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Bradford for the weekend

11.05.2006 @ 9:37 PM in Lifestream
My other Home Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.
Gotta love the country sometimes. Had the best weekend: home-cooked food, did all my laundry, hung out with family... and no sirens or crackheads for two days. click here to view the Pics

Pleaz Halp

11.04.2006 @ 4:11 PM in Lifestream
O Snap, Gawd, I sho is Glad I'm one of doz homer-sezuals, cause I'd sho be ofer der wit dem shootin bullets. You said what you meant you ketchup suckin bastard. I was recruited with a 95 ASVAB you arrogant Fuck. By The Way, This is a response to what John Kerry said last week:
"You know, education -- if you make the most of it, you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well." "If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

Halloween 06 at Marcellas

11.03.2006 @ 3:17 PM in Lifestream
nate8 Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.
A costume was really easy this year. I never planned for the eye makeup, all I wanted was a little bit o' glitter. But when you sit in front of a drag queen and ask for glitter, that bitch is gonna have to do your eyes. I gotta hand it to Robitica though; for the first time in eyeliner, it actually didn't look that bad. Then Sunday was Switch Night, so all the boys had to at least wear a wig... I chose Fanny's Blue Spike Mohawk and it went well with the blue shorts. Check out the flickrs

deja vu

11.02.2006 @ 8:36 PM in Lifestream

deja vu
Originally uploaded by Buffawhat.

Oh yea... its snowing again. I just hope it doesn't get in the way of my pops coming to pick me up this weekend so I can go down to Bradford and get me some grilled goodness, 18 hours sound sleep.. and do about 200lbs of laundry.

Pimp out Firefox2 with extensions, part 1

11.02.2006 @ 6:11 PM in Technology
i posted recently about Firefox Showcase, the powerful extension that will let you thumbnail view your open tabs with the touch of a hot-key. Now, I'd like to share a few more of my current extensions - I have 12 in all active - that make Firefox2 all that more sexy. Aardvark This is my favorite extension of all time. Aardvark lets you mess around with the structure of a website, remove elements and change div settings. Originally designed to be a developers tool, I use Aardvark a lot more for cleaning up pages I want to print. For example: I pull up a list of memory cards on Best Buys Product page. I'd like to print the list, but I don't want all the super annoying left and right column fluff. (Screenshot) Right click on the page, select "start Aardvark" in the context menu. hover the mouse over the center column page until the column is selected by Aardvark and hit the "I" key to isolate just that div. Everything else is gone, and I can print what I want to see, minus the fluff. (Screenshot) You can learn more about Aardvark from the Karmatics website. If you download the extension from there, you will need to allow the site to install. However, Karmatics has not updated Aardvark for FF2. But someone made the tweaks and you can get the Firefox2 compatible version here. Adblock Plus Simple little extension that gets rid off banners, flash ads, and other web annoyances. Filter sites, and add or remove ad blocking on the fly. Link Chatzilla I guess you only really need this if you ever irc. A simple clean running client that fits smoothly into Firefox. I use it a lot when I chat about Firefox and the Mozilla dev projects. But I'm a geek. Link Download Statusbar This extension gets rid of the pesky pop-upy Download manager and fits everything you need to know on the status bar.
Full of options, this extension lets you keep an eye on whats downloading without getting in the way of your work. Hover over an item to see the details in a tool-tip. Link DownThemAll! My second favorite extension, this

Thumbnail preview in Firefox just like IE7

10.31.2006 @ 11:03 PM in Technology
When IE7 was released, the one thing that caught my eye was a thumbnail preview of all your available tabs. Firefox 2.0 does not have it as a core feature. Well, a little digging and I found that there are a few extensions to choose from to give Firefox the preview power as well. My favorite is Firefox Showcase. This extension has so many features... showcase2.jpgview from a pop up... showcase1.jpgin a new tab... showcase3.jpgor even on your sidebar. Tons of settings let you tweak Showcase just how you want it. you can even animate a zoom on mouse over. hit F12 on your keyboard and the pop up shows all your open tabs from ALL windows, not just current focused window. Add the showcase buttons to your toolbar for easy one click access to all three showcase functions. Get Firefox Showcase Now!

