. The newest Justice video was directed by SO ME, the same person who directed DANCE and is responsible for nearly all the graphical work that accompanies the killer acts on the Ed Banger Label. Styled as a tribute to the 70-80's style tv bumps, see how many you can spot. [flashvideo filename= image=wp-content/uploads/2008/05/dvno_flv_sh.jpg /]

T-Mobile Shadow: Three Weeks Later

02.29.2008 @ 4:41 PM in Technology
After going over my minutes (600/m, I use text more often, ~3k/m) for the first time by the end of January, i figured it was about time to find a new plan in the T-mobile package to suit me right. So I called up T-mobile with the ploy of finagling some more minutes and get my overage charge dropped (most of the time first time offenses can be reversed if you ask nicely). What I was offered was a new contract, 1k minutes for 39.99 and a "great deal" on the New T-Mobile Shadow, the "fun phone" that they've been pushing of late. Since I was a over year in and moving out of a spending limit account the phone discount was only a partial. The shadow runs for 349.99 and the discount was only 100 off. I decided that wasn't enough so I tried a new tactic. I kept the guy on the phone for  about 30 minutes, wasting precious support time and ho humming about commitment. The support guy finally took the bait and offered me a "previously unknown discount just starting today" and the phone now became $99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Sold.  (quick tip: the longer you wait with support without a decision and keep mentioning your interest but that you want proof of the carriers commitment and other fun ploys, you can unlock special deals just to get you off the goddamn phone). my_shadow.jpg So for $99 bucks, the Shadow is a steal, by far better than the shatty Razr i've been carrying around. and despite being windows mobile (though it is WM6), a fancy homescreen interface called "Neo" makes the Shadow one of the most bearable and aesthetically pleasing WinMo phones on the market. shadow_screens.jpg

[Pardon the OMGGAYBBQ11! homescreen, this is a fag's blog after all]

A row of icons on the left allow you to easily browse through the most used features of the phone: Notifications, Mail, Calandar, Media Player, Photos, T-Zones, and Settings. There isn't a phone I won't try to debrand and make my own, and with the help of a registry editor, I was able to replace the useless t-zones menu with quicklinks to all of my most used windows Smartphone applications. Most of the icons (png format FTW!) I found around the web, but the Shozu icon I made myself. shadow_quicklinks.jpg

[Custom sidebar icon, Opera, Google Maps, and Shozu]

The response time on the Shadow is pretty decent, far superior than a few other HTC phones, but as with all winmo phones, there is the oft occasional hiccup while typing and opening too many apps. And despite being T-mobile's Official Phone of Fun, HTC (the phone is the HTC Juno before T-mobile slapped the Shadow brand to it) couldn't give it a better battery to use all the fun tool and applications. keep a usb cable nearby and you should be fine, but even with that I'm normally tapped out by the end of my day.

Roughly the same size, yet slightly thicker than a Razr 2, this is my first slider, which brings up new worries and gripes that i've never had before,
  • Within a week the top half loosened a bit, making a once seemless edge when closed slightly offset. Is this normal or a defect?
  • The camera button is on the top half on the bottom righthand side, the weakest spot of the phone, and also the location of the offset. I feel more comfortable sliding the phone before activating the camera because I'm afraid I'll put more strain on the slidetracks.
  • The screen is a beautiful crisp 2.6 inch screen with 240x320 resolution.. that smudges instantly. I suppose I should get a screen protector to prevent against scratches, too.
  • The jogwheel/dpad is very loose and sometimes too responsive.
  • I like to take the micro sd card out from time to time and move lots of files around, its quicker that way, however getting the flap open to pop the card out is a pain in the ass and I fear losing the plastic flap. I'm sure that HTC intended me to keep a card in at all times, but I like the faster read/write speeds when the card is read separately.
Now for the praises
  • The slide out keypad is a qwerty SureType layout provided by RIM (Blackberry). Within the first week I was able to type faster than on the Razr with one finger. The shadow learns new words very quickly, however "it" always ends up as "iy."
  • the bottom of the phone is coated in a soft-touch antislip finish that frees me from worrying about scratching. Makes it easier to slide, too.
  • Its brown (officially called Camel)! I love brown and I haven't seen such a well done Gui that matches the finish evar before.
  • Not too many flashing lights, but just enough. Two small indicator lights near the ear speaker show you standby, call, bluetooth, and wifi in use. the control pad has a lighted ring that flashes when a call or text is recieved and stays lit when in use. the keypad is back lit as well with a soft white.
  • Despite the slight track worries, i feel like I have a sturdy phone that could survive a fall. I hear the screen will crack if it lands the right way, but what do you expect from a slider?
  • It really is a fun phone. Not as super powerful as most smartphones, the Shadow is the perfect blend of a  medium-grade media phone (Stereo Bluetooth, music and video player, decent  2.0MP camera, yet crappy video recording) with all the standard smartphone features (email, full internet, applications, voice recording, etc.)
  • I like that it has wifi w/Hotspot (no Hotspot@Home though) access. I have a quest of connecting everytime i smell an open SSID, mainly for validation of the feature, but it helps when I want to download a podcast while on the go.
The Shadow is a great phone if you can snag it for an acceptable price ($99-$150), and if you are looking for a grown up version of the Sidekick, you have it here. If you enjoy the debranding/modding process, you must visit and, for the latest in tips and tricks. If you just picked up the Shadow, make sure you get the update from T-mobile that fixes a few bugs and adds a few fun features (like Audio Postcards).

