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Google looking to Assimilate YouTube for 1.6 Billion

10.06.2006 @ 1:54 PM in Technology
Google YouTube logo
Completely unconfirmed here, but I read over at Techcrunch that a few hushed whispers are going around that Google may be in the final stages of Acquiring YouTube - for 1.6 Billion - into its family of power player web services. Silicon valley has been in a tizzy about the previous news that YouTube was looking to be bought, and worries were that NewsCorp would snatch them up. Fears of a MySpace-Video spam 3.0 machine were quickly soothed when NewsCorp announced they had no interest in the video community site. Google would benefit greatly from this sale, seeing that Google video was almost immediately trumped by YouTube's popularity. We must wait and see. Via - Techcrunch