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RoadKill Toys: you Snuff em, we stuff em!

05.08.2008 @ 11:30 AM in Lifestream
As much as I love vinyl, there is something about twisted plush toys that pull at my heartstrings.  Enter the Roadkill toys, take the beauty of animal autopsy by automobile inside your home, safe from your dog rolling in it and safe from the stew pot. Twitch the Racoon and Grind the Rabbit sell for £25.00 each, and come inside a translucent body bag with toetag telling of the poor critter's demise.
Get your Squash-plush toys while they’re still fresh off the tarmac. Twitch the Raccoon was the first to be scraped off the road. But now there’s a new not-so-cuddly toy in town. His name is Grind the Rabbit. The first 1000 Grind characters are all limited edition. Each one has a personalised toe tag, handwritten by the creator. All of them have limited edition numbers. It took Adam, the creator, 7 long nights to finish all those tags, and caused him severe tendonitis. It’s not that we’re trying to emotionally blackmail you. Just buy one.
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