The Le French Connection

02.28.2008 @ 3:41 PM in Lifestream
One of the greatest things about the Le French Dunny Series is how there are visible connections and proof of collaboration between some of the artists. Instead in some series' where each character is completely different, I'm gonna point out a few details on some of the French figures that bring them together.. as well as explain why the Easy Hey is so goddamn ugly unique. First off, the French Color Trio. french_con_colorway.jpg Look at the 123KLAN, Oktus (I've yet to score this figure), and Superduex  together, notice anything? The three colors (blue white red) aren't just the French national colors, they are a prevalent design aesthetic for Superduex, who also did the packaging design for the series. Superduex, 123KLAN and Oktus all have collabo'd together via french Design groups like UNCHI. Looking at the art styles of 123KLAN, I'd assume that they followed Superduex's concept to create a matching figure. And Oktus was more of a color adherence. either way, the three look appropriate placed next to each other. Now, onto the the Peen and the Sourpatch. We found the cock and balls "discreetly" painted on the underside of the SecretLab figure during the Hero Party. It wasn't till the end of the night that I discovered that the Koralie I just traded for had a raspberry under her. I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence. Ok, now why Easy Hey is so.. Unique. For being 1/400, this is a real stinker of a figure. I guess thats makes sense, seeing it was based off of Easy Hey's Kid Onion "pet" character.... easyhey.jpg On another note, Oktus and Easy Hey are both part of the same French Design Group called Delkographik The French Dunnys are selling fast and strong, stop by Hero Design in Buffalo and pick up a few, or visit the KidRobot page to learn more. aboutFDS.jpg

Buffalo Homecoming: How I ended up here.

