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Snap! – Squirrel hobos

07.15.2008 @ 8:38 PM in Lifestream
These little rascals were pretty bold hoping in and out of the garbage can right next to me so they can nab a snack. #snap

Snap! – Hot Bear du Jour

07.15.2008 @ 9:12 AM in Lifestream
Hey daddy!

Snap! – Hard to the Core

07.13.2008 @ 5:34 AM in Lifestream
These are the new barback gloves I bought for Eli. I even zazzed them up a bit. Wish I had a beadazzler, but Sharpee letters will have to do.

Snap! – Pooped

07.13.2008 @ 3:38 AM in Lifestream
Actually im not so tired as I am hot. One of our AC units at club Marcella bit the dust and tonight was a hot and muggy night to begin with. Im covered in a thick layer of sweat and grime. Kinda sexy, no?

Snap! – Tuckered Out

07.12.2008 @ 4:46 AM in Lifestream
I still have to set my alarm for Saturday around noon. I can't let my overwhelming desire for a full and rejuvinating rest get in the way of the things I have to do. I get to sleep Sunday though. One more night barbacking, just one more night.

Snap! – Sabrina

07.12.2008 @ 1:47 AM in Lifestream
No, that garbage can isn't really big, that drag queen is just really tiny
Thanks for Snapping, Brent. You are a good gay son.

Snap! – barback quirks

07.12.2008 @ 12:55 AM in Lifestream
A barback's gloves are special things. When they wear out, you can't just toss them. Instead, I stapled them above the door to dry storage..

Thanks mike for the Snap!.

Snap! – Tools of the Trade

07.11.2008 @ 4:27 AM in Lifestream
A barback has the shittiest job in the house, but he can stand to make more money than a bartender sometimes. However, on a dead night, he'll be left with the lowest payday in the house. Like tonight. It seems whenever
Eli asks me to barback for him, the nights are shit and it never seems worth my time. Now I have the whole bar week on the job and Im praying that Friday sand Saturday bring a payday that's worth the effort. I worked a 20 hour day today, both jobs included.

Its 430AM, im tired.

Snap! – barback FAIL

07.11.2008 @ 1:46 AM in Lifestream
A picture may tell more than a thousand words, but no words can describe the awful smell of 8 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka mixed with bar sweat.

Stupid box had a wet bottom and the dropped out. I know: that's what she said...

BuffaView – Chippewa and Pearl

07.10.2008 @ 10:47 PM in Lifestream
These two cars have a connection: their fenders.