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Snap! – hot bear du jour

11.11.2007 @ 1:07 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - hot bear du jour

Taken 11 Nov '07, 1.07pm EST PST.

Grumpybear just moments before I kick him out of the chair so we can go to the movies. Open houses are really annoying.

Snap! – will and ty

11.09.2007 @ 9:16 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - will and ty

Taken 9 Nov '07, 9.16pm EST PST.

Will and ty at will's birthday party

Water Pistol Umbrella will get you shot for real in Buffalo.

11.09.2007 @ 11:19 AM in Culture
umbrella_white.gif I was all for this umbrella in the beginning. Its super clever and innovative: water collects from a funnel in the top and drains down into a reservoir to provide steady ammo for the water pistol handle. Sounds like a great way to engage in a little sidewalk mischief during an afternoon shower. You stay dry, your victim gets it. One flaw: I don't know anyone in Buffalo who enjoys walking in a rainshower. Here, I swear it pours sideways. Umbrellas are kinda useless, and to top off your mood from being caught in a shower, some playful fellow goes "bang!" "bang!" with his cute little water pistol umbrella. I'll let you guess what happens to Mr. playful with the pistol umbrella. I guess in a more passive city (like Laredo, TX?), it might work. Either way, this is a cool design, and t should be made with the quickness.. just maybe not for sale in Buffalo, eh? A1wet.jpg

Sleevage: coverart is cool, someone should blog about it.

11.09.2007 @ 10:23 AM in Culture
I don't buy Cd's, I've gone all digital as of two years ago (I actually do buy my mp3's, about 80%. The rest are bootleg remixes and undeground stuff).However, once in a while I'll go nostalgic and pick up one of those cd-majiggers based on one thing: the cover art or packaging is cool. I think the last album I physically bought was Beck "The Information." It came with stickers and a blankish coverdesign so you could design your own cover art. Pretty sweet. And look, here's an article about that same album with some pictures and a few interesting tidbits I never knew. sleevage_beck.jpg Enter Sleevage, a blog wholly dedicated to album art from CD's and LPs.  No reviews of the music, no tissy drama or snarky opinions; its about the art.  And they don't just cut and paste from the web, toss together something and submit it to digg, they actually research this stuff and deliver fascinating details and insights on even the simplest of covers. On a nerdier side, this is also a great use of Wordpress as a CMS, utilizing custom fields and a decent amount of loop styling.

OLPC XO Finally in Production, Give 1 Get 1 Nov 12

11.08.2007 @ 6:51 PM in Technology
With the long awaited, price bumped, revolutionary XO laptop finally in production by manufacturer Quanta, now's the time to start thinking with a big heart about your Christmas shopping. In 2002, the idea was launched by Nicholas Negroponte to create a low cost ($100) computer that could be distributed across the world and aid in the education of children across the globe. Cause believe it or not, not everyone is on Myspace because not everyone has a computer. After a few setbacks in hardware and design and costs, they settled in November 2006 with the designed they called the XO ("xo" looks like a poor kid who needs a laptop when you look at it sideways, doesn't it?). Dustproof, sustainable, and solar-powerable, the XO can withstand the elements and less than technologically blessed areas around the world where the will be distributed. Distributed, yea... that part. lets get to that. Countries are required to purchase these laptops in the thousands, with Uruguay being the first official orderer for 10,000. and thought the goal was and will eventually be to sell the XO for $100, the price is currently at around $200 (US). Geeks all over were thinking of ways to pose as a little third world kid to get one, so OLPC decided to leverage the power of a geek's wallet: enter Give 1 Get 1. On November 12, you can purchase one XO to go into your grubby little ungrateful hands, and one to the grubby little GRATEFUL hands of someone who needs it. Total cost: $399. T-Mobile has stepped in to sweeten the deal will offer a year's worth of T-Mobile Hot Spot wifi service (get it in: Starbucks, Kinko's, Hotels,) to all G1G1 buyers for a limited time. I'm going to G1G1 this year for christmas. will you?