02.28.2008 @ 12:00 PM in Buffalo
4dayslogo700.jpg As Buffalo Old Home Week Homecoming approached, BuffaloGeek is asking around to find out why the hell you'd wanna live in Buffalo, let alone come back. Here is my story. People ask me how I get around, seeing as I don't own a car and still seem to get from point A to point B pretty well. I tell 'em "boys and bus passes." I pride Buffalo for a fairly manageable public transit system, and I guess part of that is why I stay here. As for the boys, that's what landed me in Buffalo. I was raised in Rural North Carolina, injected into the South by my father's Air Force career. The air was fresh and the beach (think ocean not lake, goddammit) was only a couple hours away. However, I soon began to loathe the culture, I felt like a city boy and the cotton fields were like padded walls, keeping me protected from myself and the rest of the world. Turning 18 and a heightened sense of the world thanks to the good ole intertubes made me crave something new. I received my first chance when I began dating a good natured, yet slightly simple boy living in Raleigh. He would travel to see me, and I'd spend weekends in the city with him. The concrete hustle and bustle attracted me, living in a machine of commerce and humanity. I was hooked. The horrible occasion of his dad's stroke led us up to West Virginia and the opportunity for me to move in to help take care of him. Back in NC, I spent 3 months playing wet nurse to the most ornery old man I've ever encountered, who'd just rather piss on himself then try to get off the couch to walk three steps to the loo. Thankfully he recovered and we took him home. I was able to Lysol the couch, but Jimmy and I weren't able to patch our relationship, strained by having to play "straight" for three months around a loopy old man. I learned a lot from Jimmy, though, like how hard it is to keep living with someone you are no longer with romantically while trying to find romance elsewhere. West Virginia boys are conflicted and very jealous I suppose. The need for me to stay in North Carolina had ended. My family had all fled moved on (save my mum, but this was in the early stages of none of us wanting anything to do with her) and another opportunity arose. Dad had just moved back to Bradford, Pa(mid 2004), into his girlfriend's house. All of his family were scattered all around Northwest PA; I had never had a connection with many of them do to the distance and an imposed alienation via my mom. After one too many post relationshipal fights with Jimmy, I moved up in February of 2005 with Dad and Jerrie to spend some much needed family time, and to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Once again, I was in the sticks. Bradford has three main employment options: Zippo, Walmart, or the oil fields. Each one will suck you in, and you will never get out of Bradford if you take the bait of steady employment. I was soon restless, and began to harness the web to escape the reality. Don't get me wrong, Bradford is a beautiful town, but I couldn't bring my self to settle here. I decided to use the method of dating to explore the area. I went all over the Southern Tier trying to find a fit. Marienville, Jamestown, Fredonia, Erie, Oil City, Olean, none really appealed to me. After realizing I had slept with essentially every applicable Bradford gay, I turned my eyes to NY. I admit Buffalo attracted me for one thing: the Buffalo Chicken Wing. Never actually eaten a real chicken wing, the idea of a city who's food tastes influence the whole world intrigued me. I started my quest to find out about this city, and looked around for a guide to show me. I found this gentle and passionate bear named Jamie, who one night out of the blue drove up to show me his world. After rocking his world, natch, the relationship grew and once again the opportunity to start fresh and move to a new place arose. Ahh, Buffalo! I fell in love immediately. I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn what made this city tick. I saw a bit of every town I've ever been to in Buffalo, and the people with their manic attitudes and over busy lifestyle just sucked me in. I started to assimilate, first with the chicken wing, then I gave the Sabres a try. Niaevety soon fell away however, like taking the case off of a swiss cuckoo clock, I saw the inner workings of Buffalo. I noticed that many gears were missing, and even some just ground against each other, going nowhere; yet the clock kept ticking. Turns out a few gears are missing from the gay male population in Buffalo, as well. Jamie turned out to be nuts and after 11 months in a codependent controlling relationship, I broke his ribs in a drunken fight and that was the end of that. I had created a trend: every so often pick up and start fresh. "Learn from your mistakes and get the hell out of there" was the motto.Where was I to go? Rochester? Did I wanna go back to bradford and start the hunt again? I couldn't. Buffalo had me, I felt like belonged after only a year, and I couldn't bear to leave. So I stayed and broke my trend, starting a new life down the street, instead. I actually have a job here, its not the best, but it pays the bills and I have them there benefitos that the old people worry about. I don't own a car and I don't ever want one as long as I'm here. I get around just fine, like I said, boys and bus passes. Sure, the metro rail could do more than run in a straight line, but relying on public transportation has made me a Elmwood Village boy. I love it. I shop "local" because I don't have a choice, I rarely go to the malls despite my love for the commercial. I feel like one of those gears, My impact is small, but I exist here.

French Dunny Wrap Up

02.22.2008 @ 2:07 PM in Lifestream
frenchfries.jpg The Le French Dunny's were released yesterday from Kidrobot, and toy shops all over the States held trading parties to celebrate. Hero's Party was a blast, natch. We had french food (French Fries, Croissants, and French Toast, FTW!), beer, wine, and a store packed full of people hovering over the boxes, bartering and buying from one another; the atmosphere was one of a kind. dunnywhat.jpg I rounded up 18 Dunny's total, including the two rare chases, thanks to luck and the awesomeness that is Beth and Mark. Of course, Mark was up to his usual trickeries and greed for his own collection, and I was finding ways to manipulate points and punches and free tickets for the raffle. Turns out my luck was well enough, because I won the $50 hero gift card, which I promptly spent. French_Dunny_Haul2.jpg I managed to score a good amount of the ones I wanted, and now that I have the two chases, I feel like I could possibly complete this set. It really sucks that the most common pull was the Mist. I feel like it's a garbage toy because the design was simply a different colorway from a previous series, nothing new, nothing to terribly attractive. I have an army of them now (five!), and I'm sure I'll get more. checklist.jpg I don't mind too much that the SecretLab was  common as well.. at least it has a white cockandballs painted on the underside. Since it was a trading party, I also brought my Be@rbrick 2007 Wondercon Transformers pack to trade with Mark. He gave me a Stomp Super7 Kaiju for it, and I feel great about it. When I bought the Be@rbricks, it was an attempt to build a connection between Mike's love for Transformers, and my love for the art toy collection. Obviously it didn't work; Mikes' out of the picture, and I'm moving on. trade.jpg

The biggest step is the first one.

