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Snap! – The GBC

06.28.2008 @ 11:28 AM in Lifestream
Can't talk about the GBC.

Snap! – Big Boy Toy #2

06.27.2008 @ 10:35 PM in Lifestream
Black Lights are a total necessity when it comes to a club. Naturally, I scored one for Joe and I to use in the DJ booth so we can look cool. Daft Punk suits are next.

Snap! – Big Boy Toys

06.27.2008 @ 9:49 PM in Lifestream
Marcella's is finally getting around to replacing some of the lighting equipment that was either damaged from the Tralf flood a year ago, or just desperately in need of repair.

Today we have the Detonator, a Martin proprietary control board for the Martin 3000 strobes that we rehung. When flashed together, these suckers can white out the entire club. And give you a seizure. Sweet.

Snap! – Laid out.

06.27.2008 @ 6:30 PM in Lifestream
Angel and I are trying to catch a quick nap before we head out to see Wanted at the Dipson, downtown on Main St. Sometimes the floor is the most comfortable thing for me. Every joint in my body needs a good massage or a nice stretch. That, or I need to get laid.

Snap! – BTEC2008

06.27.2008 @ 11:45 AM in Lifestream
A few technical difficulties thanks to an ancient venue place, but everything seems to be going well. You can check out the live feed at and learn more at

Girls Gone Wild at Bayou

06.26.2008 @ 8:50 PM in Lifestream
Hey ladies, its dollar and a dream night on Chippewa, just remember, GHB is tasteless and colorless, which is why it works so well.

More Metro Blues

06.26.2008 @ 8:05 PM in Lifestream
My life operates on consistency. Im a slave to my routine, and when that routine is threatened I get upset. Sometimes its a little odd, like when I got out of wack when Angel came home late and I needed him at the house on time. But what I absolutely can not stand is when the buses are off schedule.

All week, the NFTA Metro has been completely unreliable and today I lost almost two hours of my already spent day waiting next to a stop sign for a #6 to come. Its terrible; my normal bus is at 6:12, and since I knew the current state of the route, I walked out at 6:02. I have the benefit of my work being right on the block of a bus stop, but that did no good today. As soon as I started down lincoln, I noticed the #6 had already passed my stop and was going down the road. Pissed, but whatever, I wait for the next bus, at 6:52.
7pm I call NFTA support and get into an argument about the reliability of the #6 line as he tells me the bus that was supposed to be here is broke down. Agitated and helpless, I wait for whatever next bus is supposed to relieve it. 7:35 I'm picked up.

I wish that this was an isolated incident and Im just having a bad day, but in reality the NFTA busses break down a lot on heavy routes like the 6 and the scheduling all but falls to pieces when the seasonal schedules take effect. A mass transportation company like the Niagara Frontier Transportation Association in the midst of the gas fiasco has an obligation to provide an adequate service, and they fail on a regular basis.

The trouble thing is that for a lot of Buffalonians, like me, there is no alternative.

SYTYCD: Chelsie and Mark – Bleeding Love

06.26.2008 @ 10:59 AM in Culture
I'm watching So You Think You can Dance. I'm not so into it that I'll vote or get into any huge discussion about it,  but I love the choreography. And as far as any blogging goes, I plan to keep it at a weekly post of my favorite routine from Wednesday. So expect it. Yesterday's "couple to beat" was Mark K. and Chelsie H. (found out after I clipped the show that that's how you spell her name, stupid white girls). They danced a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, and damn it moved me. "Bleeding Love" is a safe commercial beat that gets overplayed on the radio without even a thought, however Mark and Chelsie brought it to life as they portrayed the struggle of a workaholic and the pain it causes your loved one. So You Think You Can Dance?

BuffaView – Church and Main

06.26.2008 @ 9:25 AM in Lifestream
Its a wee bit foggy today and the HSBC building appears to fade into the heavens.

Snap! – In My Study

06.25.2008 @ 11:24 PM in Lifestream
Laying in bed with a glass of Jack and the new Wired, and just as I was about to blog this, my favorite buddy in the whole wide world called me to say goodnight. This is indeed a good night.