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ModBlog: Not Safe For Wimps.

03.24.2008 @ 1:13 PM in Lifestream
People that know me know one thing for sure: I'm a sick puppy. I love the unconventional, the extreme, the things that make you go "OMFGWTFHWARFFF!" get a passing "hmm, interesting" from me. Granted I'm not totally desensitized, I just look a bit differently at things; I'm always looking for that one thing to really set me off. One of my favorite tries is ModBlog, maintained by creator of BMEzine, Shannon Larratt. The site is a mixed gallery of beautiful (and some awful) tattoos and body mods, blatant objectification of pretty pierced ladies, and the (more than) occassional extreme mod like subincision of the genitals or  perhaps a self-amputated finger. Its a crapshoot when browsing, beauty is only half as popular as the bizarre on ModBlog, but it serves a very important purpose: giving you a glimpse into the wide world of body modification. inkedaussie_cut.jpg As a taste, I'll lure you in with this tempting shot of an inked aussie who must bare all to show the extent of his inking. Click on the picture to jump to the original post with a fuller view.