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Owl it all happened.

05.13.2008 @ 6:14 PM in Lifestream
Going to see John this time was one of the more important steps in our crazy long distance relationship....

  • I met his mom and brother, even got to see the awesome baby pictures! I can totally see where john gets some of his mannerisms, and I now know for a fact, he has been smiling since birth.

  • I went to the Rock (what they call the apt), and in one night I met almost every currently influential friend of John's. I dashed a bit of charm and I don't think I'm the stranger danger boyfriend anymore.

  • We finally had a joyous hiccup. I finally felt like the scary honeymoon period was over,,, that part of a relationship where you are blinded by love and good feelings that he can do no wrong. Thats a great feeling but so much can be hid under the bliss. It wasn't a fight, wasn't a misunderstanding... It just felt like something normal happened, and it was handled so well; I think it stregthened us.

Yea, and this stupid owl... stupid lame owl, just hanging out in the pouring rain by John's old place. His mum must have given up on him and left him to the elements... must have been pretty FAIl to get ditched by mum....