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A Hasty Biography

Nate in a Chair

For the Geeks

Nathan is a young entrepreneur that only comes up with great ideas when he's is under the influence... upon making his mark in the blogosphere world with a syndicated review on Microsoft's new expression engine, he was driven to consume his life with everything tech... for 6 months in 2004-2005, Nathan was a strong participator in the Kirupa forums, a leading community site that dealt with web design flash development, and other realms of the digital universe. After moving in with his parents in the early part of 2005, he also took on a higher interest in graphic design and web development; moving away from the 20th century old style design style to better participate in the new trend of "art sites." During that time, Nathan worked as a muse and personal developer, working on group projects with people from all over the world, even starting a forum to rival Kirupa, at the expense of sleep and sanity. hard times hit Nathan when he moved to Buffalo in make a new life and was thrust into a co-dependency that made him relinquish all that he loved for a false stability. In 2006, Nathan decided to change all that, broke his bf's ribs and moved on, starting a new blog, called Buffawhat. This became his new identity and his blog eventually gained favor in the WNY blogosphere and soon the eye of WNYMedia co-founder, Marc Odien. his blog was added to the roll and soon became an important adviser for the up and coming refresh of wnymedia, now held under a LLC called Convergence media networks. Nathan soon lost the time to blog as he became the head technical adviser for the company, affectionately known as the Technological Homosexual. Nathan now has been working nonstop as a tech slave, striving to match his coding skills with his superior ability to create web solutions. he only holds a GED from Bradford Public Schools, and finished one year of college at Buffalo State, but knows that he will soon sleep his way to the top.