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Snap! – Sabres and Rangers

04.26.2007 @ 12:07 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Sabres and Rangers

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Sabres zone at Cathode... Round 2

Latina’s bare shelves soon to be empty

04.25.2007 @ 4:09 PM in Buffalo

Latina's bare shelves

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Mar '07, 3.47pm AST PST.

Latina's Foodland will be closing its doors for good on Saturday, ending what was just under two years of service to the downtown Elmwood region. Monday, customers were greeted with a sign notifying of reduced hours and the eventual shutdown after business on Saturday.

I knew it was happening, we all kinda did. I took this picture in the middle of March, fed up with finding the aisles half empty week after week. we (the customers) kept asking if they were closing, but we'd get the same lame excuse that shipments were hard to get in...

I guess I can go to Wilson Farms for the basics... and if needed.. I could take the bus to Target, or even Tops... but a lot of people in the area can't travel that far and depend on Latina's...

But it can't be helped... the store will be closed, and yet another shell will mark the block for some time to come... the question is how long before we get a new grocery again?

Snap! – Freebies for Alchies

04.25.2007 @ 2:31 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Freebies for Alchies

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 24 Apr '07, 11.31pm ADT PST.

Pravda Vodka just sent me two shot flutes in which to enjoy the "worlds best vodka." Now, if only I drank vodka... You can thank Jamie for making me sick to even the smell of the stuff...

Gay Church has billboard defaced

04.24.2007 @ 7:10 PM in Lifestream
I've been treading lightly on the whole Jesus+Gay+Religion+Hell thing simply because I'm still slightly brainwashed from being a good little southern baptist back in the day. Yet, reading Joe. My. God today and this story peaked my interest and reactivated a little bit of the past...


A couple of billboards from Jesus Metropolitan Community Church's "Would Jesus Discriminate?" campaign in Indianapolis have been recently vandalized. One billboard (the one pictured) had the words "Lie Lie Lie" drawn across, while another had the word "gay" excised from the text "The early church welcomed a gay man. Acts 8:26-40."  It seemed that the vandals used large ladders with extensions to deface the billboards. The signs were from a mass project launched this month by the Jesus MMC, with other signs, banners, sitckers, and a website,, to convey the message. The signs got me thinking just a little bit. I knew Matthew8:5-13, the story of the centurion who asked jesus to save his slave, and trusted Jesus' word to be done, and it was. I read the story again, and couldn't find the connection; I was ready to yell "lie" myself, in protest of another uber-gay religious sect making outragious claims that do nothing to further the fight for support. However, I know that the NIV, and even the KJV are all translations from Greek, and often a little look into the original yields a wealth of new information. Not suprisingly, the WJD? site lists the original greek words used and does a pretty respectable job of backing up the claim...
From our days in Sunday school, many of us are familiar with the Gospel story where Jesus healed the servant of a Roman centurion. This story is recorded in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. In Matthew, we are told that the centurion came to Jesus to plead for the healing of his servant. Jesus said he was willing to come to the centurion’s house, but the centurion said there was no need for Jesus to do so — he believed that if Jesus simply spoke the word, his servant would be healed. Marveling at the man’s faith, Jesus pronounced the servant healed. Luke tells a similar story. Just another miracle story, right? Not on your life!

Note 18. K.J. Dover, Greek Homosexuality (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1978), page 16; Bernard Sergent, Homosexuality in Greek Myth (Beacon Press, Boston, 1986), page 10.

In the original language, the importance of this story for gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians is much clearer. The Greek word used in Matthew’s account to refer to the servant of the centurion is pais. In the language of the time, pais had three possible meanings depending upon the context in which it was used. It could mean “son or boy;” it could mean “servant,” or it could mean a particular type of servant — one who was “his master’s male lover.” (See note 18.) Often these lovers were younger than their masters, even teenagers.
The page goes on to refute the three possible meanings and why is must be his gay lover... Does this mean anything? I guess. Homosexuality was more than prevelant in bible times. Does this change anything? For me? no. Like I said, I'm a little brainwashed and my faith is still shakey... but it does offer a little hope.  I'm sure this campaign can help others who were dashed by the church and shed a little light on what the bible really says. But, unfortunately... there are many who trust the NIV as the upright version and will scoff off any look into the greek texts... as backward as it seems... Ultimately, it's a shame the the anti-gay churches are resorting to this despite how apologetic  (only a true bible scholar would know what this means) this campaign is. From Bilerico via Joe. My. God

Snap! – pass the blue cheese

04.23.2007 @ 9:22 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - pass the blue cheese

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 23 Apr '07, 6.21pm ADT PST.

