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Reach me

You can get a hold of me several ways:
  • Email - Just use the nifty form below and send me a line. If you want to add me to your contact list (and I'm a super addition to any address book, so why not?) my main addy is nate[@] (sans brackets).
  • SMS - Good luck getting me to answer the phone, but I'll be more than happy to read a text message. Hit up the Snap! page and you can send me a text from this site. Drop your digits or email in and I'll get back with you if you need some correspondence
  • Snail Mail - If you want to send me hate mail, love notes, presents, or a mail bomb (preferably not though, mailbox is rawther tiny), here's my lo-tech address:
    Nathan Strang 274 Summer St, Buffalo, NY 14222
  • In Person - I'm a local downtown Buffalo boy, you never know when you might bump into me.
  • Use this form to send me a message. say something sweet ok? I like my ego polished.
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