Happy Halloween!

10.31.2006 @ 6:55 PM in Lifestream
Google Halloween 06 [Halloween 2006 from Google]
Happy Halloween! I'm going to see Saw III today, I'm so excited. As for costumes, I've been done up all this weekend at Marcellas, so I'm going as me today. When Regina Jr finally gets me some pics I'll show you what this go-go boy was up to. And here is the past 5 years of Google Halloween logos to enjoy. Copyright Google, of course.
Google Halloween 05 [2005] Google Halloween 04 [2004] Google Halloween 03 [2003] Google Halloween 02 [2002] Google Halloween 01 [2001]

Wishful Thinking

10.31.2006 @ 3:46 PM in Lifestream
I'm so tired of being single. I keep reading these blogs and watching flickr streams of couples that are so happy, or at least settled enough to get into a huge fight knowing that it doesn't mean a breakup.. just some really awesome make-up sex. Even the happy breeders are getting to me... Jen, you better hold on to Mark forever. I'll be 21 in January... but I don't feel excited or ready to be that "magic age." I don't want to hit Cathode for big ass drink night every Monday alone; sure I'll have a crowd of friends, but no one to stumble home with after Jimmy spikes my drinks. I don't want to rush into anything... I've done that so many times with total failure. I want to take it slow, with the right guy... go on a first date, then a second and third, then take him to dinner with my folks. I want a guy who isn't afraid of the possibility that maybe if we don't hate each other in a few years, will wanna fight the world to be together forever. I wanna have a kid when I get older... I know this is a long way off, but I want to raise someone special with someone special. I want to know that my life is important because I am responsible for bringing the next generation into the world to make it better than I was able to. I want to be a team with the perfect guy, I want to prove to no one but us that we are the best parents we could be. If I have a girl, I want to be that dad that scares the shit out of her first date... and if I have a boy, I want to make him the perfect gentleman. I want to freak out over my kid doing drugs or having sex... I want to be the bank of dad when he needs money to buy a car... I want to yell at her for running the cell phone bill so high. It sounds stupid, but I want to feel like shit after my kid tells me he hates me because I stopped him from doing something really stupid. I want to feel like the worst dad ever because I think I failed, then having her out of the blue give me a kiss on the cheek and say "daddy, I love you." I want to get into fights with my hubby on how to raise our kid... I want to worry together... i want to be a dad. But, first, I want to be loved by a guy who doesn't want to change me. I want to be loved for my stupid quirks and my tendency to fall apart over nothing. I want to take it slow, am I asking too much?

the idontsmudgethescreencauseitouchthesidesPod

10.30.2006 @ 8:59 PM in Technology
Meh... maybe the name is a wee too long.. OK let's just call it the none-touch iPod. Hmmm.. that sounds like some rumored magical iPod that we first heard about in June. Peep the pics and I'll explain....
patent file patent file 2
These are some fresh Apple Patent images for a bezeled Ipod that makes the outer bezel the touch-wheel. Hence, perhaps, the none-touch (of the screen) iPod. The iPod's UI is designed so touching the screen and possible smudging/ruining of that precious widescreen display is held to a minimum. Those circles are meant to represent the actual active points for manipulating the controls; the entire bezel will more than likely be all touch active. I must give props to Apple for this clever solution to the widescreen issue and I would be quite pleased if this is what the widescreen video ipod turns out to use for navigation.

Firefox 2

10.27.2006 @ 5:58 PM in Technology
By the way, Firefox 2 was released, so i'd prolly get it if I were you. FF2 is a steady upgrade to the browser that led us to a safer internet. IE7 was released too, and you should download that as well if your computer is compatible. IE7 did make a lot of improvements, but it's still not as robust as Firefox. However, its the biggest step Microsoft has made so far in sole browser, and props must be given for finally getting with tabs.
Firefox 2