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French Dunny Wrap Up

02.22.2008 @ 2:07 PM in Lifestream
frenchfries.jpg The Le French Dunny's were released yesterday from Kidrobot, and toy shops all over the States held trading parties to celebrate. Hero's Party was a blast, natch. We had french food (French Fries, Croissants, and French Toast, FTW!), beer, wine, and a store packed full of people hovering over the boxes, bartering and buying from one another; the atmosphere was one of a kind. dunnywhat.jpg I rounded up 18 Dunny's total, including the two rare chases, thanks to luck and the awesomeness that is Beth and Mark. Of course, Mark was up to his usual trickeries and greed for his own collection, and I was finding ways to manipulate points and punches and free tickets for the raffle. Turns out my luck was well enough, because I won the $50 hero gift card, which I promptly spent. French_Dunny_Haul2.jpg I managed to score a good amount of the ones I wanted, and now that I have the two chases, I feel like I could possibly complete this set. It really sucks that the most common pull was the Mist. I feel like it's a garbage toy because the design was simply a different colorway from a previous series, nothing new, nothing to terribly attractive. I have an army of them now (five!), and I'm sure I'll get more. checklist.jpg I don't mind too much that the SecretLab was  common as well.. at least it has a white cockandballs painted on the underside. Since it was a trading party, I also brought my Be@rbrick 2007 Wondercon Transformers pack to trade with Mark. He gave me a Stomp Super7 Kaiju for it, and I feel great about it. When I bought the Be@rbricks, it was an attempt to build a connection between Mike's love for Transformers, and my love for the art toy collection. Obviously it didn't work; Mikes' out of the picture, and I'm moving on. trade.jpg