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The Stache Bash

07.13.2007 @ 9:25 AM in Culture
God, I love a breeder party. It was a short notice party, mustache required, 80's garb a must; BYOB. I didn't know what to wear so I stopped by Krudmart to find something mildly innapropriate to wear... I found this faux leather jacket over Ramones punk screened T, complete with buttons. It went down hill from there.... Angel's pleather snakeskin pants and a wig we hacked up... cue the angsty poses...


[I'm so not gonna have fun at this fascist party]


[I'm smoking because I don't conform to your healthy lifestyle]


Everyone there either had a real stache, a fake stache, or one drawn on. Girls included... it was hot... maybe about 80 people showed up, beer everywhere, like an old school party with porn stars and Pat Benetars stumbling all over the place. After a while, everyone was drunk, the staches had mostly fallen off, the latent homosexual tendancies of the straight boys and girls escalated into photo ops that Angel quite masterfully captured...


There was this one hot girl... Beth.


She wore a homemade rip-T dress crimped hair and worked her looks to the core.. everyone did really. We were all in character the entire night, with me being the hypocritically social punk introvert...


Oh, and lets not forget the super hot Jay... I made angel snap some pics of him.. he's my hot bear du Jour!


here's one of the Dimmer... and check some more pics on me flickr... Angel has the rest... but we got to get his flickr account fixed (he's a yahoo photo transfer)


Snap! – watersports, eh?

07.11.2007 @ 9:10 PM in Lifestream

Taken 11 Jul '07, 10.10pm EDT PST.

I doont know if I ever posted a pic of the mens urinals at marcellas... This is for Ridor

iDust – Blendtec answers the iPhone call

07.11.2007 @ 9:04 AM in Technology
It's about goddamn time the guys did up an iPhone. Note: I do not hate iPhones, but there is something sweet and satisfactory about watching the brutal and undeniable destruction of a device that has cluttered my daily digest of feeds for over a year. watch in delight.... [youtube][/youtube]

I bought a moleskin

07.10.2007 @ 5:26 PM in Technology

moleskin notebook

This is a new project to help me get back to blogging.  You see, I often thing up great ideas of things I wanna write, but often am never near a computer to write them down.  Now I have no excuse as I spare nothing to acquire the muse of the great, the moleskin notebook. A few things I notice about this thing...
  1. Not actually moleskin, despite that being the name... I was hoping to breath in and smell a tanned dead ground-dweller... nope.
  2. The back cover has this sweet little expandable pocket... to hold phone numbers from guys who get woodies from guys who use moleskins.
  3. For 13 bucks, you think they could have bleached the paper a bit... however, its really sweet to write on.
  4. The ribbon bookmark is purple... come on.. purple?
  5. No Spell check - big disappointment here... These people must live under a rock.
ps. I'm redesigning my blog from the ground up... css everything custom.. this is my project so I can do more with WNYMedia's code...  I'll tell you more as I do more...

When you get pegged…

07.10.2007 @ 8:43 AM in Lifestream have to post it. We all love/hate/ignore the wonderful "Find out what {insert pop-icon here} you are" memes, yet we seem to do them anyway; only to find out you really don't think you are anything like Fizzy from My Little Pony. Yet, the Transformers quiz nailed me, equating me to Wheeljack...

Must ask the Grumpybear more about this guy, I'm sure he has the toy. By the way, the movie was awesome, but I must be missing something about the apparent craze about the 2 second clip of the transforming xbox 360... I was more stoked about the transforming Nokia n93i.... I hope mine has  a railgun when I get it. Watch the movie, and do the quiz (via betches.

Snap! – Special Bacon

07.06.2007 @ 5:52 PM in Lifestream

Taken 6 Jul '07, 6.52pm EDT PST.

Ive ate the same thing from Jims Steakout for the last 4 days... I must hate myself.

Snap! – Hot Cub du Jour

07.05.2007 @ 9:18 PM in Lifestream

Taken 5 Jul '07, 10.18pm EDT PST.

This is my new pal Matt... And Angel... The papers are in the mail.

Snap! – WNYM Morale Booster

07.03.2007 @ 7:53 PM in Lifestream

Taken 3 Jul '07, 8.52pm EDT PST.

Do you feel super today?

Snap! – Hot Bear du Jour

07.01.2007 @ 10:47 PM in Lifestream

Taken 1 Jul '07, 11.47pm EDT PST.

Grumpybear... Looks tough... Really a teddy bear...

From Grumpybear to Husbear?

06.28.2007 @ 11:45 AM in Lifestream


Now before you get your jockstraps in a bundle.... I'm not gonna ask Grumpy to marry me. Its only been eight months, and neither of us are in a position or life stage to handle the possibility... besides, I don't even know if Mike would want to get married to anybody... The point is, that it has been eight months now that I've been with the grump. What started out as a joke to refer to each other as the wife, now seems more and more comfortable. Its the dynamic of our relationship; we don't date or run around the community holding hands... we coexist. We each live our own lives and sleep in separate beds in separate homes, but there is this twisted connection of humor, indecent thoughts, and tech-savvy that makes us the perfect couple. I think if we actually tried to date, we never would have made it this far... we weren't meant to prove our connection or worth to each other, rather fated to accept our match. I think I get the most flack for him... I don't like it but I understand.
"What's a guy like you with someone like him?"
Well.. lets see, it just happened and I'm happy about it.. thanks for asking.. I like more for my money and Mike's more fun than a barrel of monkeys and trickier than a Rubiks cube... He keeps it interesting.
"You need to get rid of him, you can get any guy you want. You deserve way better."
This is normally followed with an equally lame "like me!" to which I respond that I can get any guy I want and I chose him... And to put the record straight, a lot of the bears I crush for are either straight, or not into a skinny guy like me... People don't realize my taste in men puts me in an odd spot... and my taste are, oh I don't know, MY own tastes. Who cares if I wanna date a guy who has a plumbers crack 24/7? I think its super hot and thats what matters... not your tastes, but mine thank you.
"Dude, he's an Asshole"
Ok... and so am I.. besides, you get to see the guy he shows everyone, I get to see the cuddlebear (he has cuddle tourette's, comes in spurts) in his true light. Mike just thinks and acts differently, but he's really saying the same things everyone else is... he's a really smart asshole. And I like the fact I can horseplay with him... I'm dating a guy... if I can't have an Axe (body spray) versus flatulence/screwdriver duel down a flight of stairs.. then I don't wanna be gay. I've never been this happy or madly in love with someone even 6 months down the line. I eagerly wait for a one-year anniversary instead of taking bets on if it will happen. My thoughts are constantly consumed with this man, and he's gotten more expressive of his feelings for me... But still I wait for that one moment... the point when I know I can completely relax and bask in the greatest feeling in the world: when he says "I love you."