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Size Doesn’t Matter with Teeny Weeny USB Drive

04.29.2008 @ 10:36 AM in Lifestream
Billed as the one and only "penis shaped USB," the Teeny Weeny smuggles 1GB of storage into a very modest, and dare I say laughable, 2 inch rubber peen.
  • The makers of the Teeny Weeny™ drive are not responsible for any misuse, unintentional use or indiscrete use of this product, so be careful where you flash your drive. Best to keep it in your pants until the moment is right!The Teeny Weeny™ 1 gig Drive is made from durable rubber, looks and feels like a penis, and retails for the introductory price of $20.00 plus shipping and handling.
  • NOTE: For our Scottish patrons, don't forget to order the, "What's under yer kilt" gift box sleeve (available May 21, 2008).
Continue on for a NSFW (natch) pic of the little thing.