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I shoulda called in

01.31.2008 @ 10:45 AM in Lifestream
upstairsbathroom.jpg Today is the big day in the beginning of the upstairs bathroom renovations at my agency. I'm all for it; I'm tired of the "dirty water" leaks that happen from the mens room upstairs that ravage my lab and damage my computers. The renovation plans should take about two weeks to complete. New urinals and stalls, and accessible everything. The old set up had a step up to three open wall-style urinals, which is what at this very moment, a jackhammer is trying to eradicate. I'm a patient guy, very patient. I'm also a martyr. I've taken about 4 Excedrin and I'm calmly sipping green tea while the sounds of destruction echo above me ALL DAY. If you would like a sample of my madness, hit play below and turn up the volume while you bang your head on the wall. Viva la Breakdown! [audio: ]