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SaiOne: My Narcissistic Daily Dose

01.25.2008 @ 2:23 PM in Culture

 sai_one_1.jpg [Brooklyn Industries, left. and Jib Hunt, lower right]  Angel is my left nut. Kinda sweet and endearing of me eh?  We hang out every day, either at my office or his store, Sai One. Since he moved shop to the 800 block on Elmwood, it's never been so much fun. The amount of hot guys (bears too!) walking in and out have tripled, and with more merch moving, there's more stuff getting shipped in from NYC. That being said, I get the loverly privelage of trying on all the smedium fitting items. yea, it's smedium. Higher end lines have been whittling down the standard sizes a lot more lately: small is extra small, medium is a smedium or regular small, and large is a medium allovasudden.  When I try everything on, Angel tells me I'm growing a belly (LIES!!!) and that I'm getting huge, because the mediums are fitting nicely now. He's just yealous of mah sexiness. All things aside, the stuff at Sai One you won't find anywhere but NYC, and only if you know how to get places. And you can also rest assured that Angel and his biz partner try to only stock one of each, no copy cats around herr. sai_one_2.jpg You can click below for a flickr set with a lot more photos of yours truly looking dapper and smug in some new arrivals... I'll warn you that if you like something you saw on me, you should come get it before I get paid. Game on Bitches.

  • P.S. - Angel has a website coming soon for the store, so we took a whole lot of merchandise pictures, like the pillows, and purses, shoes, and candles. He stocks a lot more than skinny boy clothes, but I can't wear a cocktail dress or a candlestick now can I?