02.21.2008 @ 1:14 PM in Lifestream
scranto_nate.jpg Unless you catch my twitter, I've been somewhat silent about John on my blog, and partly its because I wasn't thrilled to get the reaction. See, I've spent the last couple of years in Buffalo being the cruelest gaming asshole ever. I've dated a few guys, broken a few too many hearts, and pissed off a whole bunch of people. I've come to the conclusion that I no longer wish to continue this trend; it seems to get in the way of me finding real happiness. To go from player to lover, deceptor to devoted, is as easy as flipping a switch.  However, proving that that switch to people is a lot harder. Thus, the second part of my conclusion is that I no longer care how people will perceive my sincerity on this because I only have to prove myself to one person, and i quite like it this way. I've fallen quite deeply for this redheaded bear named John. John lives in Maryland. I most recently spent President's day weekend with John, and we seemed to have fallen in love. I'm a firm believer that if you care for someone, then you make sacrifices and take chances that you wouldn't normally do for anyone else. The risk of failure is only high when you hesitate, and is most surely 100% when you don't take the risk at all. The mechanicals of our relationship are very intersesting, merging social technology and cross-culture immersion to make up for the physical gap between us.  A uniquely funded travel budget may be in the future, and beyond that is too early to tell. All I can say is this dude completes me in every way I could ever have possibly imagined and to pass this by based on something as stupid as distance would make me a fool. Oh, and he twitters... flickrscrantonate.jpg

[Click above for the Maryland Trip Flickr Set]


02.13.2008 @ 2:22 PM in Lifestream
kittehtung.jpg So, I've been sick with this flu like something or other bug. I've so far been able to accomplish nothing, except get up in the morning, bundle and trudge to work, trudge home and collapse into bed. I guess I picked it up from work, were germs are rampant and is somehow illegal to spray participants with Lysol. Right now? Sweating my balls off while my bones shiver. yea.. thats the norm this week.

DJ Xotec: Digital Bitchslap v7.0

02.11.2008 @ 11:10 AM in Culture
xotecbitchslap7.jpg Hey you club kiddies! Want some candy? Check out the newest Digital Bitchslap, fresh and unpressed, from Buffalo's spinning godfather, DJ Xotec. Like always, the DB series features the latest commercial squeeze, fortified with vogue beats and diva house; every track has been rubbed with love and perversion just for you.
  • Here another “alternative lifestyle” mix for my Marcellas twirlers and other assorted deviants and freaks…very much on the “commercial club’ tip…and exclusive re-rubs of Alicia Keyes, Adina Howard, 50 cent/Justin Timerlake, etc…Enjoy!
I must point out the tracklisting is very strong with the highlight on the "Alicia Keyes vs TP 2000 -No One / ItsNotRightButItsOkay (xotec’s crack is wack re-rub)." I've taken the time to isolate it and you can hear it below. [audio:]

Track listing

  1. Steve Angello - Be (x’s hips and thighs re-rub)
  2. Alicia Keyes vs TP 2000 -No One / ItsNotRightButItsOkay (xotec’s crack is wack re-rub)
  3. Jamelia - Something About You (Nr Oizo rmx / x’s re-edit)
  4. Tegan and Sara - Back in your Head (zombie rmx)
  5. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (AVH rmx)
  6. w/l Chakka Khan - Feel 4 u
  7. AVH - I Want Your Soul (Crookers rmx - x’s re-edit)
  8. Enur - Calabria
  9. Swen Weber vs Electric Six - Gay Bar Samba (xotec’s duct tape and a dream re-rub)
  10. Vandalism vs Adina Howard - Freaks (xotec’s sugar for yer knees re-rub)
  11. Timbaland - The Way I Dub
  12. Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (krazy fiesta rmx)
  13. Ram Jam / Secret Service - Black Betty (x’s re-edit)
  14. Wahoo - Damn you’re Here (Freeform Five remix)
  15. Utah Saints - Something Good (Ian Carey rmx)
  16. Dave Armstrong /Redroche - Love is Gone (Peter Gelderheim rmx)
  17. Sheldon Romero - Dirty Things
  18. 30hz / Miles Dyson - Daddio
  19. Snoop Dogg / Robyn - Sexual Eruption (xotec’s butakke re-rub)
  20. Nelly Furtado - Promicious (Axwell rmx)

Post from phone

02.07.2008 @ 11:22 AM in Technology
Hulla! I'm just testing put how to post blog stories using SharpMT, a smartphone app that uses the xml-rpc protocol to upload and post. I hope this works

N.E.R.D: Everybody Nose

02.04.2008 @ 4:07 PM in Culture
Everybody Nose I haven't the foggiest idea what they are talking about (look above), but N.E.R.D is back with a brand new song hailing from the old days of Pharrell. Like, before he decided that his solo works were a good idea.  Oh and on another note, N.E.R.D. will be touring this year with Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and Kayne West on the Glow in The Dark Tour. Listen to the track "Everybody Nose" and peep the metaphors.