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Slim Pickings

02.16.2007 @ 7:23 PM in Lifestream

Slim Pickings

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 16 Feb '07, 12.58pm AST PST.

I haven't posted an at work lunch picture in a while....

Today's home punishment is a Banquet 50-cent-at-Latina's-Special chicken pot pie.

They're actually not bad... but they go down fast and you shouldn't look at the sauce too much... where are you Marie Callendar?

“What Goes Around… Comes Around” Launches on iTunes: The Review

02.16.2007 @ 6:16 PM in Technology


Watched the iTunes exclusive release of Justin Timberlake's third video single from "FutureSex/Lovesounds," "What Goes Around... Comes Around." The video had good hype, Scarlett Johannson, and enough web teasers to make me (and i'm sure you too, or at least a bunch of you... ok a few) head on over to iTunes and fork over the buck+99 to watch the damn thing. I bought the Explicit Directors Cut, which was about ten minutes long and had a few f-bombs (mostly spewed from the dirty dirty Scarlett). The plot, I think there was one, centered around Justin and his girl at a party, who he met in the beginning of the video.


They get horribly drunk, Justin trusts his girl with a friend....


and then comes back up a stairwell to find slutty Johannson making out with JT's buddy.


Justin kicks ass chokes the bitch, and Scarlett runs off to her car. She speeds away, Justin in tow.


And then she dies.


The "story" is cut in and out with lots of drunken blurry shots and Justin performing at the party that the "story" is participating in. Its a nice video and all, but I'm sure you could get away with the cut down musical verson and feel like the 1.99 was well spent. Click on for more screen shots.





Talking Urinal?

02.16.2007 @ 3:50 PM in Technology
Buffalo Pundit mentioned on his blog about the new "smart idea" to introduce motion sensing urinal cakes that audibly remind us men to get a cab home when we may have had too many.
"I don’t know about you, but I think I would be somewhat startled by that and probably do something that would make the janitorial staff of that particular establishment hate me and the talking urinal cake."
Now Pundit, just imagine if the urinal in question was one of these... barm_ibiza.jpglkiss1.jpg Yes, these exist, and no they are not modeled after Mick Jagger. Sold by Bathroom Mania, they've been slowly popping up all over the world and making men even more urinal shy since 2005. And yes, Buffalo has a couple sets of lips for you to uh... use, if you should feel so brave at Marcellas Showclub and Lounge on Pearl by Shea's. I work there, and it funny watching the first reactions in the men's room. Not that I hang out in the men's room... thats only at Buddies II. Now imagine, those lips, coupled with the smooth talking urinal cakes... I wouldn't be suprised either that that happens at Marcellas too, as nutted up as our owner is.

Scissor Sister’s – She’s My Man Video

02.16.2007 @ 3:15 PM in Culture
Check out the third single from the Scissor Sisters. The song is "She's My Man" and its off the Ta-dah! album. The video is really amazing because there is no special effects at all....
Your Sisters are all so excited to unleash the video to “She’s My Man” onto the unsuspecting public! We think it’s one of our best videos yet, and truly a unique interpretation of the song. Shot in Tokyo (at the studio where the original Godzilla was filmed, no less), the video was directed by renowned Tokyo artist Nagi Noda who has been adopted into our ranks as yet another honourary Scissor Sister. The video uses the groundbreaking technique known as “Kuroko.” This is a style of Japanese puppetry that creates the illusion that camera angles and perspective are changing. Despite what you are seeing (or what you think you’re seeing), we assure you that this video was filmed all in one take, no editing, no camera movement, no slow-motion or special effects. So enjoy the fruits of our labor. See what happens when Ms. Matronic gets angry. -Ana
[youtube]MjNLAG6bKno[/youtube] Scissor Sisters PopBytes 

Lego Gummies, gateway to confusion

02.15.2007 @ 4:37 PM in Culture


Every kid loves chewing on some legos (I had an affinity for the rubber tires). Now, thanks to Kellogg's, you can let your kid munch away to his hearts content... Just make sure he's not playing with real ones at the same time, or you may have to up your dental insurance. Kellogg's™ Lego® Fruit Flavored Snacks

Boys Night Out!

02.13.2007 @ 4:51 PM in Lifestream
Last Night, I had the most wonderful Boys Night Out. I don't think I actually ever had one before... Jen, we must have a girls night out sometime too. Angel, Lorenzo and I went to Shea's Performing Art Center to see the hilarious Kathy Griffin. We were so excited, and plans were to stop by Laughlin's before for dinner and cocktails. However, Liberty Cab made us wait about 30 minutes for a cab that never showed up (actually, they called us an hour later when we were in Sheas, saying they had arrived to pick us up). We ended up taking Buffalo Taxi, but only had time for cocktails.

Me and My Boys

[Lorenzo, Me, and Angel at Laughlin's]

Kathy had us crying from laughter and doubling over for the hour and a half that she was on. Most of her show was new stuff, ranging from Paula Abdul's crackhead charm bracelets to fisting George Bush and "spinning him around like a barstool." I think about half the queers in Buffalo were present; we wanted to kidnap Kathy and drag her to Cathode for Big Ass Drink Night. But, we would have had to find a dyke for her assistant Jessica (she's bisexual now apparently) and lesbians just don't mix with Quart Margaritas.

Kathy on Stage

DJ Lil Joe – The Miami Demo

02.12.2007 @ 8:34 PM in Culture
One of our resident Dj's at Marcellas, Lil Joe, made a demo for the new club our owners are opening in Miami. I liked the demo, So I dropped it into the webs. You must check it out!

Dj Lil Joe

Joe on Myspace

Snap! – Chippewa

02.11.2007 @ 3:29 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Chippewa

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 10 Feb '07, 11.29pm AST PST.

Behold Chippewa.... Its party night... Lots of Limos tonight.

Fairy Face

02.10.2007 @ 2:18 AM in Lifestream


Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 9 Feb '07, 9.59pm AST PST.

I tend to submit myself to "photo shoots" when I drink a little bit... I was just at Casa da Pizza with Angel of Sai One on Elmwood... He had his camera.. I had a few Flying Bison Pints... and well.. ya know...

Snap! – Jealous Puss

02.09.2007 @ 9:51 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Jealous Puss

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 9 Feb '07, 5.51pm AST PST.

Dumb puss misses me and hasnt shut up since I walked in the door... Just cause I spent last night with Mike... Yealous kitty!