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Pictures of my Mansion

08.18.2006 @ 3:17 PM in Culture
I had the digital camera from work last night, snapped a few pics. I really, really don't like Kodak EasyShare cameras. I need at least a few options. But anyways...
This is one of the best studio setups that I have seen. Everything has a door; I can close off little bits that I don't want. The bathroom is a little cramped, but since I don't have sex often in there, it's ok. My cat decided that he wanted some face time. He was sorely upset at me for being gone all day. I feel bad, so tomorrow I'm buying him this organic cat food and another 8 dollar catnip toy. I'm such a deadbeat dad.
Don't let his face fool you, he's a total wimp. I love my pussy. Oh, and here's me writing down the score to a very successful game of rummy on my part.
Yes, I'm a lefty. Thats what makes me sexy. Flickr Photoset (for you size queens)

In-A-Dor: Not a typo Brent

08.18.2006 @ 2:34 PM in Lifestream
Yesterday, Brent brought to my attention that my previous blog post had a typo in it.
Excerpt from "Fun with Incompetent Landlords," I live on Elmwood/North. I have about 250sq feet of pure bachelor pad; a vintage 1917 Murphy-In-a-Dor bed folds out of a closet for entertaining the boys. The landlords told me my apartment was like a penthouse studio. They never mentioned I also had

Fun with Incompetent Landlords

08.17.2006 @ 7:17 PM in Buffalo
I live on Elmwood/North. I have about 250sq feet of pure bachelor pad; a vintage 1917 Murphy-In-a-Dor bed folds out of a closet for entertaining the boys. The landlords told me my apartment was like a penthouse studio. They never mentioned I also had 'round the clock drug service behind my building. I think they just forgot to mention it in the lease. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the landlords I have. They are very helpful and are extremely thorough. The people that they hire to do the work, however: incompetent.

Project SEATTL

08.17.2006 @ 12:40 AM in Technology
Today I had my first planning meeting for the OPTS(Options for People Through Services) project at work. OPTS is the only way that agencies can tap into anymore money that the state has to offer. It's a massive process, but if we get it, we can ask for the moon. I've kitch'dly named the project SEATTL (SouthEast Adult Technology Training Lab). No "e," that would make it Seattle; thats a city, silly. SEATTL is just what the name is: the service is to offer a comphrehensive program to train our individuals with developmental disabilities to be more independant with technology. Split into concentrations, the program will offer:
  • A state of the art lab.

Google Mountain View WIFI Launches: Who’s moving with me?

08.16.2006 @ 6:04 PM in Technology
About 72,000 residents in Mountain View, CA are about to be bathed in millions of little wifi internet bubbles, Google style. The GOOG pushed up the launch date due to overwhelming response and request for service. Google Wifi offers the city 90% coverage over its 12 square miles, at a speed of about 1Mbit/s. A bit slower than DSL, but pretty impressive for a city wide wireless hookup.
Google wifi network
[Click above for the Mountain View Coverage Map]
Tropos Networks made 380 recievers, which Google installed on the the city's light poles. This project cost about One Million (only a million, google?) to put in place, and promises to pay the city $36 per light pole, annually. No one knows for sure the reason Google did this. I think its a perk for the 1000 overworked, underpaid, starving Google employees living in Mountain View. Those poor bastards, they have it so rough. Mercury News [tag]google, wifi, Mountain-view[/tag]

Boys give me ulcers

08.13.2006 @ 6:40 PM in Lifestream
I was going to post about what happened last night when a couple of my friends and I lurred a straight boy to his doom at Marcellas. As I was typing though, the ex popped into SPoT with his friend. Of course, I'm seated facing the door and I see them before they see me. I didn't recognize them at first; he shaved his head. However, the bright pink "Friend of Dorothy" shirt he was wearing gave him away. We both got that shirt on Pride2006, the same night we broke up. We didn't say hi. I don't think I was supposed to be here. Hmmm... They get in line, and the tension is obviously tighter than a thong on a fat old drag queen They start talking, kind of forced casual whispers. They are more uncomfortable than me. I'm just perched on the stage, watching this all. In an attempt to make it non-related to the fact that I'm here, they make some statement about SPoT and head to the door. The ex walks past me again. I nod my head... He shoots me a quick nonchalant glance. I musta pissed in his wheaties. They're gone. I go back to my work. I'm going to get a text message tonight. Or twenty. I hate alcoholics.

