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Pay it forward!

04.13.2007 @ 6:18 PM in Lifestream
inhale_0001 Originally uploaded by widespreadcub. Taken 23 Mar '07, 9.08pm AST PST.
Today has been such a refreshing day... I guess a lot of things have done it... One of my participants came back today from being off for a bit... when one runs up to you, yells he misses you and remembers he has computer class.. it makes everything worth it. Especially when you see that he's back to being the guy everyone, including him, loved. Angel, thanks for interceding for me to your spirits... I feel something... Oh,, and because of my particular good mood, and being payday and all.. I was finally able to "pay it forward" from the flickr pro account I was gifted a while back from Mike. I Pro'd a cute cub named Andy... partly because he had about 135 pictures that were hidden and partly cause he's such a hot bear du jour! I encourage anyone who was gifted a Pro account to do the same... pass the love of photos around...

I had hoped to forget

04.13.2007 @ 4:38 PM in Culture
Walking into the cafeteria line at work, settling for a riblet sandwhich, the lunch lady ruffles through some pictures and hands me a few... I'm only showing you one...


During christmas, I was hijacked and thrust into an elf suit to accompany Santa as we made our merry way down to all the rooms... The participants got a kick out of it all... but I think my fellow staff members had a little too much enjoyment... The things I don't get paid enough to do...

Search Query Fun

04.13.2007 @ 2:20 PM in Lifestream


[ The top 6 search engines that refer me ]

Every now and then, i look at my re.invigorate stats to see what fun searches have led unsuspecting surfer to my blog... here's some of the latest referrals.
  • "tr_knight" -my most recent search referral, it seems that TR Knight has a few fans in Turkey, and my one post on the guy warrants a nummer two listing under a gay pride site. ›› view post
  • "scum white" - I don't know if its because someone else was interested in the shirt that I bought for the black party... but the interconnection was nice seeing that krudmart was at the top, where I bought the shirt, and two pages away I get a click too. ›› view post (referred to main page)
  • "'what i've done' screencaps" - One of at least three searches for the new linkin park single post. I get no comments ever, but I know posting screen caps and lyrics are always sure to get people to stop by... however search referrals from India tend to scare me and make me check my security over... *side note.. India has a shitty internet connection I've been told... ›› view post
  • "stupid things to do in the dollar store" - a priceless search... who knew that dollar store hunting was a popular sport? ›› view post
  • "chubby chasers gay" - I'm not a chubby chaser.. though thats my "label" in the community... I don't have a fat fetish.. I'm just greedy... i want more bang for my buck... when you date a bigger, hairier guy, you get a free pillow and you'll never be cold in bed. It does have a downside I guess... I've managed to acquire a slight hernia from the "intimacies" that me and Grumpy Bear share. ›› view post
  • buffawhat - when people search for your name, it means they've heard about you... and when the search comes from Canada... You become an international rock star... I'm serious.. I have a studded belt and everything now... ›› referred to homepage

Snap! – You Summonthed Me?

04.12.2007 @ 8:48 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - You Summonthed Me?

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 12 Apr '07, 5.48pm ADT PST.

Playoffs start tonight... Dont know if Im gonna risk two nights at Cathode this week.

Now for some real gummies

04.11.2007 @ 2:26 PM in Culture
Angel and I were browsing through the candy section of Walgreens after a movie last night... continuing my thoughts and discussion on how the candy industry is changing and evolving to cater to the pint size black holes we call kids. I don't even think its the taste any more... kids want action...  I noticed that bubblegum tape now acts as a "secret message sender" with the ability to stamp letters on that two inch strip of gum you begrudgingly let your pal have.  Gummy worms now have a pair of lighted forceps to pick up that worm and "watch the gummies glow!" The new confection-contraptions trigger nostalgia, and we head to the old-farts candy section... where the boston baked beans and licorice dots hang in 5oz bags. I pick up some Gummi Bears and Happy Colas, from Haribo, of course.


Snap! – Browsing

04.11.2007 @ 4:21 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Browsing

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 11 Apr '07, 1.21am ADT PST.

