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Snap! – Rainy Days are full of change

04.29.2008 @ 6:20 PM in Lifestream
Snap! - Rainy Days are full of change
  • There are so many things going on right now, and sometimes I wonder if I can handle all the changes. See, I do big changes well: breakups, cross state moves, jobs. Something about starting fresh has been a major part of my life. However this time, its no real move for me, just a lot of seemingly small adjustments. But those adjustments are fucking with me.

    I wonder what does it. Maybe because I can't start fresh, instead, I have to take control of my current situation and make it all work. Instead of new priorities, I have to adjust the ones already in place, all while making sure I dont fail my current responsibilities.

    Every sector of my life is adusting.

    Work: while im making barely more than before, my workload has tripled. Home: Im moving in with Angel on Wednesday. Its just across the block, but Im really gonna miss the studio. Love: goddamn, John is the best thing I could ever ask for in a man to love, and the hardest thing is to stay put. Im so disgustingly lovesick for this boy, but the right thing is for me to wait until its time.
    Shit, even my metabolism is making a little bit of a change, and I have to decide how I wanna handle this new weight gain ability.

    I guess this is a new frontier in my life, learning to deal with small changes and problems. Everybody welcome Nate 2.5.