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It’s Showtime at 1:00pm

09.12.2006 @ 3:04 PM in Technology
10:45am here, and for ahout two hours or so, the iTunes Music Store has been down, and replaced with a taunting screen:
Its Showtime The iTunes Store is being updated.

So.. this can only mean a few things (and btw... Apple is hosting a press conference called "It's Showtime" at 10:00pst, 1:00pm EST, at the Yerba Buena Center in California):

  1. iTunes 7, with the launch of the new iTunes store, offering music, videos, and now movie streaming/downloads/rentals/purchases (one of them for sure, if not all).
  2. A new iPod(s) to celebrate the event. Who wants to use a new service on old tech? Not i. We will see the new colorful metalclad iPod Nanos, and if we are lucky, the well rumored and faked widescreen video iPod. A definite capacity boost all around the iPod board is almost expected.
  3. Core Duo MacBook Pros. Like I can afford one anyway.
  4. OSX 10.4.8... cause we are al jonesing for an update.
  5. Oh, and if Steve-o really wants to give us christmas early, that stupid iPhone we keep seeing patents for.
So... I'll have the good news and dissapointing WTF's after the show.

MySpace, the Business of Spam 2.0

09.12.2006 @ 2:41 AM in Technology
Go over to Valleywag right now, and read this article.

Super Arty Saturday

09.12.2006 @ 2:35 AM in Culture
Saturday was probably the arty-est day I have ever had in my entire life. I went to the ArtSpace groundbreaking; pretty much all "new buffalo" people and a few local artists came to see what was up. I went for the food, and stayed for the tour.

Bucky behind bars again, no pigs splattered.

09.09.2006 @ 3:49 AM in Lifestream
What an uneventful end. They caught the bastard, at like 8pm or so on the NY-PA border. Not much to say else but he gave up willingly and exhaustedly. One news source called him a wimp. Why? Because he didn't "splatter Chautauqua County with Pigs" like he promised? Sheesh, not everything is like Law/Order. I remember growing up in NC, we had Eric Rudolph. He escaped and we were looking all over for him for years. This guy was just like Bucky, but more of a mountain man. One day someone found him dead propped up next to a dumpster or something. Oh well, life goes on. what a bloggful night this has been.


09.09.2006 @ 2:11 AM in Technology

MacBook Joins the Club of Igniting Laptops…or does it?

09.08.2006 @ 11:48 PM in Technology
You bastard... So... Eric, AKA Vanquish2005, is a fun-loving Aston Martin Vanquish driving, Apple hating individual. He send some pics over to gizmodo about his macbook that mysteriously caught on fire... twice, and set his hand on fire, too. Here is his exibit A:
via gizmodo- Reader Eric has a little problem with his MacBook. The bottom left corner of the screen managed to somehow catch on fire, in turn toasting the entire left side of his notebook. Oddly enough, it doesn't seem that this problem was caused by an overheating battery. Eric said the employees at the Apple Store were shocked and told him to contact AppleCare, which was closed at the time. What the hell is going on with all of these laptops? It must be a sign of the times that I am now nervous when using my own laptop. Apple will surely replace his laptop, but I am still concerned about what caused this incident. Time for another recall methinks. Thanks, Eric.

Cashing in a Karma Card/Mark Spotting

09.07.2006 @ 1:12 AM in Buffalo
Sometimes, karma is my secret weapon. With school starting, comes new bus schedules, new drivers, and a rampant influx of teenage hormones wearing the latest mannequin from Aero. Supposedly, two blocks is far too long of a walk to City Honors; we might scuff the new Nikes we'll only wear for a week. So... I get off work and walk toward my bus stop. Basically, my bus stop is wherever on Lincoln Ave that me and the bus meet up. Its called a courtesy stop, a driver told me they do it in the suburbs. I like it that way, saves me from the possibility of not gettin picked up on Walden, where the official stop is. Well, the new driver for the 6C wasn't fond of the courtesy stop idea. After stopping 20 feet past my location, he proceeds to insist that I wait for him at the "official" stop on walden from now on. I curse him to a polka-dot and plaid Barry Manilow hell under my breath. Pulling up to a stop near walden and bailey, karma cashes in a favor for me and the driver swipes a parked blazer as he nears the curb. The bus rocks and the blazer loses a few teeth. My act of karma was not totally free, as I had to endure running for my 20H transfer downtown because of the delay. But the icing on the cake was when I got to fill out a card with my information so the NFTA could call me to give details on the happening. I won't have to lie when I tell them the bus driver was an ass that day. On a fuzzy note, I saw Mark again! Me and Brent were walking down Elmwood and I saw him tutoring a guy on Bidwell. Mark is the man-love of Jennifer, a lovely Buffalo blogger gal. I saw him in starbucks a few weeks ago for the first time. I never met any of them, but its good to know that the people I read about in blogs actually exist. And maybe I like stalking cute guys?

Weekend Update/What is Labor Day?

09.04.2006 @ 11:54 PM in Lifestream
What a weekend, I've had so much nothingness happen, I was too busy to blog.

MySpace Not So Social Anymore

09.02.2006 @ 3:36 AM in Technology
MySpace is no longer a social site, corporate spam-peddlers have taken over. Fake celebrity profiles, corporations posing as 13 yr-old girls to sell products, and a growing flood of ads is too much even for undemanding, noobish MySpace users. If something isn't done, it's only a matter of time before MySpace goes the way of AOL. read more | digg story
Like i said, MySpace is ridiculous. I don't even go on there often, and I keep getting imvites to Cheri's Gang Bang group. Its a spamfest, you don't even know who is who anymore. And who the fuck is Tom anymore?

Friend of Sly

08.30.2006 @ 2:50 AM in Buffalo
I got home at 12:30 last night to find Sylvestor sleeping in the vestibule of my building. It was raining and chilled; Autumn is getting closer. Sly jumps awake and I ask him whats up. He says he is fine but hungry. Its cold, raining, and I'm tired. But Sly is cold, wet, and hungry.