At wallgreens... Looking at the nokia n93i in a GQ magazine.

Snap! – Have Another

04.10.2007 @ 3:31 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Have Another

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 10 Apr '07, 12.31am ADT PST.

Smoking at Cathode... Big Ass Drink Night... Dyngus Day edition.

The things you find a the Dollar Store

04.09.2007 @ 10:48 PM in Buffalo
Oftentimes when rec events at work leave us with a bit of time before the vans come, we take the participants over to the Dollar Store to grab something... candy aisle is normally first... and the staff normally lead... especially Kirk.  I'm browsing and I notice some gummi creations/concoctions that not even the mighty brave stomach of Kirk could handle: gummi cookies with chocolate chips, gummi icing and what appeared to be apricots were the actual "cookie" pieces. As we shake our heads and turn to leave the aisle, I spot paydirt......gummiratz.jpg Kirk is intrigued.. I'm on collector mode for my office... I grab two packs and head with the group outside... digging with my keys to pry a little rodent out for me and Kirk, it seems every piece of the packaging is trying to agree with common sense: don't eat this mess... Kirk goes first, his face gives that stupid grin compounded by the gummi rodent  his teeth are trying so hard to bite through... "Oh man this is bad..... ok.. well.. not too bad... but definitely not good." I go for one and almost lose a tooth... the taste is like stale grape juice, but the consistency is like a jello jiggler left out for a week.... Who the hell cares anyways... its a fricken gummi rat... bought at the Dollar Store... now hanging in my office, with a half opened pack just eager to sic the poor beast on unsuspecting co-workers

Busy like your mom…

04.09.2007 @ 5:56 PM in Lifestream
First off, I hope everyone's favorite misconstrued holiday(hint: bunnies, eggs, and some dead dude) went over well.. Mine was spent in denial of the event, finishing God of War II (great game, can't wait for #3 on the PS3) while the Grumpy Bear played dollhouse, under the guise that he was playing the Sims2. For some reason, my character kept burning the ramen... an event I was notified of every fifteen minutes, much to Grumpy Bear's glee. Oh one more effin thing on the whole Easter thing.... I found out what a Lamb Butter was this weekend... and I'm not happy about it... Mind you, there is no Polish in me (though I have been in some Polish before) and any Easter tradition I ever had was getting up at six-effin-fifteen in the morning to go to our church's sunrise service, after the easter egg hunt to find money to give as tithe... oh and a new Bible. So all my sheltered life, I've gone thinking a Lamb Butter was some delacacy; maybe a rich, succulent, butter filled lamb shank.  Or even better, maybe some tiny baby lamb, butter-fed till its sweet and juicy... Imagine my horror, disgust, and sheer disbelief to find out a Lamb Butter is... Butter. Things are moving swiftly in the WNYMedia camp... Can't give you details, but I promise there is a good reason that I've been a bit distant from the blog...  which brings me to another half-assed apology that I'm a stupid half-wit blogger that doesn't deserve the love and affection he gets from all 15 of his readers.. Ok, that all done... here's some news...
  • Apple just sold 100 Million iPods, - proof that tiny step upgrades and shiny white plastic makes millions.
  • Media Temple Launches Grid Container - geek stuff, but it means I'm 20 bucks poorer a month for a service that should fix the mySQL issues I've had... meaning should load faster.... I'm still skeptical...
  • Club Marcellas Blackout Party on the 13th - Lights go out at Midnight or One, and the night continues lit only by the light of glowstick.. special blacklight drag show as well.. I have to be there.. so come get molestered in the dark!

Snap! – the incredible shrinking Richard

04.08.2007 @ 5:46 AM in Lifestream
Snap! - the incredible shrinking Richard Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 8 Apr '07, 2.46am ADT PST.
Richard at the Pink party at marcellas... In a pink suit. Love it! I give Richard so much respect and props for taking the plunge for gastric bypass and losing over 175lbs... And he's still shrinking... Thats more than I way... Comment with some love for Richard! Update - here's a better pic of him in his suit... 2007_04080089.JPG