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Virgin Mobile Canada Puts Spitzer’s Shame to Use

03.14.2008 @ 10:08 AM in Lifestream
The Canadians are laughing at us (New Yorkians) right now, and Virgin Mobile Canada is taking the joke all the way to the bank, using our disgraced NY Governor as a part of their new "you call the shots" campaign. The ads will run in Toronto newpapers this week. spitzer_client_9.jpg The copy reads..
  • At Virgin Mobile, you're more than just a number. When you call us we'll treat you like a person, not a client. Whether you're #9 or #900, you'll get hooked up with somebody who'll finally treat you just how you want to be treated.
In addition to Spitzer, VMCa  has plans to release ads poking fun at Hillary and Obama as well. via CNet News
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