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IKEA+Vinyl=Party Hutch

05.15.2008 @ 11:00 AM in Lifestream
IKEA can make some total crap. Sometimes you wonder what exactly goes through the heads of designers when they produce something like the HATTEN, which looks like an acrylic cake carrier flipped on end.  Despite the seemingly drug induced design choices IKEA spews out en masse, you can always be assured they'll have some wicked lighting to make up for it. I saw the DIODER (featured in the video above) series last year, when I went with Angel and his biz partner to shop for new store furnishings. We had picked up the disc lighting, hoping for a multicolored cosmic front display, only to realized upon getting home, that we had picked the plain lights instead. Norman took back and we forgot all about them. Fast forward to last weekend with John down in Maryland, when we took the mandatory sweep through IKEA looking for an ottoman suitable for John's new space. We saw the DIODER series again, this time in the form of adjustable light bars, brighter than the discs and a tad more expensive, but we thought the perfect solution for a faux ambient effect behind John's Hi-Def. He snagged the bars and I grabbed the discs, I wanted lighting for the vinyl hutch and these were perfect. However, as I never seem to learn from the past, the light bars turned out to be the plain boring white strips, though I managed to get the colored discs this time. John's still trying to find a solution for the overly bright bars of doom... Good luck trying to get these online, unless you want to pay nearly double from the .ca store and then extra on top to get it shipped from Canadia. Yes, Canadia... [gallery]
ps. IKEA is the only company I know that gives you too much cord with your lights... not that thats a bad thing...