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Happy Birthday to Me

01.17.2008 @ 1:35 PM in Lifestream

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I keep telling folk I'm not a cute 21 year old anymore. Last year was one of the biggest growing seasons for me; I learned about the deepest darkest side of the social realm, I learned just how much love will blind you, and how easy it is to manipulate an appearance. I've gained the best friends, lost the fake ones, and broken a few hearts. Twenty-Two is the year to sort all I'll I've learned from Twenty-One and learn even more. wait.jpg I'm not too big of a birthday basher. I'm more happy with a few close friends just hanging out and spending some me time. I do have a massive drinking party Saturday with like 15+ Canadians (3 are also celebrating Birthdays too), but the prime moment was Wednesday when I turned 22 and got my first tattoo. Angel and I set this up over a month ago, that we'd bothed get inked on my Birthday. I was getting the Whiteboy cock on my shoulder, and he was getting Shiva on his back. A tattoo parlor is a serious thing to choose from in Buffalo. You have HOD, MaddGraffixx, RedHouse, Hardcore, Cowpok, and Divine Machine, among the other little shit shacks. We chose Randall from Divine Machine, a fairly new shop right across from my Allen offices. Randall.jpg Randall is a real awesome guy, a family kinda bear, he's in my community so to say. His pieces are quirky and detailed, and he always puts the right energy in with your tattoo. Did I mention he was hot? progress.jpg Tattoo went fairly easy, a little more uncomfortable due to the large surface being filled in solid black, but I'm totally happy with what I have now. I've also learned that I have the perfect pun machine tattoo (its a black cock, think about it). Look at the end of the post for a video of the whole thing. finished.jpg Angels' Shiva was a little more complex, but Randall took his time with the outlining and it came out most awesome. angel.jpg And then... we went to a tittie bar. The Colonie Lounge to be precise. So, it was my idea, but my business partners thought it would be extra cool to get me to hang around some laydees for my birthday. It wasn't too bad and the girls were ok, but what threw me was that they were spitting the same game and words to me (I was pretending to be straight) that I play the boys at Marcellas when I'm working. I felt like a mark, a fish out of water... I loved it. I didn't enjoy the beef curtains in my face so much but I did manage a very sexy body shot off of this well blessed pretty shot girl. No pictures of that but yes, I'm still gay.