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Snap! – Life’s a Cabaret

04.29.2007 @ 12:12 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Life's a Cabaret

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 28 Apr '07, 9.12pm ADT PST.

Its Liza with a z... Not Lisa with an s... Cause Lisa with an s goes sssssss-ah!

Snap! – post no bills

04.28.2007 @ 7:32 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - post no bills

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 28 Apr '07, 4.32pm ADT PST.

Corner of Allen and Elmwood... Going home after some brainstorming with Chris

Snap! – Before

04.28.2007 @ 2:50 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Before

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Apr '07, 11.50pm ADT PST.

A rare, up close look at Dj Lil Joe... Before the Crown takes over... Lets hope he wins Artvoice's Best DJ title to make it three years in a row...

Buy a Ford, screw the AFA

04.28.2007 @ 1:13 AM in Lifestream
I took a little survey not too long ago, put out by the American Family Association, on whether or not working with a company that supported the "homosexual agenda" was important to me... in doing so, I was signed up for regular updates from the AFA... I just checked my emails today, the inbox showed one email lit in bold... Subject: Ford gives another $10,000 to support homosexual marriage! I get regular updates from the HRC campaign and 365gay.... so I was expecting some praise of the Ford company and a thanks for the support and all that jazz... but no... this message was straight from the AFA, an alert to family minded citizens, calling up arms to boycott Ford and sign all these petitions....

The Ford Motor Company has again financially expressed its support for homosexual activism by donating another $10,000 to help efforts to legalize same-sex marriage. Ford has signed on as a major sponsor of the 2007 PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) National Convention.

According to PFLAG’s own website, “PFLAG…supports revision of federal and state statutes to extend to persons in same-gender committed relationships the right to marry with the full legal rights and benefits.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ford continues to ignore the plea of hundreds of thousands of Ford customers to stop supporting homosexual activist groups:
  • Ford carried a full page ad in the nation’s top homosexual magazines, The Advocate (April 24 issue) and Out (May 2007 issue).
  • Ford supports homosexuality not only in the U.S., but worldwide. Ford is listed as a main sponsor of the 2007 London Gay Pride Parade and Festival in England.
  • Ford’s Board of Directors, under Chairman Bill Ford, is unanimously urging shareholders to vote against a proposal to remove sexual orientation from its corporate policies. The vote will be held during its annual meeting on May 10.
Although Ford has suffered massive losses in seven consecutive business quarters, it persists in alienating its core customers with bad business decisions.
View the entire email here... Damn that Ford... what should we do?
Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.
Okie Doke.... did that... except... instead of signing a boycott petition... go to the website... look at all the great things that Ford is doing... and send an email to your local Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda or Ford dealer (all owned by Ford) and tell them that despite the boycott, you will continue to support them in their support for the "gay agenda." I kinda like getting these AFA emails... kinda like a spy in the enemy camp....

Snap! – Go Sabres!

04.27.2007 @ 11:29 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Go Sabres!

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Apr '07, 8.29pm ADT PST.

Eating wings.... Watching the game... At Casa da Pizza... With Angel...

Digg Button Kit – the Parts

04.27.2007 @ 3:40 PM in Technology

Digg Button Kit - the Parts

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Apr '07, 12.29pm ADT PST.

Here's all the parts that come in a pretty anti-static bag for the low low (actually kinda expensive for a do-nothing toy) price of 19.33 shipped. Now, off to Grumpybear's this weekend to use his soldering tools.
Get your own Digg Button Kit from Adafruit...

Ryan Kalil: A Reason To Watch Football?

04.27.2007 @ 2:07 PM in Lifestream
I'm half and half on sports... I get the point... men need role models and reasons to drink beer, and and excuse to have a man-crush on some burly built bone-crusher. I'm all for that. But a few sports, like football and baseball, are too stop and go with the action; my ADD kicks in and soon I'm more involved in seeing how much queso I can pile on a chip. Basketball does not exist in my definition of sports, never will... I can't explain why. Anyhoo, some spamdigger shoots a link to a NFL2007 draft video featuring Will Ferrel and some hot Center from USC... Ryan Kalil... [youtube]nd0ToNwccl4[/youtube] They call him "The Entertainer" at USC, because this beefcake likes to show his soft side in the locker room by crooning out Frank Sinatra lyrics... Appearantly this guy knows how to play football, as he was a top All-American pick last year and this year looks favorable to be a star. Find out where to get premiership league football tickets online. From that NFL draft prospect thing....
It's a good thing that Kalil has the bloodlines and talent to be regarded as one of the premier centers in college football. He is known to be constantly singing Frank Sinatra songs in the locker room and huddle. Based on his teammates' impressions of this amateur crooner, it is safe to say Kalil won't be seen on American Idol anytime soon. Fortunately, based on his performances as the anchor of the Trojans' offensive line the past three years, he'll be doing battle with NFL defensive tackles for years to come. He is a legacy, of sorts, at the center position. His father, Frank, was also a center at Arkansas (1978) and Arizona (1980-81-82), then was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1982 before playing for the USFL's Arizona Wranglers in 1983 and Houston Gamblers in 1984. "I started playing football to follow in my dad's footsteps," Ryan Kalil said. "Now, having my dad play the same position has been great. He knows the tricks of the trade and it's easy to pass them on to me." His father recently passed on these thoughts about his son, "He's the type of kid you dream of having. He's a throwback. He doesn't drink or smoke. And I'd always hear him playing Sinatra in his bedroom. He wasn't the biggest lineman in high school, but he had those size-16 feet. So I figured he'd either grow into his body and get big, or else he'd join the circus."


16 size feet eh.... well I'm sure I'll be watching to see where he ends up...


More Picture of Ryan Kalil (ValleyTrojan)

Snap! – Digg Button Kit Arrived

04.27.2007 @ 1:27 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Digg Button Kit Arrived

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 26 Apr '07, 10.27pm ADT PST.

Im so gonna have the grumpybear make this for me... I mean... I could do it myself... But its all about feigning helplessness for sake of bonding time.

Snap! – Bowling for dough

04.26.2007 @ 8:06 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Bowling for dough

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 26 Apr '07, 5.05pm ADT PST.

Pulling another allday session at work.... And yes that means Im bowling.... And getting paid to hit the gutters....

Snap! – Yay for Diabeetus

04.26.2007 @ 12:50 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Yay for Diabeetus

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 26 Apr '07, 9.50am ADT PST.

Nothing like a double dozen of the best donuts in the world to get the day started