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Jay-Z and Apple to form Record Label?

01.03.2008 @ 10:45 AM in Technology
jay_steve.jpg Say it isn't so, but the BGR (BoyGeniusReport) says it is:
  • ...we’ve just about confirmed it. For those that don’t know, Jay-Z left Def Jam as President last month, ... we just heard that Jay-Z is launching a record label with Apple. ... This is from a high-up person attached to Jay (no, not who you’re thinking), and it’s said to be a go! Jay is supposedly totally into the business model, and really wants this to happen.
Hrm. Hrm. Hrmphf! I dunno about this, but as incredible as it sounds, this could totally work. Apple has been trying to establish a firm bargaining chip with the music industry for a while, since Record companies have been bucking with DRM and song costs.  This isn't the first time that Hip-hop and Apple have been mentioned together, either. Remember that story about the 50-Cent inner-city budget mac? Yea, didn't think so.