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Meet Coot

04.14.2008 @ 11:10 AM in Lifestream
Wilfred_Wood_Coot.jpg Larger Pictures of front and back on Flickr I first mentioned coot when he showed up in my radar in January, and I begged and prodded for Beth (of Hero Design Studio in Allentown) to get him. She happily obliged, knowing my affinity for tall, beefy, nekkid lummocks, and even held him for me while I whored up for the scratch to pick him up. Reason number #573 that Hero Design is the best toy shop evar. Since Flickr launched video capabilities for pro members, I've been taking advantage of it to show you a little more than a just a picture when I feature my new vinyl. Here is Coot in 90 seconds (flickr limits video to 90 secs and 15MB, to keep video at the raw clip level.)