Ive had a serious desire to get some wings... But with no one to go to casa with me.. . Two slices of Just Pizza's Buffalo Chicken is the perfect lonely alternative.

Yesterday’s Triumphs

04.23.2007 @ 7:40 PM in Lifestream

Coffee Betch

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 23 Apr '07, 2.21pm ADT PST.

Triumphs meaning: I was up before twelve, ate breakfast, walked down Elmwood, did laundry, and paired two like souls together for a convo.

The weather was incredible, even though its raining now as I speak; Angel and I spent literally the whole day on Elmwood, shopping, tasting the local fair and learning the hard way that being a hippie is hard work. Angel also took a lot of pictures of me...

Larry Kramer asks: Why Do Straights Hate Gays?

04.23.2007 @ 6:50 PM in Lifestream
This op-ed piece is circa March, 20th... but it popped up on the digg-dar today.


Larry Kramer is an accomplished author, playwright, and activist for the gay community. he has written numurous books to stir up the minds of those dealing with AIDS, adversity, and living gay in America. this is a segment of his editorial piece from the LA-Times...
Gays are hated. Prove me wrong. Your top general just called us immoral. Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is in charge of an estimated 65,000 gay and lesbian troops, some fighting for our country in Iraq. A right-wing political commentator, Ann Coulter, gets away with calling a straight presidential candidate a faggot. Even Garrison Keillor, of all people, is making really tacky jokes about gay parents in his column. This, I guess, does not qualify as hate except that it is so distasteful and dumb, often a first step on the way to hate. Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama tried to duck the questions that Pace's bigotry raised, confirming what gay people know: that there is not one candidate running for public office anywhere who dares to come right out, unequivocally, and say decent, supportive things about us. Gays should not vote for any of them. There is not a candidate or major public figure who would not sell gays down the river. We have seen this time after time, even from supposedly progressive politicians such as President Clinton with his "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military and his support of the hideous Defense of Marriage Act. Of course, it's possible that being shunned by gays will make politicians more popular, but at least we will have our self-respect. To vote for them is to collude with them in their utter disdain for us. Don't any of you wonder why heterosexuals treat gays so brutally year after year after year, as your people take away our manhood, our womanhood, our personhood? Why, even as we die you don't leave us alone. What we can leave our surviving lovers is taxed far more punitively than what you leave your (legal) surviving spouses. Why do you do this? My lover will be unable to afford to live in the house we have made for each other over our lifetime together. This does not happen to you. Taxation without representation is what led to the Revolutionary War. Gay people have paid all the taxes you have. But you have equality, and we don't. And there's no sign that this situation will change anytime soon. President Bush will leave a legacy of hate for us that will take many decades to cleanse. He has packed virtually every court and every civil service position in the land with people who don't like us. So, even with the most tolerant of new presidents, gays will be unable to break free from this yoke of hate. Courts rule against gays with hateful regularity. And of course the Supreme Court is not going to give us our equality, and in the end, it is from the Supreme Court that such equality must come. If all of this is not hate, I do not know what hate is. Our feeble gay movement confines most of its demands to marriage. But political candidates are not talking about — and we are not demanding that they talk about — equality. My lover and I don't want to get married just yet, but we sure want to be equal.
Read the rest of the article from the LA-Times

Snap! – Hoodoo huh?

04.23.2007 @ 3:08 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Hoodoo huh?

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 23 Apr '07, 12.08am ADT PST.

Angel talking spirits with Donna at the club... Btw... Don was nominated for Artvoices Best Bartender... Congrats to him and hope he wins...

Snap! – Seeking maid

04.23.2007 @ 12:03 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Seeking maid

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The worst part of doing laundry is putting the clothes away...

Snap! – What What

04.22.2007 @ 5:55 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - What What

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 22 Apr '07, 2.55pm ADT PST.

Just finished brunch at Off The Wall with Angel... Waitress was a bitch.