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Android Tip: Flickr Mobile updates interface and lets the G1 play video

12.05.2008 @ 4:25 AM in Technology
One of the best things about Android using a Webkit browser is that we get to share in the same mobile web improvements as the iPhone. Flickr updated their site yesterday, making it play really nice with Webkit and other highend mobile browsers (Fennic, Opera). The new interface is smooth, quick, and easy to use. You can access you profile information like your secret upload email addy, leave comments, view photo stats, and even modify your own uploads' titles and descriptions. Video also plays on mobile flickr, but only works for iPhone and iPod Touch, or so they say...
Video playback is currently limited to the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, but support for more devices will follow as soon as possible.

sure looks like it plays to me...

Flickr is Going More Mobile

Android Tip: Activate Window Transition Effects on the G1

12.05.2008 @ 4:10 AM in Technology
Droid sans Tweak Tools Lite is a utility that activates a yet-to-be supported window transition effect in the Android OS. You can control the speed of the window slide, as well as window fade speed (effect you see when notifications pop in and out). You also have the option to turn it all off and go back to the boring way you were before but I bet you won't.

For icing on the cake, Tweak Tools Lite also lets you deactivate your data connection for those not on a all-you-can eat data plan. I've not tested this since I have unlimited data, but I did demo the transition effect for you below.

Note that there is another app in the Market called Tweak Tools, which does other things (written by the same dev) but only runs on rooted (modded RC29 or RC30) G1 units. DroidSans

BuffaView – Walden and Bailey

12.04.2008 @ 5:21 PM in Lifestream
Shopping carts are full of awesome. #snap

BuffaView – Lancaster Town Hall

12.03.2008 @ 3:26 PM in Lifestream
Took the group to a holiday show... at the Lancaster Opera House. "Music a
la Carte" I think its called. #snap

Auditorium Demo is Soundsational

12.03.2008 @ 1:03 PM in Culture

Immerse yourself in a soothing but challenging new flash game called Auditorium. the goal is simple: navigate a flow of sound particles into audio level squares, according to their color. As you fill in an audio level, a part of the soundtrack fills in as well. Completing the puzzle brings in all the musical parts but the journey is just as beautiful.

You have a number of orb-like controls to move around that help you nudge and pull the flow where it needs to be. Obstacles like color rings change the color of the flow to match the audio level it needs to hit, while others like ion storms or black holes can totally harsh your flow (literally, dude). The folks behind the game (CypherPrime) have a 3 act game with five levels each to get you hooked. And to get you drooling, they say they might be convinced to port this game for consoles or mobile devices, once finished.  I can see this selling as a 9.99 game for the iPhone and even for Android.  Head on over and

Bus Face

12.02.2008 @ 7:41 PM in Lifestream
This is my "Can Haz Home Now?" face. Very similar to the "marked
indifference" face and the "no you can't sit next to me so don't even ask"
face. #snap

Bowling is the point

12.01.2008 @ 4:38 PM in Lifestream
Its really akward when we first get here... no music and the only ones
here... that changes soon enough though. #snap

Worlds gayest disco

11.30.2008 @ 5:27 AM in Lifestream
Every year, buffalo hosts the worlds largest disco, an event so awesome, it
sells out the first day. Also, that night, Marcella's host old school night,
the fallout from disco parties all around downtown join up here to wear down
the rest of the drugs... #snap

Hello Kitty Chic

11.29.2008 @ 4:31 PM in Lifestream
I normally don't like Sanrio merch, but Sai One just got in this earthtone
Hello Kitty wallet, that I really like. Its blue and tan and plaid, and
awesome #snap

S&M sleigh reindeer Dunny

11.29.2008 @ 3:59 PM in Lifestream
I really love the christmas Dunny this year. Made by CHUCK8OY, its a
reindeer with a bit of a flair for bondage. One of the chases has a paddle
with "SANTA" on it. Backwards, so the paddle mark would leave the imprint
the right way; cleverly deduced by not so innocent Mark from Hero Design
Studio #snap