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Buffaview – High Schoolers…

11.10.2008 @ 4:41 PM in Lifestream
They smell, dress terribly, and carry diseases... high school bowling
coaches, however, are quite handsome and acceptable #snap

This is as sassy as I get

11.10.2008 @ 12:35 PM in Lifestream
Found this from a pile of photos taken from one of the Ninja-Diamany house meetings. I really like the yeller.

Circuit City Files Chapter 11

11.10.2008 @ 11:59 AM in Lifestream

Even after closing 155 stores and laying off 17% of their workforce, Circuit City is going bankrupt. They had hoped to prevent this with the layoffs, but stocks have been under a dollar for over a month and right now hover at about a quarter. The good news is that filing Chapter 11 means that Circuit city can keep the rest of their stores open, honor gift cards and exhanges, and possibly have some sort of a normal holiday season. However, I can't blame anyone for not wanting to shell out for a plasma or washing machine; only time will tell how Circuit City makes out. Via Forbes

Smile, your spelling is off.

11.09.2008 @ 10:36 PM in Lifestream
"You're" is misspelled so frequently that the Oxford dictionary should
append the error into next year's list for pity's sake. #snap

Early Saturday @ Club Marcella

11.09.2008 @ 1:18 AM in Lifestream
Its kinda crappy out, so I'm suprised that so many are out before 1am
tonight. #snap

Hot Bear du Jour @ ETS

11.08.2008 @ 6:20 PM in Lifestream
When Huw ordered, he asked for hard, beef.... tacos.

Munny Hoodie

11.08.2008 @ 3:50 PM in Lifestream
Brainstorming with Angel over Munny customs, we whipped up this little
hoodie for one of the blue DIY's I have laying around Sai One. Kinda bunchy,
but really cute. #snap

Have A Very Munny Christmas

11.07.2008 @ 8:44 PM in Lifestream
The B.U.D. custom show at Hero really inspired me to start my first DIY
vinyl project, and so this Christmas, the important people in my life are
getting custom Munny ornaments for Christmas. I just bought 10 of the 4"
Mini Munny DIY ornament blanks from Hero, and I'm really excited to figure
out a design. Ill be sure to post progress shots as I go along. #snap

Zach Deputy

11.07.2008 @ 2:10 PM in Lifestream
I got a text from my buddy Randall (and my tattooist) saying "Come to Nietzsches now." It was out of the blue, I was sitting down already in my pajamas watching Akira, but Randall always has a good reason for everything. I threw on some clothes, and walked down to West Allen. Nietzsches is the type of bar where there's always a show. Some shows are good, some some shows are not so good, but the guinness is cheap and the folk is ecclectic. Back in the day, cuntwhistle extroordinaire Ani DiFranco used to play there. Then she got really cool and bought a church. I walk in, pay my five bucks, and give Randall a big hug. Then he spins me around to the source of the Jam-bandy music: a furry visage in plaid shorts with long underwear and a long black shirt on which a glassblown pendant laid. Just being furry and cute was enough for me, but I soon realized that the source of all this music came from one guy, surrounded by pedals and sequencers, beat machines and microphones everywhere. I was floored. I don't really like lovey folk jam bands, but Zack Deputy is a machine. His eyes were nearly always closed as the most beautiful melodies flew from his lips. Imagine the tonal range of Justin Timberlake in the body of Grizzly Adams. He built up each song with a little beatboxing, then brought in various loops until taking over with his guitar. I'm totally clueless as to how he did it but at one point he made his his guitar sound like carribean drums. Check him out at his official website ( Buy his music, throw around some posters and he'll make you a deputy...  giving discounts on shows and free "Ziggy Bear Hugs."

Queer Apologetics

11.06.2008 @ 3:35 PM in Lifestream
Growing up in NC, I was a moderately conservative Southern Baptist. We had our world hunger potlucks and meals on wheels, but the one thing that I really got into was apologetics. Christian apologetics "is a field of Christian theology that aims to present a rational basis for the Christian faith, defend the faith against objections, and expose the perceived flaws of other world views.[1]" With aplogetics, we could get into a discussion with anyone, reason our beliefs and feel firm in our stance. I joined various bible studies, and we would dive into the texts, going beyond what Paster George said on Sunday. Nowadays I'm the furthest thing from a proper baptist (I don't quite have the self loathing anymore, but I'm still great at judging others), but the methods I've learned have always stuck with me. I don't write a lot about the LGBT culture; I live it, I breath it and I hold very strong beliefs but that isn't enough. There are very strong opponents and they use apologetics mixed with a bit of good ole hate to dash everything apart. I don't say a lot because I don't know a lot. I always believe that silence is better than a foolish toungue, but there is nothing worse than being given the opportunity to speak and saying nothing. Hopefully that will change for me soon. Buffawhat was always meants to be more than boys toys and tech.  Enough preface, let me sharpen to the point. I recieved a call yesterday from Mike Rogers. The same Mike Rogers that outs political figures who publicly work against LGBT progress, yet are queer themselves, living in secret. He called me to let me know I was accepted to attend the LGBT Blogger & Citizen Journalist Initiative Summit this December in Washington, DC. The summit fell into my radar in early October. I applied because I knew this was the opportunity I needed to learn queer apologetics.
Washington, DC – Blogger Michael Rogers today announced the formation of the National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative to support training and grants for the country's leading and emerging online voices. The program, established with a leadership gift of $50,000 from Jonathan Lewis, will bring together the online world with traditional organizations throughout the country. To date, over $70,000 has been committed to the Initiative. “The importance of bloggers in both the LGBT community and larger blogosphere cannot be overstated,” said Rogers, publisher of PageOneQ and a leading blogger. “This initiative will bring bloggers together to acquire new skills, build relationships, and improve the effectiveness of their work. This is the first opportunity to collaborate between online media and traditional organizations and I am excited at the coalitions that will form as a result. Groups sponsoring this Initiative are at the forefront of new media in the LGBT community and we are grateful for their support.” The Initiative will begin with a summit of 50 bloggers, citizen journalists, and representatives of LGBT and progressive groups. The event will take place in Washington on Dec. 5-7. Sponsors include the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. The Summit will be hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund and managed by the New Organizing Institute. “The Human Rights Campaign understands the importance of online organizing, commentary, and activism. It makes our movement stronger and smarter. We're excited to be a part of this groundbreaking effort,” HRC president Joe Solmonese said. “This venture will help create a synergy between organizations and new media never before seen in our movement and we are proud to be a part of it.” “Citizen journalism is strengthening the LGBT community in ways none of us could have imagined just a few years ago,” Victory Fund President Chuck Wolfe said. “We’re sharing information at lightning speed and reaching audiences that have been underserved by traditional media. The Victory Fund is honored to be a part of this exciting new initiative.”
The amount of networking and support filled training at this summit will be tremendous. DC has become my choice for eventual migration and I can get a head start on blogosphere with all the people I'll meet. I'm really excited to meet Mike; he came out of the closet living in downtown Buffalo in the 80's and helped to start the Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus. I think I'll have no problem getting connected here in Buffalo, too. And I suppose I publicly forgive Sam Hoyt for being a Mint Skoal snob. First impressions can kill ya, buddy. I suppose I'll link to even though there isn't any more info at this moments. For more info, look at the Washington Blade article. P.S. - I get to stay with John for the weekend! Free trip! WOOOOO!
  1. via wikipedia - John M. Frame (1994). Apologetics to the Glory of God. Phillipsburg: Presbyterian & Reformed. ISBN 978-0875522432