Super Freak finally gets head(stone) in Forest Lawn

08.08.2006 @ 11:33 PM in Buffalo

Rick James Headstone

Hmm.... Somehow I think the masons were thinking of the wrong Rick James when they carved this. James got stoned for for the last time when they placed his headstone at his grave, marking the two-year anniversary of his death. Fans of the flamboyant super-freak have been longing for ages for a gravestone to be erected, however, instead of a glittered obelisk with an Aqua-Net dispenser, they must make do with this black granite.... "thing." The $13,000 - Forest Lawn appropriate - monument was made in Vermont and was personally picked out by James' daughter, Ty. She wanted something "Tasteful. Simple. Nice," as Amigone stated. The laser etched visage of Ty's father will be the only proof that the man who took baths in glitter is buried there. Rock on James, Sorry you got a shitty monument. Rick James' grave can be visited in Forest Lawn near Scajaquada Creek lake by the Delaware S-curve. Via - Buffalo News

FCC gives thumbs up for promoting Broadband over Power Lines

08.08.2006 @ 3:39 PM in Technology
Today, the FCC announced the go-ahead for companies to start promoting Broadband over Power Lines. This is a new technology that has been in the works for a few years, and will allow high-speed data transfers routed through power cables. You simply need a modem that you plug directly into any power outlet. BPL would run off the existing infrastructure of the power grids, offering up new opportunities for greater connectivity and easier networking between devices and people. Imagine having your computer, stereo, TiVo, all connected instantly through the wiring in your home. Hell, network your toaster, it could be that easy. The FCC go-ahead was for promotion of the service and to warn off any protestors until more studies have been conducted. Supposedly, one downside to BPL is that HAM radio operators wil be SOL. But the FCC is not going to pull the plug unless any serious intereferences occur. Read more: wiki FCC Report (PDF)

WWDC2006, Day One: The Mac Pro

08.08.2006 @ 12:29 AM in Technology
Our connection to the internet was broken today at work for some reason. No clue why, and it wasn't restored by the time I left. Kind of ironic, seeing that I thought that the net limited my productivity; not having it almost stopped it all together. So, to stave off the "disconnection" panic attack, I booked it to SPoT coffee to fill up on Ginger Mango Tea and Engadget. Engadget was covering the WWDC, and like a dork I scrolled to the bottom and started reading up. Day one hailed the unveiling of the long awaited and dissapointingly un-redesigned Intel Mac Pro. Intel Mac Pro
Mac Pro with a familiar exterior
So much for a snazzy new body, I guess we have to wait for the new metal-clad iPod Nano to wow us all. But on the inside, oh baby. Take a look at those compartments, this bitch knows she's pretty.
The sexy guts of the Mac Pro
And with almost 5 Million different possibilities of Mac Pro incarnations, I sense a lot more time will be spent in front of the customize page at the online Apple store, dreaming the futile dream of ever owning one. So much for productivity.

Sitting on millions make us Broke?

08.06.2006 @ 5:59 PM in Buffalo
I saw a Forever Elmwood billboard today, as I progressed on my semi-ritualistic stroll from my humble studio on Elmwood/North to Spot Coffee, my source of internet and perch for people watching. It read:
Buffalo may be broke, but it doesn't have to be dirty. Don't Litter.
Buffalo's broke? Having more money for the city to spend would mean more money to be fought over. Not to mention more projects left in limbo while we argue over some ridiculous design requirement mandated by this organization that wants Buffalo to be as beautiful as it was in the 20's. I don't want Buffalo to be clean like Toronto, and I don't want some yupp'ed up village like Ellicotville. I moved here a year ago from the south, and I love it. Buffalo is a blend, a mosaic of different cultures and lifestyles, cleverly separated by ghettos. I have a crack alley behind my building, I'm a block away from Allentown, and I cross the street to do Laundry. For me, Buffalo has everything I could ever need. Quit bitching, we could be in Dansville.