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Buffafirst – Mishka RattleBear Cap

05.05.2008 @ 1:24 PM in Culture
I'm horribly white, I don't like baggy clothes, I refuse to wear dunks, and you will never see a swoosh anywhere near my body. That being said, I've also never owned a fitted in my life. However, seeing as Angel and I are swapping cultures more and more (he's gone from puerto rican to european, and i'm getting slighty hood in the speech), I took him to New Era on his Birthday (think 20x2+1). We poked around a bit, and Angel finally settled on a grey NY cap. I tried a few on myself, and was suprised to see a few labels i recognized gracing the walls next to the more urban mainstays. One of which was Mishka, a NY label that makes urban wear thats pretty bizarre and pretty rad.  I own a pink Mishka shirt called "crud white," featuring a cracked out zombie snow white ripping the arm off of zombie prince charming. The cap had a familiar figure on it, the cover art death adder from the Megadeth album. I'm no metal fan but the cap was so characteristically me that i had to toss it in with Angels fitted. So here I am below, making my debut as white hood... had so much fun at Marcella's with it; Angel wasn't recognized in his fitted and everyone thought we raided each others closets.
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