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Pretzel Thief

02.28.2007 @ 12:42 AM in Lifestream

Pretzel Thief

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Feb '07, 8.42pm AST PST.

Why Skylar is so fat.

I was going to buy a Nano…

02.27.2007 @ 9:37 PM in Technology
So here's the deal...Last week, I almost bought an iPod Nano. Working out at the gym, and walking everywhere makes me long for musical accompaniment. I looked at the nano and loved the size, both physical and storage wise. Looked at the price, $199. Not bad, I could do that... but wait, I have to get Apple Care, the goddamn thing is bound to break.

199 + 39 = $238.00

Ok, now what was my primary purpose for getting an iPod? Working out and walking.. My gyms shorts don't have pockets, so I need an armband. The least gay looking one was from Nike, and ran about 29 bucks.

238 +29 = $267.00

$267... my wallet starts to burrow into my ass. Then looking at a possible everyday case for 24.95... and realized my two hundred dollar iPod would need a hundred dollars in protection. I said fuck it and bought a blue Shuffle.

267 + 24.95 = $291.95

Blue 1GB 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle + Nothing Fucking Else = $79.00

desktoys rockin

I've never been more happy and more satisfied with a digital product in so long. The Shuffle was built to be simple, but it succeeds on so many levels.

snowman shuffle

  • You Don't Need Apple Care -There is no screen to break, no harddrive to eat itself, and very little software to screw up. If it does brick... you paid 80 bucks for it, walk away. I'm no money bags but I don't see the 40 dollar charge on a device I'll probably end up losing cause its so frickin tiny.
  • Its So Freakin Tiny! -Height: 1.07 inches; Width: 1.62 inches; Depth: 0.41 inch (including clip). The Shuffle takes small and then gets ridiculous. I've lost this thing so many times on my body because you can't feel it. I have to touch it every few minutes to make sure I still have it. The size and lightness is great for those times when the headphones get yanked... the shuffle will go for a ride and stay attached. I'm sure you could send it flying, but no worries cause what's going to break?
  • Durable - I personally haven't done any tests, I like shiny things to stay shiny, but with my everyday usage it's banged a few things and never skipped a beat. I read other reviews claiming it can take a plunge in beer or fall from a 2nd story building; I believe it I've only read one report a long time ago about the clip bending in a pocket... but when your 36inch thighs are in 34in jeans I can blame the poor DAP. Speaking of the clip..
  • The Clip is the most innovative feature on a DAP ever! - The clip is small but strong and will securely attach to any piece of clothing it can wrap its little hinge around. Apple does great design and its sad to see a beautiful form covered up in nylon or hard plastic. The shuffle lets you enjoy the design that you paid a little extra to have. If you buy an accessory (but they don't really make them)... you are an 10d10t.
  • Shuffle or Continuous Play - thats it.. Seems like a drawback, but most of my Nano carrying friends keep their iPod on random anyway. If you group your albums together, a simple flick to continuous mode when you hear one of the track will let you play in linear mode when the mix gets to be too much.

shuffle bot

Snap! – Hot Bear du Jour

02.26.2007 @ 10:26 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Hot Bear du Jour

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 26 Feb '07, 6.26pm AST PST.

The cute cubbie on the right... Oh boy does he have a nice ass! He totally knew I took his pic... And smirked right after...

Snap! – Samba

02.26.2007 @ 9:23 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Samba

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 26 Feb '07, 5.20pm AST PST.

Yay! Bus! And look... New shoes! There is another Snap just like this one... But with the old Coach sneaks... Time to roll with a bit more of a tred, still need boots eh Red?

Yet Another Productivity killer: make your doodles dance!

02.26.2007 @ 6:18 PM in Technology
I heard about this a while back, but a recent reddit revival has prompted me to plug it. Pictaps is a sweet little shockwave "toy" that lets you draw anything you like and then send it dancing.


Click here to see my "likeness."  I wonder if I really look like that at Marcellas?

Snap! Back in the booth

02.26.2007 @ 6:44 AM in Lifestream

Snap! Back in the booth

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 26 Feb '07, 2.44am AST PST.

Wer'e finally back in the dj booth with the ghetto setup, but no monitor makes it hard for the dj's to mix... Luckily lil joe can handle his own sans monitor... Oh and Men Suck!

Snap! – Panda Pirate

02.25.2007 @ 12:54 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Panda Pirate

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 24 Feb '07, 8.54pm AST PST.

Nothing more awesome than a Panda Pirate shirt, eh? Once again, another great find at The Krudmart... Hi Jen!

Snap! – Pillow Thief

02.24.2007 @ 10:47 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Pillow Thief

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 24 Feb '07, 6.47pm AST PST.

Notice Skylar ALL the way on the pillow... Guess whose head WAS on the pillow? Pushy bastard.

Snap! – On the Bus Again

02.23.2007 @ 10:25 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - On the Bus Again

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 23 Feb '07, 6.25pm AST PST.

I havent taken one of these "on the bus" pics in a while... Does the face show you what kinda day Ive had?

The New Song

02.23.2007 @ 4:58 PM in Lifestream
I just bought the new album from Bloc Party, entitled "A Weekend in the City." I was one of the lucky a few years ago that heard "Banquet" and went searching for more. The sounds that come from Kele are so sweet and sorrowful, and can cut through the melody like a knife.


Where Silent Alarm was a more upbeat album, "A Weekend in the City" focuses a lot more on love and the state of the youth in the world, resulting in a collection of songs to send you into subconscious thoughts. One song really grabbed me, its the perfect expression of how I feel when I'm with Michael...
SUNDAY Heavy night, it was a heavy night Feels like we've just, come back from the dead Heavy night, it was a heavy night I cannot remember what I said to anyone If we get up now, we can catch the afternoon Watch the under15's playing football in the park Let’s sit in St Leonard's on this alcoholic day We're doing the best, with what we've got I love you in the morning When you're still hung over I love you in the morning When you're still strung out I work hard all week and so do you We deserve to let off some steam Less orthodox creeping, We need to rage through all of this life There might be ones who are smarter than you That have the right answers that wear better shoes Forget about those melting ice caps We're doing the best, with what we've got I love you in the morning When you're still hung over I love you in the morning When you're still strung out When I'm with you, I am calm A pearl in your oyster Head on my chest a silent smile A private kind of happiness You see giant proclamations Are all very well But our love is louder than words I love you in the morning
This is essentially what me and Mike do on the weekends after working Saturday at the club.  I could waste an entire day with him laying in bed, hungover from the previous night's exploits, and never happier.  Thank you Kele, for putting my thoughts to song. Bloc Party- A Weekend in The City (on Amazon)