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A thought of appearance

05.21.2008 @ 6:40 PM in Lifestream
I admit, im a little but vain at times, but that's a natural flaw I suppose. One of the main reasons I stayed so far away from a bluetooth headset was because I think they look absolutely ridiculous on a person. Blinking, on and off, you can't actually see the light. Instead, it acts as a beacon, alerting people around you of your self imposed importance and obvious douchebaggery because you can't be bothered to hold a phone to your important ears.

But I digress, it seems that I succumbed anyway. These headphones look like a prop form Harrison Bergeron (best. sean. astin. movie. evar.) but they work so well, and the sound is amazing and full ranged. Yet I can't help but wonder how big of a douchebag I look to others.