Ectype’s End – Enjoy 9 Minutes of Your Life

11.08.2007 @ 12:26 AM in Culture
Sometimes I hit on a digital short that captures the mind in a way that pixar just can't. Right now, the culprit is "Ectype's End," a pleasantly surrealistic look at what happens when your daily drudge is suddenly filled with life. A mix of hand animated characters, 3d graphics, and photo backdrops, "Ectype's End" will make you wonder, make you think, but don't get Zimmerman over it. Enjoy yourself, mmkay? [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]
  • Produced by: Rhubarb Zoo
  • Year released: 2006
  • Running Time: 9:28
  • The Film 3C70 is no more than a number. Forced into a clockwork world where his only purpose is to duplicate and multiply, he sets about his task without question. Within seconds, however, his small world is turned upside down when a strange plant upends the order of his simple life.
  • Ectype’s End is a fast-paced and visually charged ride that combines hand-drawn characters with photographed locations. Featuring a quirky soundtrack that drives and describes the journey of its protaganist, Ectype’s End approaches the age-old issue of conformity with a story that is suitable for all ages.
  • Credits Jeremy Hay - Direction, Script, Backgrounds, Digital Animation, Compositing Dane Jacobs - Direction, Character Design, Backgrounds, Classical Animation, Sound Effects, Music
  • Download - 55MB (Quicktime)

Look what I FFFFound!

11.07.2007 @ 10:18 PM in Culture
Seriously, I didn't fall asleep on the keyboard, thats just how this new joyful addition to my RSS reader is spellllt. FFFFOUND! is social bookmarking... FFFFor images. In private beta at this moment, FFFFound! brings all the mind blowing photos and graphics from the web to their own little sanctum via people who would rather look at pretty pictures than read an article. ie. ME. Better than the Best Pic Ever, this is a smorgasboard repository of all the BPE's, complete with tasty javascripty bookmarklet ease of submission. So far, all 350+ pages of images are truly stunning, with links to the img source as well as the page it was found on. Here's to them opening it up a little more, like enough to let me in to submit fractal goatse's and shots of my cat with a waffle on his head.

Half-Life in 60 seconds

11.07.2007 @ 9:38 AM in Technology
I passed this link over a few days ago from digg. I had assumed that "Half-Life in 60 seconds" would be some obsessed gamer exploiting a bug and getting all hack happy." Or, Whatever. Then I saw it. If you never played Half-Life, its a pretty awesome FPS series for the PC. And after you shell out the 2k getting your rig all uberleet, lose 4 weeks of your life, your girlfriend, and maybe even your job, you can understand the hillarity of this video. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Introducing Android from Google, your new mobile overlords, err, saviors

11.05.2007 @ 12:28 PM in Technology
openhandsetalliance For the record, this isn't ALL from Google, thirty-four companies have come together to help develop the first globally open, comprehensible mobile OS platform. They are the Open Handset Alliance, and the project is called Android. Stay tuned for the breakdown after this introduction from a few of the co-creators. Notice the abundance of handsome bears collaborating in this video, this has to be a good thing, eh? [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube] Alright.

the industry today:

  • A cell phone has a operating system just like your laptop does. It boots, sets up its service and even runs out of memory and freezes just like your laptop does. But what it can't do is offer you the freedom to truly put whatever you want on your phone, "bend it to your will."
  • We have Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux(in a cut down format, but yep), Java, OSX (teh iphone), and a few others, but they all get locked down and crippled by either the phone, the manufacturer, or the service you pay for.
  • There is also very little cross compatibility. I can send a file to my friend's little nokia over bluetooth with my RAZR, but I can't do the same thing to my other friend's more advanced enVy.
  • And I don't want to talk about Verizon's lockdown red OS hacks of impotence that gets tossed on near every phone with their check marked logo.
  • One more thing, web browsing is sill a joke unless you are on an iPhone or a Nokia n95.

What Android will do:

  • Android is a complete mobile platform, combining a robust and secure open source operating system with full functioning productivity software created to help you manage your 21st century life.
  • A SDK which when unveiled on November 12, will guide developers in creating stable and transferable applications that can run across the board.
  • Open source. You can't stick it to the man because there really isn't one. Ok, I'm sure Google will have a noticeable shadow in all of this, but they own your soul anyway. Give up and embrace.
  • The frickin web will bust wide open as Android and the OHA will help bring the full internet to your phone.
  • Since android is freely delivered to phone developers, there is no licensing costs to use the OS. This means that the consumer doesn't get raped.
  • so many possibilities, just guess and that could be the future.

When will it get here?

  • sooner than you think. expect T-mobile and Sprint to release the Android powered phones around the first half of 2008, maybe March.
  • 3G will play a big part in delivering speed of service, and data plans may not be too unlike the iPhone's.
  • International folks will get their Android on later in 2008.

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Snap! – bus trifles

11.05.2007 @ 4:41 AM in Lifestream
Snap! - bus trifles Taken 5 Nov '07, 6.41am EST PST.
I hate faux ghetto 16 year olds. They sound one step away from being on a Maury special. PS. The snap! form is back up. [edit: odd, this was sent from my phone about 3 days ago, it took that long to post this from flickr. heh, sometimes the automagicness of an API isn't so auto or magic]