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Monday Tuneday: MSTRKRFT

03.10.2008 @ 1:32 PM in Culture
Since I wasn't feeling to particularily sneaky to try and record MSTRKRFT when they showed up at the Tralf in Buffalo this Sunday, I bring you a clip of their previous show on the 7th @ StudioB in NYC... MSTRKRFT in person is more amazing on stage than you could possibly imagine. If it wasn't for the annoying opening acts like Mark Webb and Bev Beverly, I could have stayed till the end. However the pulsing highs from the synths of the opening acts put too much fatigue on my club ravaged ears, and I had to leave. Real bummer, I felt a bit like "clockwork orange" being pained to hear music from a group I love so much. However next chance I get I'll be at another MSTRKRFT concert, with earplugs.