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GTAIV: NYC and Liberty City Side-by-Side

05.14.2008 @ 12:55 PM in Culture
John and I spent a good portion of our togetherness last weekend killing hookers, stealing cars and doing odd jobs for this fucked in the head Russian dude. Oh, and we also played GTAIV, the latest installment in the Rockstar platinum franchise. Everything is better: physics, npc interactions, mobility choices; but the Sentinal is still the best car to roll in. That being said, the game is a whole lot darker; morality is put in your hands and it can get frustrating at times choosing who lives and dies, who to bowl with and who to let get beat down.... Did I mention the game is frickin incredible to look at? Liberty City is modeled loosely after NYC, Algonquin being Manhatten, Bohan, the Bronx, and so on... but a few choice landmarks have been dropped in the game, and has the flickr set...
So my story starts 2 years ago, March 2006, when I visit New York City. I take a bunch of photographs, do all the touristy things, fall in love with the city and then come home. Flash forward to April 2008, a little game called GTA4 gets released, some of you might have heard it being talked about. It takes place in a kind of pseudo-NYC called Liberty City. I noticed that there were a lot of great similarities between the real life and the virtual city, so I set about putting together a short little photoset of virtual recreations of the real life photos I took. It was fairly easy, because all the buildings counterparts are basically in the same position, and a lot of care and attention has been paid to getting the details in the game really right.
These are awesome shots; it really shows how much work was put into the game, and how intense the realism can be at times. GTAIV almost has this muddy oil painting style effect added to everything... a beautiful blend of art and realism.