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Salari Ika: New Kozik Kaiju with 50% less tentacle

01.03.2008 @ 9:34 AM in Lifestream
Kozik is back working with Wonderwall (maybe) to produce another Kaiju (think Godzilla/power ranger type Japanese monsters, but less gay), and he's packing papers. Salari Ika Protomold Salari Ika is much like Kozik's previous Kaiju, Ika Gila, but he's ditched the body in favor of a suit with a briefcase prop.  This is going to be one slick toy, and Kozik says he is going to make the colorways "Corporate" like "Exxon, IBM, Halliwood-Burton, Krupp, GMBH, GE, etc." No clue yet on when this toy will slither from protomold to distributor, and it may not even be a WonderWall release. Either way, expect at least one to appear on my desk as soon as it drops.