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I ♥ Amazon, A2DP, and Molly Wood

05.16.2008 @ 3:31 PM in Lifestream
So Treeson is a camera whore today... I ordered me a pair of the Motorola MotoROKR S9 StereoBluetooth Headset from yesterday. Normally, they sell fro $129.00, but amazon had them for a near half off 68 bucks.. I decided to take the discount and get next day shipping, because I live for instant gratification... I had debated ordering these before, simply because when I first got the shadow, I was like.. sweet! i can play music on it, now all I need are some dope headphones... then I realized.. wait.. I have an iPod with dope headhones already, stop your madness Nate... Now, one of the dynamics that John and I posses that keeps our dar away relationship alive is our love of tech. We love discussing the latest gadget or tech issue, but out method of consumption is slightly different. John almost primarily listens to CNET podcasts, with the occasional blog being mine, Kotaku, and Destructiod, whereas I get all of my media from Google Reader and my 100+ RSS subs. To help harmonize, I've taken to listening to podcast, and I'm using a WinMo freeware app called BeyondPod to download and manage my podcasts. That once again puts me in the position to be listening to audio on my phone and I simply won't stand to be wired to that damned Shadow. Nuff said, I welcome the S9's into my tech arsenal. The MOTOROKR's are low profile, wrap behind the ears with the base resting on the back of my neck. I kinda like this style, seeing as in the summer, I'm a prissy bitch and my hair is always in shape. I hear reviews that the sound is swell and they stay on, though not as tightly as hoped during running, but I prefer the iPod for workout gear anyways... Check back in a week to see how much I hate or love these things, and how quick the A2DP kills the Shadow. Speaking of, I plan on picking up a spare battery for it... anyone know of a DIY spare battery charger tute?