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Snap – jammie

08.30.2007 @ 8:02 PM in Lifestream

Taken 30 Aug '07, 9.02pm EDT PST.

Jamal and alex are here and this is jamal giving of his best white girl pose

Snap! – Old School Kicks

08.25.2007 @ 7:01 PM in Lifestream

Taken 25 Aug '07, 8.01pm EDT PST.

My new shoes that arent supposed to have laces... These diesels are really old school and they feel so great! - thanks Tammie for the snap

Snap! – New Toys!

08.21.2007 @ 11:35 PM in Lifestream

Taken 22 Aug '07, 12.35am EDT PST.

My new office companions... Adios, Camo Gloomy Bear, and Ciao Ciao.

Have an extra 5 hours?

08.15.2007 @ 11:49 AM in Lifestream
If so.. send it my way. I haven't had much time to do much and this blog got the smackaroo. Thing is I've got about 5 massive projects under my hand and three jobs to juggle. When I get a second, I'm normaly too stressed to blog and I'm off doing something else. However.. you do get updates from me regularly... you just may not know it. On this sidebar to the left of my blog is my miniblog.. ala twitter. I update at least twice a day as to what i'm up to. so check that out cause its recent and mebbe sign up for a twitter account yourself!  buffawhat@twitter

Snap! – Robot overlord

08.04.2007 @ 8:20 PM in Lifestream

Taken 4 Aug '07, 9.20pm EDT PST.

My new toy! Its done a pretty swell job of cleaning up... Despite the evil IKEA chairs that like to trap it with the ground level crossbar

Popping my Woot! Cherry

07.23.2007 @ 9:15 AM in Technology
I've learned one thing now.. If you are trying not to make a very tempting technology purchase, and you seek out someone for empathy and support, make sure that person is not a geek... he will only send you over the edge. I've been eying for a while now, waiting for that perfect item wooted just for me, at the price just for me. For those lucky enough to be unawares, is a site that focuses on selling one product per day (or in a woot-off, one at a time for 24-48 hours) until that item is sold out or time expires. The price on this item is insanely cheap, sometimes over 50% off.


Today's woot was the Roomba Discovery SE. One of the higher end models, the SE sells for $299; woot had it at $149.99. The deal was great, and I always wanted one... To be honest, there is not reason for me not to buy it. Of course, and extra 150 in my pocket would be nice, but now I'll be extra pimp with my robot maid-slave.... cross-posted for sympathy at WNYM

Stronger (Diplo work is never over)

07.16.2007 @ 12:07 PM in Culture


When I heard Kayne West's "Stronger," I was stuck. I love the Daft Punk, but Kanye juest doesn't cut it for me. Don't get me wrong, its a pretty swinging hip hop track, but I want something I can rock at teh clubs. Enter DJ XoTec. Essentially, Chris is the greatest DJ in this area handsdown. When you hear him spin, most of it is brand new, mixed for the first time right there, just for you. And when he does pull from the realm, its hardly mainstream... thus this weekend(he played at Marcellas last Sat) I found my Stronger solution. The Diplo mix of "stronger" takes the modified Daft Punk hook and gives it center stage, leaving a breakbeat, pop-happy mix that is truly fresh. listen to it over at Analog Giant... diplo@Myspace

Snap! – Where’s Grumpy?

07.15.2007 @ 10:56 PM in Lifestream

Taken 15 Jul '07, 11.56pm EDT PST.

Can you spot the grumpybear in this pic?

Snap! – Alcohol Abuse

07.14.2007 @ 7:52 PM in Lifestream

Taken 14 Jul '07, 8.52pm EDT PST.

Some queen got a shot of crown last night at the blackout party and left it.... For Shame... Thanks to joey for the snap

Snap! – Hot Bear du Jour

07.14.2007 @ 6:32 PM in Lifestream

Taken 14 Jul '07, 7.32pm EDT PST.

I thought this little hottie cub was gay until he got on the phone and started talking about WarHammer.. A roleplaying board game. So not gay... But just a hot straight geek... Id roleplay with him anyday..