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The DVD Rewinder, I’ll take three

10.04.2006 @ 2:41 PM in Technology
I don't know about you guys, but I have a few DVD's on my shelf. Literally, five DVD's. But regardless of how minuscule my library is, I am plagued by having to manually rewind "Smell of a Man (NSFW)" time after time; it makes me just that much more exhausted. Well thank God somebody in Colorado feels my post-coital dilemma, because they are selling the ultimate solution:

The DVD Rewinder


This baby is one sweet piece of 9v operated, green-molded plastic ingenuity I'll tell ya. Equipped with the "exclusive Centriptal Velocity Spindle providing the world

Google Base

10.03.2006 @ 6:11 PM in Technology
I just tried out another Google Beta project: Google Base. Its a free service that allows you to post items or services for sale, without having to create your own site. Google then drops it into it's search index, allowing people to search for your goods like anything else. Here is a link to my ad.

The Heterosexual Agenda

10.03.2006 @ 2:35 PM in Lifestream
You goddamn breeders...
No longer satisfied with

Wake me up when september ends.

10.02.2006 @ 7:34 PM in Lifestream
As you could probably tell, fresh posts have been a wee bit hard to find on me blog.


09.28.2006 @ 8:31 PM in Lifestream
Life needs to stop pounding on me so I can take a breather.

Homemade CSS Ugliness

09.26.2006 @ 3:08 AM in Technology
testing.jpeg [click on to visit]
I don't think i could get this much uglier. however, I am learning a bit of CSS in the process, and it is kinda fun to make atrocities. This site will eventually turn into a beautiful CSS layout, with clean rendering XHTML.

My First Real Baseball Game

09.25.2006 @ 11:33 PM in Lifestream
One of the great things about working recreation for my agency is that I get to do things that I would otherwise probably never do on my own. One of those things is going to a major league baseball game, and in Toronto (YAY!) no less.

I’m still Alive…for now

09.23.2006 @ 1:32 AM in Lifestream
I just finished the most taxing and emotionally draining week of work I have ever had. Work aside, the week was full of those moments where you just wanna scream "fuck" at the top of your lungs. yesterday was the cake... I left my keys in my apartment for the first time ever. The door locks when you close it; so if you are pretty much SOL if you are outside keyless. I always knew it was gonna be a bitch if it ever happened, so I devised a mental block in my mind where I never let the door close unless I know I have my keys.

Week-in-Review/ Weekend Forecast

09.16.2006 @ 2:00 AM in Lifestream
I guess the week wasn't so bad, but I feel like so much happened:
  • I was poor again this week, like 5 dollars stretched into days. I'm trying really hard to get out of debt, and in doing that, I'm neglecting to buy food. I have a tendancy to forget to take care of myself. All these goddamn bills don't help either. A hint: never merge your finances with any one... EVER. I wish I wasn't so naive before.
  • Switched to T-mobile today because Sprint was too expensive with the family plan I was stuck with. I'm paying about 100 a month for Sprint. Ouch. Switching to t-mobile for ~70 a month, which gets me 600 minutes, free nights and weekends, 1000 text/picture messages, equipment protection, and my wireless Internet account for the iBook. I hate having to kill a contract and sign another, but in the long run I'll save money. Plus I get to port my number. The phone isn't too bad for free:
Motorola v360
  • Thursday was the big ole auction/fundraiser for my agency. Held at Salvatore's Italian Garden Kitschfest, we raised about $95k. My job was to sit at a laptop and input all the bid information in our auction database. Crazy hectic with everyone needing all these reports at the same time I have to put the bid info in. I had a teammate at another laptop, so it went smoothly enough.
  • Skylar needed food, so I headed over to Animal Outfitters today. I've decided to get him a toy with every food purchase, and this time he got a catnip lemon; Omar always has the kookiest toys around. I told him that Skylar has been scratching his ear raw, from too much wax i guess. Omar gave me some samples of medicated q-tips to clean Skylar's ears with, and told me I could bring him in and he'd take a look if it didn't get better. He also gave me a number for a vet to take the puss to, just in case he ever needed it. On a sad note, one of Omar's feline companions passed away from kidney failure at 18 years. My sympathies go out to Omar and his wife. I don't know what I'd do if Skylar left me. Let's change the subject.
  • My secured entry to my floor is compromised due to the deadbolt being torn off. I have no idea how that happen, but I assure you tomorrow, Horizon Realty should be fixing it.
This weekend is going to be spent in 25 dollar increments, because my insurance card came. I'm getting my 25 dollar 3-month membership to the BAC and seeing the doctor ($25) for some checkups. Hopefully I'll get some allergy meds and crazy pills while I'm at it ($15+$10=$25). I need my crazy pills. Oh, and I'm getting drunk with the Starbuckers from Williamsville Place tonight. Brent's Carrie is going to Italy, so it's a farewell drunkfest I guess.

Lowly Shuffle takes the cake, iTunes7 becomes useful.

09.13.2006 @ 6:32 PM in Technology
raining nanos
It was raining iPods yesterday. Now it needs to rain money so I can go out and buy all these fabulous new metallic players. The 2ndGen Nanos were pretty sweet (I want a pink one), as were the juiced and reduced 5thGen Video/Game/Music iPod. But the proverbial cake was deftly snatched up by the 2ndGen iPod shuffle.
His Stevieness boasts it to be the world's smallest mp3 player, but what makes the shuffle so awesome is the features for the size. The old shuffle was plastic and lifeless, and the other iPods made fun of it for not having a dock. The 2ndGen 1gig shuffle grew up:
  • 1.07"H X 1.62"W, and even with the clip, its only .41" thick
  • anodized silver aluminum case, just like it's Nano brother
  • 1GB flash drive, holds 240 songs, and your data files, too.
  • Charges in 4 hours for a 12-hours playback time.
  • Comes with its own special dock and syncs/charges/plays via its stereo jack.
  • Costs only $79.00, and ships from the online Apple Store in October.
I'm really glad that I held out on buying a shuffle. Sure, I'd like a shiny pink Nano, but that shuffle sure is purty. iTunes7
With the announcement of $9.99 movie downloads ($14.99 for new releases), iTunes7 was a must upgrade. I felt spoiled with all the new features released; iTunes really feels like a unique program. First off, you notice that the sidebar rearranged, broken into sections like it should have been to start with. CoverFlow now allows you to graphically flip through your albums by artwork, which the iTS provides free if you have an account. The animations are smooth and scrolling feels natural. A few other great features are the ability to back up your music to disc, and print jewel case inserts and song/album lists. Video playback is also enhanced and helps iTunes grow into more of a media hub, instead of just a music jukebox.